How to cancel the Apple Music subscription

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Are you thinking of switching to Spotify? You need to cancel the Apple Music subscription first.The method is as follows

To be honest, Apple Music is not the best option for music streaming services. Indeed, as the ecosystem surrounded by the infamous walls guarantees, integration with Apple products is a bit easier. Still, if you use services on Android, Windows, or another operating system, it is difficult to compete with Spotify. Unparalleled ease of use, device interoperable operability is vast, with excellent hardware options such as Spotify Car Thing, it is a reliable option for millions of users around the world.

After that, we recommend that you cancel your Apple Music subscription as soon as possible. After all, you’ll want to enjoy music streaming services, regardless of whether you are listening with the best smart speaker or listening to a mobile phone using high quality wireless headphones.

As in most services, the “registration” button is not as easy to use as a “sign -up” button. In other words, you need to take a little work to delete yourself from Apple Music. Nevertheless, you can cancel Apple Music subscriptions, from iPhone, Android to Mac and Windows PCs. Follow the following steps. You will be released from Apple Music immediately.

How to cancel Apple Music Subscription with Android

Just because you have Android doesn’t mean you can’t use Apple’s services completely. The process is not so complicated, so you should be able to delete Apple Music in some simple steps.

  • open Apple music Mobile app for your device.
  • click Three dots It is in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • select Manage your subscription On the next page.
  • click Cancel the subscription The button under the available plan.
  • The age of calling to cancel the subscription is almost over, so this is the only thing you need to cancel your Apple Music subscription on a mobile device. Well, for some other devices.

    How to cancel the Apple Music subscription on the iPhone

    It makes sense to try Apple Music on the iPhone. After all, Apple’s device and service ecosystem work well, so it’s worth trying. Still, Apple is far from perfect, so canceling Apple Music may meet your needs. If you follow the steps below, you can freely select your favorite streaming service.

  • open setting app.
  • Tap your name at the top of the page.
  • choose subscription The button on the first menu. iPhone setting user Source: Apple
  • click Apple music Subscription from the list.
  • Tap red Cancel the subscription The button at the bottom.
  • How to cancel Apple Music subscriptions on Windows PC

    You may be a little anxious about canceling your subscription with a smartphone, but we won’t blame you. To make sure that there is no charge for services you don’t use, you are an actual computer. The guarantee is very useful. The process of canceling Apple Music on Windows PC is not so complicated. I will explain the procedure step by step.

  • open Aituns App on your computer.
  • click account Tab on the top menu bar of the app.
  • select See my count From the drop -down menu.
  • scroll down setting menu.
  • choose management Button next to subscription. Windows-10-Cancel-Apple-Music
  • click edit Click the button.
  • select Cancel the subscription To the menu.
  • How to cancel the Apple Music subscription on a Mac

    Many Apple services are compatible with your Mac, but if Apple Music is not cutting the mustard, there is no reason to stay there. Spotify works as well as Mac’s Apple Music. Follow the following steps to restore the music streaming experience.

  • open app store App on your Mac.
  • Select your name in the upper right corner, or sign in if you haven’t signed in yet.
  • click Account settings In the next menu.
  • scroll down subscription And click management. MacOS-Cancel-Apple-Music
  • Find and click the Apple Music subscription. edit.
  • click Cancel the subscriptionThis is ready.
  • Now you don’t need Apple Music.

    That’s all! Since Apple Music has been deleted, you can freely consider other options for streaming music. Spotify is the most popular option for a legitimate reason because it has a fun and easy -to -use interface and a huge catalog of music and podcasts. If you want to cancel with Spotify, we will also support you.

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