TORCHLIGHT INFINITE finally enters the Android open beta test

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Is it enough for the game to succeed, just allow monetization?

TORCHLIGHT INFINITE 2nd closed beta version

The open beta version of Torchlight Infinite is now available on the Play Store. Anyone who couldn’t participate in the closed beta version last month can play the game now. Therefore, if Diablo Immortal does not remove his ARPG itching, Torchlight: Infinite may be a valuable competitive partner. In addition, the following can be done because it is a cross platform with a PC. Download the game from Steam now.

The player who returns from the closed beta will notice that all progress has been erased, despite being warned in advance. If you purchase with that account, you need to log in to the same account again in the open beta version and regain money.

Despite Diablo Immortal’s aggressive controversy controversy, it was a great success to earn $ 100 million in just eight weeks. Torchlight Infinite seems to follow similar processes, but promises that “all gears, affixes, craft materials, and attributes are all loot -based.” Just because you focus on a loot -based game play does not mean that microtransactions are being pushed aside. Currently, microtransactions can be used to access the season pass, monthly pass, premium currency bundle, and auction house. It is too early to determine how much this monetization is impressive, but the initial signs seem better than Diablo Immortal (certainly not much results).

TORCHLIGHT INFINITE Hands -on Android Game Play (2)

I was overwhelmed in a short time in the open beta. The battle does not satisfy the impact, but focuses on a large number, so it feels boring. It is a game that can be played with your eyes from randomly tap the screen, but as it progresses. It is no exaggeration to say that the battle may be improved.

TORCHLIGHT INFINITE can be played today. For beginner guides, we will explain the basics of character creation, inventory management, and skill management so that we can start immediately. However, if you are not as impressed by Torchlight Infinite as much as Diablo Immortal, try these good alternatives.

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