The best video player on Android in 2022

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There are several reasons for video codecs. Some are suitable for compression purposes, while others are suitable for DRM, and the list continues. Many are also defined by optimal devices. Android supports video codec standards such as H.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4 SP, and VP8.

In other words, by default, a problem occurs when a mobile OS user downloads a native HEVC file from an iPhone user or to display a Prores file from a video taken with a RED camera. In order to reduce this problem, many third -party video players can be used in the Play Store, and most of them configure the best Android app on the platform. Therefore, if you want to make the most of the video files, be sure to check the convenient list of the best video players that you can use on Android in 2022.

VLC for Android -VideoLabs

VCL Android 2

VCL Android 1

There are no video players that are widely used as VLC players in Windows Cloud. There is no problem if the user throws any video file. Open source apps support MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and OGG files with other files. Android users can get the same experience through the VLC for Android app. You can also stream video content from the home network. In other words, individuals with large -capacity storage for video on the desktop can easily stream. VLC is ideal for listening to music because it incorporates an equalizer in addition to the playlist function.

Video Player All Format -Inshot Inc.

Android 2 of all video players

Video Player All Format Android 1

Inshot Inc. is known for creating the most convenient app for Android social media content culaters, such as YouCut, Photo Editor Pro, Screen Recorder. The developer also attracted a lot of attention in Video Player All Format, which was previously known as XPLAYER. Video Player All Format not only provides a large number of videos and audio codecs, but also provides Android -specific functions, such as the functions of playing videos in the Chromecast support and multitasking pop -up window. Media control is enhanced with the function of changing the playback speed and zoom. The most important thing is that users who want to keep the video private can set a video and album password to completely prevent snoops.



Due to the license problem, MX Player does not officially support codecs such as DTS and AC3, but is still a powerful media player, provides its own functions, and is still a top contender. Parents who tend to use tablets and telephones will be pleased to know that this app has a kids lock function. This allows children to watch videos through the app without accidentally calling or jumping to other apps. Users who own enough powerful mobile phones, such as Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel, can be played smoothly even in the most strict files by hardware acceleration and multi -core decoding. Due to the nature of the open source of the app, if the standard codecs incorporated in the app are not enough, there is a downloadable custom codec.

Playit -All -in -one Video Player -Playit Technology PTE

Playit-All-in-one Video Player Android 2

Playit-all-in-one video player Android 1

Playit-all in one video Player supports various audio and video codecs. However, there are many other useful functions that Android users can enjoy reliably. This includes the function of downloading videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Users who are trying to convert their favorite music videos to MP3 can easily use an in -app converter. Playit-all is definitely a video player app that should be considered if you add a function to share videos and music files directly to other Android devices.

APLAYER -Alpha team



One of the highlights of APLAYER is a function to play videos that use Dolby Vision (among many other formats). Players can also detect and play videos from the browser. In terms of network functions, Aplayer can cast videos to his Chromecast or FiretV or play videos from other devices via FTP. Regarding the app itself, there are various media controls, from the equalizer to setting the playback speed in addition to gesture input. Aplayer also has a screen lock setting, making it ideal if you can’t unlock the phone because you’re too distracted.

Video Player -Recorder & Music App



Video Player is an application that can handle a large amount of videos and audio files through hardware acceleration and supports subtitles. Regarding subtitles support, Video Player is compatible with many formats. However, if you want to use a player for all media needs, we also provide a powerful equalizer for audio. There are 5 bands equalizer with bass boost, 3D reverb effect, visualizer, and 10 audio presets. In the case of videos, there is also a pop -up tool for watching content while using other apps.

Archos Video Player -Archos Sa

ARCHOS Video Player Android 2

ARCHOS Video Player Android 1

Archos Video Player allows you to play various formats from internal storage, multimedia servers, or external USB storage of mobile devices. Depending on the video file, there are also explanations and automatic online posters. For individuals who want to keep media consumption, there is also a private mode that does not record the playback history. There is also a paid version that not only exists as an app with free advertising, but also unlocks more functions and deletes those troublesome ads.

BSPLAYER Android 2000

BSPLAYER Android 1000

The basic version of BSPLAYER, another advertising support player in the list, has many benefits. At the basic level, there is multi -core hardware acceleration support, reducing battery consumption with other functions. There is an in -video customization tool that changes brightness, hue, contrast, and saturation.This means if you want to see your monochrome version Avengers: End gameYou can do it via BSPLAYER.

Consideration of video players

When looking for an appropriate video player, there are many things to consider. First, let’s consider the difference between free, advertising base, and paid. Again, if you simply want to play various formats, we strongly recommend VCL Player. Android users who have a large amount of video content on mobile phones and tablets are ready to keep their children hooked in the backseat, try apps like MX Player. We recommend that you select the best Android smartphone or the best Android tablet that is powerful enough to play more complex video codecs.

Next, there is the most useful app for individuals who set up a network with a large -capacity storage drive for streaming content, such as Archos Video Player. As a whole, the priority of video players must be determined based on how to consume the media.

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