Stadia Exclusive Outcasters Faces Oblivion Thanks To Platform's Impending Shutdown

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When Stadia closes its doors, no more outcasts

outcasters dead hero

It’s been two weeks since everyone learned that Google was pulling the plug on Stadia in early 2023. The news shouldn’t come as a surprise, but given how poorly Google has managed its service over the past three years, we can still expect a lot of repercussions. From the question of whether or not to update the controller to possibly be an exclusive going Dodo’s way. ‘s Splash Damage has confirmed that there are no current plans to bring Outcaster to the new platform.

The tweet above spells it out very clearly. Outcasters will be spending his last days on Stadia until the platform shuts down in early 2023. Stadia, thanks to the fact that Outcasters is a multiplayer-focused shooter that hasn’t been able to find a large enough player base for fans to easily find a match. I was already at a dead end. , being a solid multiplayer title, it’s still disappointing to hear that Outcaster will likely fade into the ether once Stadia closes its doors.

The crux of the matter is that Outcasters was made exclusively for Stadia, so porting the title would require a fair amount of work, and is money the developers clearly don’t want to spend. Unlike Splash Damage, some developers have found ways to bring Stadia-exclusive content to new platforms. For example, Gylt will be multi-platform next year. Unfortunately, the developers of PixelJunk Raiders, Hello Engineer, and Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle have yet to confirm if these titles will be released elsewhere.

More or less, Stadia’s upcoming shutdown means these titles will lose access to their exclusives if they don’t find their way to new platforms. was confirmed to be one of the titles that will also become unplayable. He can get a refund for the Stadia game he bought, but there’s nothing good about losing access to a title that disappears entirely. After all, many gamers take game preservation very seriously, so there’s no question that Google has done a lot of good to the gaming community.gamers often gullible consumerbut they have a memory like an elephant, which may have benefited Google before choosing to hire a product manager who botched two high-profile game console launches before Stadia. Knowledge.

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