How to change or update your home address

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Useful if you need directions to your home after going out

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Moving is usually an arduous process. As if packing and unpacking wasn’t enough, you’ll have to forward contracts, forward emails, and change a few habits. These tasks are complicated, but they are usually done in advance so everything is ready on the first day. We recently moved to a new house so I can speak for myself. Almost everything was ready for moving day, including internet subscriptions and delivery of a new washing machine. was I forgot to change my home address. Thankfully, the process only takes a few seconds, but updating your address ahead of time is a good idea, as you can get navigation guidance to your home with just a tap when you need it.

Update your home address using your phone

The easiest way to update your home address is to use the Google Maps app on your handset.

  • tap your photo Or your initials in the upper right corner.
  • go to Edit Settings > Home or Work.
  • Tap. Overflow (⋮) menu next to your current address.
  • [ホームの編集]Choose.
  • Tap x next to your current address in the search bar
  • Please enter your new address In the search bar, tap the address suggested by Google.
  • Confirm information Tap. end.
  • How to update your home address in Google Maps on desktop

  • Navigate To google map using your favorite browser.
  • please click Hamburger Menu in the upper right corner.
  • home address is Your Location > Labeled.
  • next to your current address[X]Click to remove.
  • click Set your home address your new address in the search bar.
  • Tap to the address suggested by Google to validate it.
  • google maps home address 6

    google maps home address 7

    time to escape

    Either method will update your home address on Google Maps in just a few clicks, saving you time looking for directions at home. There’s no place like home, but it’s nice to go out once in a while. When you’re ready for your next big adventure, use a variety of Google services to plan your next trip.

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