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After earning millions of dollars in the first 11 days of its Asian launch, it was only a matter of time before Level-5 and Netmarble’s new MMORPG Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds went global. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds currently has his seat in one of the best MMOs on Android, lauded for its stunning graphics and has a Studio Ghibli-inspired world you can experience on your favorite Android game phone. I’m here.

As with any mobile MMORPG, the systems under the hood can get cluttered quickly, so Techvair can help you decipher how these work. It covers basic gameplay, core systems such as classes and familiars, and best practices for creating and enhancing your account.

getting started

Ni no Kuni: Cross World transports you to a Studio Ghibli-designed world where an unnamed kingdom is under siege. follow the crew. He walks you through the game’s combat basics, showing that combat skills are bound to a cooldown system and that your health bar determines your survival.

As you progress through the main story quests, aspects of the combat system and general upgrades are unlocked. Story quests will be blocked if your reputation level is too low, so you’ll need to hone your side quests to keep progressing through the main story.

raise the rep

Everything is tied to an elemental type, so maintaining strong elemental coverage when wielding weapons is essential. The elements of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds follow the rock-paper-scissors mechanic.

Ni no Kuni_elements

Earth beats water, water beats fire, fire beats earth, light and darkness are opposites. Using the right weapon will allow you to inflict maximum damage on your enemies.

auto play

Autoplay can be a nasty feature, especially for games that are supposed to immerse you in a breathtaking, Studio Ghibli-esque world rendered in 3D. , but this slows down the progress. Note: Autoplay has a useful feature when you want to stop playing and watch the game.

To toggle autoplay on or off, tap the quest dialog box while on the field. With autoplay turned on, your character follows a course, running towards each quest objective and auto-fighting monsters found along the way.

Ni no Kuni_autoplay

Turning off potion autoplay can help you stock up on them for more challenging content later.

  • Open the main menu and tap Settings (gear icon).
  • to tap game, Then scroll down to Potions and slide Auto Use HP Potions to 0% and tap. manual In “Automatic HP potion change”. Ni no Kuni_Auto Potion_1 Ni no Kuni_Auto Potion_2

classes and familiars

In Ni no Kuni Cross World, you can customize the character linked to your class and recruit familiars (creature companions). Your class determines your combat abilities and your role in the team. Choose a class that reflects how you want to play. Thankfully, you can register one character per class on the same server, but unfortunately story progress doesn’t carry over.



One of the main gacha functions is to summon more familiar allies. Familiars can fight alongside you and provide classes/elements. Up to 3 familiars can be equipped.

Ni no Kuni_Banner

In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, you can summon your first familiar at level 5 (a quest reward). Just like Pokemon, you can choose a 4-star starter (he has 3 in the pool), but he only has 10 chances to reroll and get another starter.

Possible 4 star starters:

  • tick (fire)
  • water stream
  • Ouroboros (Saturday)

Ultimately, you’ll unlock training, hatching, and taming familiars as you progress, showing you pretty quickly just how influential your familiars can become in Ni no Kuni: Crossworlds.

Level up

Leveling up characters is central to Ni no Kuni Cross World. Quests and features are unlocked as you start leveling up. As you follow the main story and complete subquests, you’ll get a lot of experience points. Once you’ve unlocked Swift Solutions, you’ll need to complete Bert’s daily tasks (such as exterminating his X monsters in the zone). Ultimately, working toward a Swift Solutions certification can increase the number of tasks offered. Still, for now, you can skyrocket through the beginner level by just completing 5 tasks each day.

Ni no Kuni_swift Solution

heart star system

To enhance your base attributes, you can invest in the Heart Star system, which works like a skill tree. These trees are like constellations, with fixed levels. Unlocking nodes increases their base stats and requires spending resources such as Sparkling Hearts. To obtain these resources, you must participate in the Familiar Forest and Familiar Adventure (unlocked at level 33).

The Familiar Forest is where you visit your familiars each day, bond with them, and receive gifts, the resources you seek. At the same time, Familiar Adventure is a mini-game where you send your Familiar to fight other her Familiar in order to occupy a collection site that produces the materials needed for the Heartstar system.


Perhaps the most notable feature is the ability to play with other players on the server and eventually make new friends. You can add players from the social menu and see their profile in their friends list. You have the opportunity to invite other players to your party. Forming a party makes it easier to defeat monsters in difficult areas, and is useful for limited-time events where you can challenge quests with your friends.

Ni no Kuni_Friends


Like the clan system in most MMOs, joining kingdoms allows you to grow your community. To unlock the Kingdom, you need to complete “Evermore — Survivor of the Nameless Kingdom” (Reputation Quest).

Joining a kingdom unlocks new modes with more rewards and massive content, allowing you to face the environment and compete against other kingdoms. indicate.

  • defense: The PvE mode is similar to tower defense games, where you must fight waves of monsters before destroying the heart of the kingdom.
  • Intrusion: PvP mode where you join attack and defense formations to fight against another kingdom.
  • Relic Wars: A PvP mode where different kingdoms fight for map control which yields points, the kingdom that earns the most of these points wins.

Winning these modes will give you rewards, but most importantly, Kingdom Coins, which are used for Kingdom Experience purchases in the Kingdom General Store (helping your Kingdom rank up) and stat buffs.

All kingdoms are ranked, and being the number one kingdom on the server gives you the power to choose your kingdom’s capital. Kingdom Capital controls server-wide policies and decisions. As such, contending for the top spot is very important and could potentially have a say in the future of the server.

Other PvP Modes

You may not be interested in large-scale PvP content, but you can play in more personalized PvP. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds features three additional PvP modes for him, summarized below.

  • Duel Yard: 1v1 PvP mode where you can earn honor medals and training points.
  • lava valley: In the team-based PvP Ranked Mode, form a team with 3 other players placed in the same league as your character and earn seasonal rewards.
  • familiar arena: PvP mode where familiars (attack team and defense team) can acquire materials for battle heart stars.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is a magical journey shared with players

Ni no Kuni Cross World is already one of the best MMORPG on Android. The relaxed gameplay is a great opportunity to meet and make friends with like-minded Soul Divers. That’s why I’ve included the app below. And if you need a break from the MMO grind, check out our other top-rated Android games.

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