Top 8 AR games and apps to spice up your smartphone photos

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Augmented reality is a digital technology that embeds computer-generated enhanced virtual elements into real-world environments and objects. Essentially, within games/apps that support AR features, we see a mixed perception of reality, a bit different than Virtual Reality (VR), which is all digital and mimics the real world environment. Even Google is jumping on the bandwagon by introducing his ARCore (Google Play Services for AR), a platform designed for AR functionality that allows developers to access the APIs they need for their AR games. People pick up AR-enabled apps and games to get creative with photos, use AR models (such as Google’s 3D animals for kids) to educate people, and help them with future purchases and renovations. You can gather information for the game and find entertainment while playing in the real world. Participation in games and social activities. With AR, the world becomes an oyster.

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Since this week is Mobile Photography Week, Techvair has selected some of the best AR-enabled apps and games for screen snapping on your Android device. You can delve into creative apps that blend the real world. In the digital realm for some smooth photos. So if you want to use augmented reality to add some extra flair to your photos, today’s roundup is for you.

pikmin bloom

We already know that Niantic has a lot of familiar IP in AR games, especially Pokémon GO, and knows how to get around augmented reality. But in essence, you can take the magic of Nintendo Pikmin literally anywhere: your backyard, garden, or family picnic table. If you’re unfamiliar with Pikmin, Pikmin are small half-plant, half-animal seeds with an assortment of bright colors. Collect flowers that bloom on the head. So while you’re collecting and growing an army of Pikmin, you can also explore them with photoshoots depicting your favorites in a real-world setting. If you see the guardian of the fox on the picture, it may bring good luck to your summer crops.

jurassic world alive

Have you ever dreamed of seeing a T-Rex come to life while roaming your nearest city, like in the Jurassic Park movies? Jurassic World Alive is a Pokémon GO-like game that features a variety of You can collect various kinds of dinosaurs and fight with other dinosaurs. AR mode won’t be enabled immediately, but it’s easy to enable. Just go to your collection and tap the AR button. With AR mode enabled, you can spawn dinosaurs from your collection in the real world environment around you and take photos and record videos within the app.

Ingress Prime

Another product from Niantic, Ingress has somewhat lighter gameplay (not necessarily fighting or collecting), pitting enemy factions against each other for control of a resource known as Exotic Matter (XM). increase. Your mission is to work with your faction to claim portals (landmarks around you) to give your faction an advantage over other factions. Ingress Prime isn’t so much a game as it’s another form of reality. Taking pictures of portals and gaining approval helps gain experience points, but most importantly provides a window of opportunity by creating new portals that factions can take over. Even if the premise seems simple (on the surface), Ingress Prime might be the app to try next time you’re looking for motivation to step outside and take pictures of objects around you. Hmm.

DC: Batman Battech Edition

Transform your nearest city into Gotham while roleplaying as your own Batman. Use technology as a weapon to defeat Gotham’s newest villains, including The Joker, Mr. Freeze, and The Riddler. DC: Batman Battech Edition has 10 AR missions and 10 mini-games, and through DC Kids’ Youtube channel he can immerse himself in even more digital content revolving around the DC universe. With the game’s photography feature, you can turn your selfie montages into the most iconic characters of Gotham His City. Are you the next superhero or the evil villain? Take a picture and find out!

Nightfall AR

Ever wanted to recreate a tower defense game on your living room table? Knightfall AR lets you do just that by taking on the role of a Templar defending the Grail from Mamluk warriors. Outside the primary game mode, unlocked characters can be placed on flat surfaces. It could be the bathroom floor, the dining area, or even the patio.

Google Lens

You can’t name the objects you see every day because you don’t pay attention when you pass by or you’re on a trip and there are unreadable signs and signs nearby. Would it be helpful if this text was translated into your native language? Well, Google Lens might be the app for you. Knowledge is power. A nifty mobile device holds the key to unlocking that knowledge (more power). With Google Lens, you can scan just about anything using your photos or the built-in camera. This is useful when you want precise information about something you’ve seen before, but you can’t identify what it is. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Snapchat is a very popular instant messaging app that allows users to create shared stories, often consisting of video and photo uploads. If you hate taking selfies, you can add goofy filters to lighten your mood while taking photos from the app itself. But Snapchat not only has a lot of fun filters to experiment with, it recently rolled out more AR features. One of them is “Custom Landmarkers” (part of Lens Studio), where he creates his own AR effects and experiences in local places around him. Spruce up your photos the next time you’re out and about with this AR creation tool. See how your friends react after sharing your story.


Have you ever fantasized about how a new leather sofa would look and fit in your living room, or whether a mahogany dining table would match your new cabinets? Available in every price range and desired style. This is where AR technology comes into play. You can select store furniture and add it to your home without leaving home. All use AR. This way, you can see what your new product will look like before you buy it. Wayfair not only helps you pre-visualize what you’re going to buy, it also helps you save time by securing in-app deals and bargains. You can take screenshots and share them with friends and family to get advice on their next purchase.

Take more photos with AR technology

Mobile photography is not only a relaxing activity when traveling and sightseeing, but also a way to create and publish your adventures. As part of tourism, we sometimes see redundancies in the photos we take, perhaps due to the popularity of certain sites or places. . That’s why we’re using AR capabilities as an additional aid. Now we have the chance to change things up and potentially add some creative and unique flair to your gallery by easily sharing your work with the best new Android phone camera.

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