Torchlight Infinite finally enters Android open beta testing

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Is allowing monetization enough for a game to succeed?

Announcing Torchlight Infinite Second Closed Beta

Torchlight Infinite Open Beta is now available on the Play Store. Anyone who missed out on the closed beta last month can now play the game. So if Diablo Immortal doesn’t drown out his ARPG itch, Torchlight: Infinite could be a worthy contender. And since it’s cross-platform with PC, you can also: Download the game from Steam now.

Players returning from the Closed Beta will find that all progress has been wiped, despite being warned beforehand. If you made a purchase with that account, you’ll need to log back into the same account in the open beta to get your money back.

Despite controversy over Diablo Immortal’s aggressive monetization strategy, it was a huge success, earning $100 million in just eight weeks. Torchlight Infinite seems to follow a similar process, but promises that “all gear, affixes, crafting materials, and attribute upgrades are all loot-based.” The focus on loot-based gameplay doesn’t mean microtransactions are pushed aside. Microtransactions are currently available for Season Passes, Monthly Passes, Premium Currency Bundles, and access to the Auction House. It’s too early to tell how intrusive this monetization really is, but the early signs look like it’s better than Diablo Immortal (admittedly not a huge accomplishment).

Torchlight Infinite Hands-on Android Gameplay (2)

In my short time in open beta, I was blown away. Combat feels clunky and boring as it focuses on big numbers rather than satisfying impact. Combat could be improved.

Torchlight Infinite is playable starting today. A beginner’s guide covers the basics of character creation, inventory management, and skill management to get you started quickly. But if you’re not as impressed with Torchlight Infinite as Diablo Immortal, give these excellent alternatives to his ARPG a try.

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