The best Android MMORPGs you should download now

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From classic cross-platform titles like Old School RuneScape to new Android exclusives like Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, there’s an MMORPG for every kind of Android gamer. However, with so many cheap pay-to-win titles on the Play Store, finding hidden gems on the list can be tricky.

We’ve sorted out the chaff and rounded up the best MMOs available for Android today. However, gaming on your phone for long periods of time isn’t that comfortable, so if it’s compatible with your games, it’s a good idea to get the best Android controller. Would you like to? Try him one of the best RPGs for Android instead.

Old School RuneScape



Old School RuneScape for Android is the classic RuneScape experience optimized for mobile. The top-down camera, point-and-click controls, and easy gameplay are perfect for mobile, and a carefully redesigned UI makes character management a breeze. You can dive into hundreds of hours of content, and there’s plenty of content you can play for free without paying for a membership. Even so, there are still mountains to climb as Iron Man.

Old School RuneScape’s gameplay is addictive, but it’s based on the 2007 version of RuneScape, so it’s a bit dated.try Runescape If you want a similar but modern experience. Both games are cross-platform, so you can pick up where you left off on mobile on PC.

DOFUS touch




Like Old School RuneScape, DOFUS Touch is a port of the popular PC MMO. DOFUS Touch is a free game with a focus on tactical turn-based combat system and social gameplay. There are microtransactions, but you can comfortably avoid them. Perfect for those who prefer his MMOs focused more on combat than on honing their skills.

If you’re familiar with the PC version, you’ll notice that DOFUS Touch has less content than the desktop version. But that doesn’t mean you’ll run out of things to do anytime soon. There is a lot of content to keep you occupied. If you want an MMO that encourages a proactive approach to gameplay, play DOFUS Touch.

MU origin 3

mu origin-2

mu origin-1

MU Origin 3 isn’t a particularly revolutionary MMO, but it’s one of the most spectacular. The sheer amount of features can be overwhelming at times, but the balance between automatic and manual controls keeps things from getting tedious or tedious. Perfect if you just got the best Android phone and want to test the screen.

The main thing that sets MU Origin 3 apart from its competitors is the combat system. Point-and-click mechanics are fine for a game like Old School RuneScape, but MU Origin 3 encourages fast-paced, active gameplay. Combat in MMOs can range from relaxed to boring, but MU Origin 3 keeps it alive. If you want a modern game that doesn’t deviate too much from classic his MMO formula, give it a try.

RPG Toram Online




Toram Online is an exhilarating and open MMO that encourages exploration and customization. You are not limited to classes or skill trees. A beautiful panoramic view is a reward in itself. Toram’s graphics aren’t groundbreaking, but the world is designed to bring out the best in it.

Toram Online doesn’t shake the classic MMO formula too much, but some unique features and smooth gameplay make it worth trying. If you’re tired of generic fantasy landscapes and Genshin Impact doesn’t appeal to you, play this one.

Ni no Kuni Cross World

Ni no Kuni No.1

Ni no Kuni Ni

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is the newest game on this list. It has all the features you would expect from a modern MMO, and when combined with the beautiful graphics, it’s an MMO you must play. If the visuals look familiar, it’s because Studio Ghibli produced all of Cross Worlds’ animations.

The game offers a rich storyline and characters along with stunning graphics. A great piece that shows how good a mobile MMO can be. Play it and experience a modern, sophisticated MMO that won’t disappoint.

adventure quest 3d

adventure quest 1

adventure quest 2

MMOs are traditionally experiences that take years to complete, but that’s not always the case. If you’re looking for an MMO that you can complete before the universe heats up, try Adventure Quest. Play a few hours every other day and you’ll reach max level in less than a year. No massive PvP battles of him or massive questlines here. In return, you get an MMO that’s fun, candid, and relaxed.

Monetization is not a big part of this game. As with all his MMOs, there are options to pay for different classes and cosmetics, but no pay-to-win mechanics. If you’re looking for a fun, casual MMO, or have never played an MMO, this is the ideal start.

Eve Echoes



Eve Echoes is a fresh twist on the traditional MMO formula. Rather than jumping into another fantasy world full of orcs and elves, you’re given a spaceship and told, “Good luck!” Designed from the ground up as a sandbox, you are free to experiment and explore from the start. It’s a complex MMO, the exact opposite of Adventure Quest, but unlike its big brother Eve Online, it doesn’t require a spreadsheet.

However, it is not recommended for Eve Online veterans. It leaves out a lot of features and is a great mobile gaming experience, but one that those players won’t miss. Still, for those who want a fun space-themed MMO, this is a must-play.

black desert mobile

black desert-1

black desert 2

If graphics and visual effects are your top priority, try this one. Black Desert aims for an ultra-realistic look to nail the shot. It’s an impressive looking game, and it gets even more impressive when the spells start flying.

Black Desert is a pretty standard game with MMO mechanics. You can find main quests, side quests, his somewhat limited PvP mode, and various other bits and bobs. If Black Desert does have one major drawback, it’s that the graphics are overly detailed and sometimes blurry and confusing. If you have the best Android tablet, play on it.

maple story



maplestory 2

MapleStory is a charming chibi-style 2D MMO with a smile. I wholeheartedly recommend MapleStory to anyone with even the slightest interest in MMOs. Because it’s rare to find a game this fun with enough content to keep you coming back for months.

The strength of Maple Story is that it has as much content as RunesScape or Albion, but simplified into a 2D package. This makes for less crushing and repetitive clicking, and more jumping around and monster-smashing games.

Stormfall: Survival Saga




If you’re a fan of good survival games but want a game with a multiplayer twist, Stormfall is for you. Start from scratch and build your base and level up your character by exploring the wilderness. There are dungeons to loot, giant spiders to kill, and bosses to defeat.

PvP is an important part of the Stormfall experience. You can build alliances and factions to keep your base alive, but stay alert. Play this if you want a fantasy survival game that rewards and challenges you at every step.

Nova Empire: Space Commander




Nova Empire is perfect if you enjoyed the setting of Eve Echoes but found the experience overwhelming. The focus on PvP means that it’s best to join the more prominent clans first. Otherwise, you will have a hard time defending your base from others.

Nova Empire is brutal at times, but extremely rewarding. The ship design features are relatively simple, but creating a shipping fleet is a lot of fun. However, it hasn’t seen any major content updates lately, so if you want an ever-evolving MMO of hers, look elsewhere.

immerse yourself in the online world

Mobile MMOs are no longer side quests to the main quest PC MMO. From casual adventures like Adventure Quest 3D to classics like Old School RuneScape, there’s something for everyone. This diversity makes the mobile MMO genre quite impressive, but if you want to see what other great options are available for Android, check out our roundup of the best games available.

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