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Wardle took the world by storm in early 2022 when it exploded on social media. Ultimately, it’s not just the game’s puzzle-solving premise that has sparked such a surge in popularity. It’s about a global competition for who can solve the daily word puzzle first and show off the results. This is why Wordle is such a powerful game. It sparks a lot of conversation wherever you go, but surprisingly, it’s also a fun puzzle game with intuitive rules.

Of course, given Wordle’s pervasive nature, you might think it would offer its own Android app, but that’s not the case. In fact, the app you’re looking for is in the form of a Progressive Web App taken directly from New York Times websiteLuckily, Progressive Web Apps offer a seamless app-like experience on Android devices (you don’t need the best Android phone to work). This guide will show you how to set up and install the Wordle app, highlight customization options to enhance your app experience, and show you how to play and interact with Progressive Wordle apps.

getting started

There is no native app for Wordle, but the next best option is to pin a Progressive Web App to your home screen for an app-like experience that launches like a native Android app.

How to install Wordle on your Android phone

warning: If you’re playing in another location, such as another mobile web browser or other device, sign up/log in to your New York Times account to keep your streak.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Go to the Wordle home page Go to Wordle in Google Chrome mobile browser
  • Click the three vertical dots in the top right to access the overflow menu.
  • to tap add to home screen > addition.
  • Tap addition Finish again on the second popup. Wordle is now on your home screen. Wordle is now on your home screen
  • Customize Wordle settings

    There are several options that will improve your overall experience.

  • To access settings, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • A menu will appear with several options. hard mode, dark themeWhen high contrast mode. Wordle-Settings-1 Wordle-Settings-2
  • To turn on any of these options, tap the slider until it highlights green or orange (high contrast mode).
  • When you turn on hard mode, you will have to use the hints revealed in the ensuing guesses. This helps the user guess the green and yellow letters. No more wasted or repeated letters.

    The dark theme inverts the colors found in the app, so turn it on if you prefer a dark background with white fonts.

    If you are colorblind, we highly recommend turning on High Contrast Mode. Yellow is replaced by blue and green by orange.

    Understand Wordle gameplay

    Wordle’s premise is relatively simple. So, here are the rules for how to play Wordle.

  • Try to guess a 5-letter word 6 times, guessing a new word each day to replace the previous one.
  • Every time you try to guess a word, hints are provided by the color of the highlighted letters.
  • If the letter contains a green background, this indicates that you have guessed the right letter in the correct place.
  • A yellow background indicates that you guessed the correct letter but in the wrong place.
  • In contrast, letters with a gray background are not in words at all, so you can skip them in your next guess.
  • You only have 6 turns to collect all the previous clues to understand today’s word. If you fail, you lose your winning streak — many things are at stake when you start playing for months!
  • Playing Wordle is like playing a word detective game. You’ll have to dig around until you find enough clues to get the full picture. In this case, guessing is used to optimize the process of gathering the clues needed to solve everyday words. Always trying to optimize guessing to collect all clues/hints/puzzle pieces. But it helps to always keep your learning goals in mind for each attempt. That way, you can complete your daily challenges as efficiently as possible (stats are recorded, after all). So, while playing Wordle, you need to make sure your first word is headed in the best direction and strategize every word attempt.

    How to play Wardle

  • Go to your home screen and open the Wordle Web App shortcut.
  • A Wordle ruleset box appears. After reviewing the rules, close the ruleset box and proceed to gameplay.
  • A blank 5 x 6 grid will appear. Each line is a place to enter words in order from top to bottom. A new attempt begins on the next line.
  • Use your keyboard to enter a 5-letter common word and tap come inEach letter of the word is highlighted (green, yellow, grey) and the corresponding key on the keyboard is displayed. Use these clues to guess another five-letter word. Leave the green letters alone and move them to new locations before the yellow letters turn green. However, avoid gray text. You are limited to 6 guesses.
  • If you guess the correct word, the entire line will be highlighted in green. Once completed, the word “impressive” will appear. Congratulations, you solved the daily puzzle!
  • There are new puzzles every day, so you’ll have to wait for the daily reset to play more puzzles. When you hit a streak, a box tracking your stats will appear on your screen along with a reset timer. Show stats box in Wordle
  • Remember Wordle uses common words. The first word should contain as many common letters as possible. Vowels are your best friend. Choosing the first default 5-letter word that meets your criteria can be very helpful. Remember that characters can overlap. But save these for later attempts. If you get stuck, open your web browser and search the word list to help you turn the gears again.

    How to share results online

  • After solving the word puzzle, you can tap to post your results online. share. Wordle share button
  • to tap share Access more options. You can directly select the app to post the results or copy the text and post it anywhere. Results show only colored boxes, so no worries about spoilers or personal data leaks.
  • Alternatively, you can screenshot and crop the stats box and upload it as an image instead.
  • Foresee Wardle’s Legacy

    Wordle remains pristine today. Progressive apps work the same as they always have.Indeed, the first move rough start, but the overall experience thankfully remains the same. The creators originally planned to stop the game in 2027, but the acquisition could put Wordle’s life expectancy higher than expected.

    If you’re digging into your experience so far, consider trying Wordle on hard mode. You’ll probably be surprised how much your word-solving skills level up with more challenges.

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