The best health and fitness apps for Android in 2022

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Achieving fitness goals and establishing good habits for a healthier lifestyle is not always an easy task. That’s why we’ve reviewed some of the best fitness and wellness apps available for Android that you can link to your favorite smartwatch and have them ready to go. Stop cheating and take control of your health and fitness with our handy app. Let’s dive in.

Google Fit

A better app than Google Fit when it comes to getting a clearer picture of your overall health, calculating calories burned, using GPS to map your walks and runs, and measuring your heart rate over time. very few. Google Fit is not only the default fitness tracking option for Wear OS smartwatches, it’s also one of the most well-rounded solutions in the Android ecosystem. The app uses a unique “move time” tracking system to measure how many minutes you move throughout the day. It also records “heart points” that describe more demanding exercises, such as brisk walking or running.

In addition to these metrics, Fit keeps a log of your steps, distance traveled and calories burned. It also tracks your heart rate, weight, and hours of sleep earned.




Developed by Azumio — the mastermind behind other popular fitness apps instant heart rate When time of sleepingArgus allows you to track steps taken by users. Distance traveled, calories burned per day, weight over time, and more. Argus is flexible with a wide range of syncable fitness services and hardware, including Garmin apps, Dexcom glucose meters, Strava and Google Fit.




Strava is a hybrid app that blends its fitness roots with unique social media elements, allowing users to share their activities with other Strava participants and share their progress. On the fitness front, the app can use her GPS to track her walking, running, biking, and swimming.include[探索]Tabs help users find fitness events in their area, user-generated challenges, and more. Users can also set weekly and yearly goals to keep them motivated in the long run. On the social side, users are encouraged to connect with friends, post content to activity feeds (like Facebook), and even compete with each other.



Nike Run Club

The Nike Run Club app follows a similar trend to Strava, using the app to track activity steps, but with a focus on walking and running. Map your workout, download free guided runs, or join a long-term exercise regimen with a coach. So if you’re looking for another app that supports your progress and offers coaching, Nike Run Club is the app for you.



Walk with Map My Walk

Walk with Map The My Walk app allows you to create customizable training plans, receive coaching tips, and participate in challenges with the community. The app is versatile whether you exercise close to home or on a daily route. If you want personalized coaching and other tools for your training plans, you can upgrade to the MVP Premium level. Sync with various apps and wearables like Google Fit, Garmin, Android Wear and more.

Walk map-1

Walk map-2

7 minute workout

Sometimes you don’t have time for a long workout session in your day, but why do you feel guilty that you can’t get your heart rate up? training) to energize your cardiovascular system for the day. The app is Google Fit compatible and gives you access to 12 exercises within 1 minute each. All you need is a chair and access to the wall, perfect for when you’re in the office or at home.

7 minutes-1-1

7 minutes-2-1

Sleep as Android

Developing a healthier lifestyle is all about maintaining proper sleep for better exercise, improved mental health, and reduced risk of illness. , Sleep As Android. Not only has it gained a large user base, but it has also won Google’s prestigious Editor’s Choice Award.

The app provides nightly statistics on sleep quality and allows you to measure your sleep trends over time. It also has an alarm feature that wakes the user up with a gentle vibration of the wrist or a series of customizable sounds. After collecting enough data, Sleep As Android can also provide a sleep score to let users know how rested they are over time.



my fitness pal

If you’re trying to get fit and adopt a healthier lifestyle, you can’t ignore your diet. Helps correct habits. One of our favorite calorie counter apps is My Fitness Pal. My Fitness Pal keeps track of exactly what you’re eating by allowing you to browse your food library, scan barcodes, and manually enter the foods you’re trying to digest. You can also set daily reminder notifications and log your meals in the app. It also teaches you how to stay connected and stay motivated.



fat secret

My Fitness Pal is the best all-in-one food tracker app, but you might be looking for a simple and completely free (no premium membership required) calorie counting alternative. Similar to My Fitness Pal, you can scan product barcodes and use image recognition to track your meals. You can also access a journal, calendar system, and photo album to keep track of all your progress so far. FatSecret also supports integration with Google Fit, Samsung Health and Fitbit, so no matter which main health app you use, never worry about losing your records!

Fat Secret-1

Fat Secret-2

calm down

An underrated aspect of living a healthy life is taking care of your mental health. Our lives are so busy that we tend to forget to take care of our health. That’s why we turn to apps that help us refocus and meditate. One of our personal favorites and editors’ choice is the Calm app. Within the app, you can swipe through several visual “scenes” that include environmental sounds to center yourself. For more tranquility, join us for guided breathing exercises, body stretches, meditations, or unlock a masterclass from a mindfulness expert. The Calm app has everything you need to improve your mental health.



Manage your health and fitness

Hopefully, we have given you a list of apps that promote a healthy lifestyle and help you reach your fitness goals. Helpful. Ultimately, however, users make plans and act on them to ensure a healthy life. So, carefully review the apps above to see if they match what you’re looking for in your routine, and stick with them.

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