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As a data-driven company, Google collects user information to help us build better products and services. This can be seen as a double-edged sword as it’s hard to create a bespoke experience without giving up your personal data.Even the best Android phones on the market are powered by Google Play Services. therefore suffer the same fate.

Google offers convenient My Activity feature. One important addition is that Google search history is automatically deleted after a certain number of months by default. In the past, years of search history from old devices could have been stored in your account without your knowledge. Learn everything there is to know about the My Activity feature.

How to access My Activity from the Google app

There are different ways to find the My Activity feature on Android, and finding those settings is easy no matter which method you choose. You can quickly access the main page of your Google Account by following these steps:

  • open Google Open the app and tap your profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Under the selected account, Manage your Google Account button. In the new version of the Google app, Manage your Google Account button is called Google account.
  • Tap. data privacy tabs at the top of the screen. google-app-manage-account google-app-data-privacy
  • scroll down history settings Tap a section My Activity button. google-app-my activity
  • For Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, setting > Google > Manage your Google Account Click to find the main settings page for your Google Account. This location may vary depending on your device manufacturer or Android version, so you may need to do a quick search to find it.

    How to access My Activity from a web browser

    in your favorite web browser[マイ アクティビティ]You can also open pages. You can do this on your computer via the desktop version. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone to add icon shortcuts to your home screen for easy access.

  • visit My Activity The main page of your favorite web browser.
  • Open your browser settings (most likely the three-dot menu) and tap add to home screen Create shortcuts. This shortcut functionality works in Google Chrome and other supported web browsers.
  • Tap addition. my activity home screen 1 my activity home screen 2
  • Tap. add to home screen Click the button to place the icon on your home screen. Alternatively, press and hold the shortcut icon and drop it anywhere you like on your home screen. my activity home screen 3
  • If you’re using the Google Assistant, say or type “My Activity” to go to the main My Activity page in your web browser. Then add the shortcut to your home screen for easy access.

    How to manage your Google Account history using My Activity

    Now that you have access to the My Activity feature on your device, manage your history settings for your Google Account.Main Activity management page consists of three activity controls: Web & App Activity, Location History, and YouTube History. Check them individually and choose the setting that best suits your needs. The following sections describe each control on the activity page.

    Web & App Activity

    [ウェブとアプリのアクティビティ]The section displays settings related to your Web & App search history.We recommend that you leave this setting enabled Improve the overall user experienceThis results in faster search results and better recommendations for many Google services. Saving your account history is also useful in certain situations. For example, imagine doing in-depth research on a particular topic. If you want to search again, you can quickly view your search history.

    Many third-party apps rely on Google Play Services to function, so they may be able to track you in most scenarios. It’s not just web searches. Your actions within these apps can be tracked to some extent. This is typically done to show relevant ads or improve the user experience of the app. It is not intended to infringe on your personal information. This app data is only stored in your account history if you have enabled the optional setting to track your in-app activity.

    If this feature is enabled and you want to disable it for added privacy in your Google Account, follow these steps:

  • Tap. erase Click the button to get started.
  • Read the description and scroll down if necessary.
  • Press pause Click the button to disable the setting. My Activity Search History-1 My Activity Search History-2
  • Tap delete old activityand select everytimeThis will remove your previous search history from your Google Account.
  • Select the product whose activity history you want to clear, Next. My Activity Search History-3 My Activity Search History-4
  • Tap eraseYour activity history for the selected services will be removed from your Google Account.
  • press took end. My Activity Search History-5 My Activity Search History-6
  • Also, tap the icons below to manage the historical data saved for each Google service or app. View and delete activity section. You can do each of these manually, giving you even more control over your apps and services. This is useful if you only want to save some specific items to your account, but not all of them.

    My Activities-See more-1-1

    My Activities-See more-2

    All activity control sections have specific settings and auto-delete frequency options. You can turn everything off indefinitely or choose some helpful settings. We recommend choosing every 3 months as the automatic deletion frequency.

    Location history

    Tracking your location history is a sensitive topic, so you may be hesitant to use this feature. Still, in some situations, enabling it can provide benefits. For example, you can get: Recommendations for places to explore Based on your travel location history. If you like discovering new shops and restaurants, it might help you at home or while traveling.

    With Location History enabled, google maps timeline, to see the routes you took during your trip. You can return to your timeline later to see where you were on a particular day, including the estimated time you visited a place. This isn’t something you need to enable on your account, but it’s a nice addition that helps you visualize when and where you’ve been.

    To enable the Location History feature for your Google Account, follow these steps:

  • under Location history in the section turn on button.
  • Read the description and scroll down.
  • Tap. turn on Click the button to activate the Google Account feature. my activity place-1 My activity place-2
  • Tap took Stop here. My activity place-3
  • YouTube history

    YouTube’s history settings keep a record of the videos you’ve watched and track your searches. This will improve our recommended videos You can resume your video where you left off. Like any feature that offers a personalized experience, it needs user data to make everything work together. If you disable this setting, you can still use YouTube, but you will not be able to access these additional features.

    If you value your privacy above these YouTube features, disable them by following these steps:

  • under YouTube history in the section erase button.
  • Read the description and scroll down if necessary.
  • Tap. pause button to disable YouTube history Google account settings. my activity-youtube-history-1 my activity-youtube-history-2
  • Tap delete old activity.
  • select everytime. my activity-youtube-history-3 my activity-youtube-history-4
  • See a preview of what will be deleted, then erase Click the button to delete your YouTube search history.
  • press took Return to main page. my activity-youtube-history-5 my activity-youtube-history-6
  • My Activity lets you manage your Google Account search history

    The My Activity feature lets you view and manage everything you share with Google in an easy-to-use dashboard. This is a welcome addition to help Google determine how much data your account has access to. Google always needs to know some information about you in order to improve your experience when using our apps and services. However, you can control how much personal information they can monitor in the future.

    If you want to further reduce the amount of data you share with Google, check out the best ways to increase your privacy on your Android phone. Especially when combined with the My Activity feature, reducing Google’s footprint on your device gives you a little peace of mind.

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