How to get to Semeru

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After experiencing a year-long wait after arriving in Inazuma, we can now explore the City of Wisdom and home of Dendro Archon, Sumeru. Included in Genshin Impact version 3.0 A quick glance at what is inside reveals that there are many new characters to meet, new stories to escape from, and many events that bind us together. One of the best gacha games, pushing the hardware limits of the best Android phones. HoYoverse encourages you to stay up to date with the latest content. However, you don’t need to be up to date on Archon quests to access Sumeru. That’s why we’ve outlined the minimal steps you need to take to start exploring your new luscious region.


Unfortunately, you can’t set foot in Sumeru like you can in Liyue and Mondstadt. But it’s less restrictive when trying to reach the Inazuma Islands. Otherwise, you can explore the Chasm to find your way to Sumeru.

How to get to Chasm

  • Reach Adventure Rank 28
  • Complete the Archon Quest: Chapter 1: Act 3 – A New Star Approaches the Archons Quest
  • Start World Quest: Peeling off the Secret Seven Star Seal
  • Genshin Impact Chasm Entrance

    Approach the two Milirith soldiers guarding the entrance to the Chasm to start the world quest. Peeling off the Secret Seven Star Seal, which allows you to enter the surface of the chasm. You don’t have to complete any of the World quests we’ve picked up to get to Sumeru, but they’re highly recommended if you want to advance the storyline.under construction Peeling off the Secret Seven Star Seal This is what you access when you start the Archon Quest. Echoing Requiem of the Abyss.

    Note: You must complete this Archon quest to advance to the Sumeru Archon questline!

    how to increase adventure rank

    Increasing Adventure Rank is difficult, especially in the early game. But you’ll need to keep up with the story, access new world quests, and qualify for limited-time events. Here are some tips and tricks for increasing your Adventure Rank. For more information, see How to Travel to Inazuma Guide. The biggest point is to always use resin and ensure a complete Adventurer’s Handbook entry.

    How to get to Semeru

    Sumeru is to the left of the main continent of Teyvat, just to the left of Chasm. The tricky part is gaining access to the Chasm and learning how to maneuver around the terrain. Below are instructions for the easiest route to reach Sumeru and how to unlock the map. It gives an overview and the location of the city.

  • Locate chasms on the map and use the nearest waypoints to reach them The Chasm Liyue waypoint.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the waypoint, you’ll need to travel across the surface of the chasm to reach the entrance. Get-1 to Genshin-Impact-Smell-1 Genshin-Impact-to-Sumeru-2
  • Enter the tunnel and continue until you reach the other side.
  • Congrats! You are in Sumeru Country, but you need to visit the nearest seven statues to reveal a portion of the map. Genshin-Impact-to-Sumeru-3 Getting to Genshin-Impact-Sumeru-4-4
  • After visiting the Seven Statues, a portion of Sumeru will appear on the darkened map. I highly recommend changing the Traveler to Dendro in the Seven Statues.
  • Our next destination is downtown. Below I’ve outlined where the cities are on the map. Note that Sumeru’s terrain is sometimes vertical. Use Grapple Spots to move from one location to another while exploring. Genshin Impact ~Smeru~ 5-1 Getting to Genshin-Impact-Sumeru-6-6
  • How to get to Semeru Desert

    Now that you know how to access the mainland and you’ve found the city of Sumeru, you still have the desert areas revealed in Genshin Impact version 3.1. If you want an update on the main story, or if you manage to catch Cyno from a restricted banner run, you’ll need to know how to navigate your way into the desert. If you’re already in, don’t worry about restrictions when exploring this new area.

  • Enter the Semeru region and continue southwest.
  • find Ashavan Realm, Sumeru waypoints, and teleport to their locations. If you haven’t unlocked that teleporter, you’ll have to travel on foot. We recommend taking advantage of the four-leaf sigils scattered around Sumeru (interacting with them will propel your character to higher ground). You may need to activate Clusterleaves of Cultivation (Plants) on Dendro attacks to spawn more Sigils! Note: She’s very useful for exploring/traversing Sumeru if you haven’t gotten your free Korey yet. Sumeru Desert-1 Semeru Desert-2
  • The teleporter puts you in Caravan Ribat, a small settlement at the entrance to the Land of Lower Setek. To light up the first map section of the desert (Lower Setek country), walk down the main road to his 7 statues in that area. Semeru Desert-3 Semeru Desert-4
  • When you tap and operate the seven statues, the map will light up. Repeat this approach once you find the other He 2 He 7 statues that illuminate the rest of the desert.
  • Welcome to Sumeru

    It may have taken a few extra steps to get to Sumeru, but once you’re there, there’s a lot to explore and plenty of opportunities to try new things, as the map of Sumeru is still expanding. , it’s best to explore the parts available now to get ahead of the game. Be sure to collect the free Collei, one of the best Sumeru exploration units available for your team. If you haven’t launched yet, grab the title from the widget below and check out one of the best Android games, Genshin Impact.

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