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There’s another Action RPG on deck, similar to Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal, so mash buttons with your favorite Android controller. Line Games’ latest release, Undecember, is now on Android. It’s no secret that we’ve been hungry for alternatives to action RPGs since Diablo Immortal.

Undecember lets you hack and slash addictive hordes of enemies, loot gear for challenging multiplayer content, and navigate a vast array of skill trees to craft the ultimate custom build. or Of course, many systems accompany his Undecember’s core functionality and gameplay, so we’ve put together a guide to show you how to get to grips with these mechanics early.

Start as a Rune Hunter

Before playing, you need to perform some preparatory steps. The first is to choose your primary login method. It’s important that you don’t lose your data if you delete the app or replace your gaming device.

Login in December

Then, during the tutorial phase, you’ll battle multiple enemies and test three different weapons: melee, bow, and stave. Every weapon unlocks a different skill palette. We recommend using this as a baseline to determine the playstyle set of skills/weapons to build for your Rune Hunter.

character creation

Undecember’s character customization tools are limited, but at least they’re implemented.

Choose between male and female. You can choose your face type, skin tone and hairstyle/hair color. After customizing your character, create.

December letter 1

December letter 2

Enter name and tap create Finish the character creation process. Congratulations. You’re one step closer to the beginning of your heroic journey!

Battle system basics

You have to manage your health (HP) and mana. Your HP and mana bar are shown as red and blue orbs at the bottom of the screen. When they are empty, the bars are zero. Skills require the use of mana, and HP is a measure of survival. You can use potions to restore HP and mana.


Fundamental to any ARPG game is leveraging skills to perform actions, managing their cooldowns, and then reactively choosing how to initiate/release combat. Equipping evasive skills (such as rolling and teleporting) and leveraging your weapon’s strengths is essential. Archers and magicians prefer to kite from monsters and spam skills, while melee builds focus on crowd control and survival in close quarters.

See the GIF below for examples of the three styles that can be used in the tutorial.

Melee Combat prefers close quarters combat and uses slash to control incoming waves of enemies.

Bow classes prefer to combine powerful blows to take down enemies and use skills to support this playstyle.

Magic wielders still need to manage their mana, but access to elemental skills allows them to turn the tide of battle quickly, allowing for versatile builds in both support and damage dealing.

Customize your skill loadout with skill runes

Adding Link Runes will improve your skills. You can enhance your skills or add effects.

To get started, first equip the hexagonal grid with skill runes. Basically, adding a skill rune to an empty slot will effectively equip it, and you can add link his runes to the skill rune to enhance it. The link rune must match the slot color of the skill rune. Otherwise, the runes cannot be connected.

Skill Rune Link 1

Once you’ve finished customizing your skill runes, select a skill to register it in an equipable skill slot. With 2 slot sets available, you are left with 5 equipable skills per slot. Feel free to combine them to your heart’s content. Note that some skills are locked behind the equipped weapon.

Skill Rune Link 2

rune growth

You can level up your runes by choosing elements as materials. Experience is transferred to runes of the same color, but only 80% of experience is transferred to ruins of a different color. There are five elements to choose from: red, green, blue, earth, and light. Gain bonus experience points by transferring elements of the same color as the selected rune during rune growth. However, Earth and Light give bonus experience for runes of any color.

rune growth

Leveling up a rune increases the potency of skill runes and linked runes. Collect elemental materials as you progress through 10 acts, looting and dismantling gear.

Improving Builds with Zodiac Systems

As you progress through Act I, the Zodiac will be unlocked. The Zodiac is where you first improve your character’s base stats. You have the option to invest in strength, dexterity, and intelligence.

  • Bow-focused (ranged) builds will want to focus on Dexterity.
  • A melee-focused build will want to focus on strength.
  • Magic-wielding builds will want to focus on intelligence.

To level up one of your base stats, plus sign Depending on the selected statistic, select application > OK.

Chinese zodiac statistics-1

Zodiac Stats-2

Until Act II, there are a great many free resets (removing all points invested). Otherwise you need Gold or Stardust of Oblivion.

Unlock Specializations

As you earn trait points, you can unlock specializations. Each specialization has a separate constellation that can add trait points to the Moon, Star, and Sun starting nodes. To access other constellations, you must meet the condition of spending a lot of attribute points in the previous Zodiac Tree. For example, access to a leaf requires 15 characteristic points.

Examples of zodiac traits

Similar to Zodiac stat points, the number of resets from attribute points is also limited. Otherwise, you need Gold or Oblivion Stardust.

Obtaining and preparing equipment

Get new equipment from loot. Visiting a blacksmith will give you the option to dismantle or enchant equipment. Enchanted gear requires essence. Deconstructing equipment yields materials such as Essences to enchant the equipment. You can get more essence by defeating monsters.

enchanting december

All equipment has stat requirements (strength, dexterity, intelligence, player level checks). Your gear is divided into Graded, Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique and Legendary. In general, the higher the grade, the more enchantment options you have on your gear, but in some cases, some pre-determined effects are already set.

Design your playstyle

What Undecember brings that Diablo Immortal and Torchlight: Infinite don’t is a class-unlocked, fully customizable build experience. In Undecember, you play as a rune hunter who must stop the thirteenth god, but in this story, you shape your hero based on the skills you choose, the runes you customize, and the skills you create based on his loadout. Undecember may not be a replacement for new players from Diablo Immortal, but it’s well worth a try. His ARPG enthusiasts looking for a fresh coat of paint when it comes to fast-paced combat and character building should try Undecember.

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