Forgotten Nightmares update instructions

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Blizzard’s financially successful mobile game, Diablo Immortal, prepared players with its biggest update to date. The Forgotten Nightmares update expands on the story and Diablo’s ongoing lore while adding new features and mechanics to keep the game’s grindfest from getting stale. It is easy to get lost in the woods. That’s why we’ve created a guide that analyzes what’s new, what’s changed, and the best approach to take advantage of this huge update. Installed. Load the app, plug in your favorite Android game controller and see how the latest Diablo Immortal update works.

New Lore Dungeon: Silent Monastery

Stop at Diablo Lore and enter the Monastery of Silence to revisit the history of Zakaram’s crusades through the lands of Yvgorod. The latest dungeon to arrive in Diablo Immortal, the Silent Monastery, creates a nightmarish atmosphere by plunging into darkness, so black fog covers the top of Mount Zavail to Sentinel’s Watch. Stop the soul-devouring demons cowardly lurking in the shadows, because only the most vicious demons live in the fog, ready to prey on the souls of the innocent who invade these lands. is up to you.

Diablo immortal silent monastery

To access the Silent Monastery, you must be level 60 or higher and have a party of 2-4 players. Note: The dungeon is dark, so it’s hard to tell where you’re going or what you’re fighting. To navigate the darkness, you must interact with the temple statues to light your way.

Warband updates and changes

It’s no secret that the number of new players has been declining since release, and as a result filling Warbands to complete content has become more of a burden. there is Dependencies filling Warbands slots to tackle restricted contentThis new update provided an overview of the overhauled system to clarify some of these concerns.

  • You no longer need to kill monsters in warband camps.
  • Complete a Warband Reliquary raid with 4 Warband players instead of 8. You can now recruit players outside your warband to fill the remaining slots.
  • Upon first completion of a Warband Reliquary raid, Sealed Warband chest drop rates are increased by 400% (reset every Monday and Thursday).
  • Introducing Castle Cyrangar (instead of Warband Camp).

Castle Cylanger

The new Warband exploration experience offers two replayable game modes and passive bonuses earned from castle upgrades and defenses. To start the quest, you must be a member of a warband and be level 20. You can get the quest by talking to Ballustus in Westmarch.

Diablo Immortal Cylanger-1

Each major area of ​​Castle Cyrangar must be divided and conquered while facing off against the restless spirits that embody each room. Once you and your girlfriend’s Warband have cleared the castle’s rooms, you can hang Warband banners and let members occupy and upgrade these rooms.


Successfully conquering Castle Cylanger unlocks two playable modes: Standard Mode and Endless Mode to defend your fortress. If you’re familiar with Overwatch, this plays out much like Rock-paper-scissors’ revenge, where you’ll have to survive against an onslaught of enemies each round. Earn cool rewards like gear.

Diablo Immortal Cylanger 2

Gloomguide’s prizes take Dash to the next level

A new set has been added to the Gloomguide prize, Diablo Immortal. Players can now more aggressively deal with hordes of enemies and deal more damage with dashes and escape moves. All drop locations have been adjusted to accommodate the new set, including a new dungeon (Silent Abbey).

2 piece bonus increases damage by 15% after using dash for 3 seconds, 4 piece bonus increases critical chance by 22.5% after using dash for 3 seconds, 6 piece set bonus after using dash increases all nearby Wave of Terror that damages enemies, terrifying affected enemies (occurs every 40 seconds).

Summary of other updates

  • New Battle Pass (Season 5)
  • New Helliquary Raid Boss: Isilek the Deformed
  • Limited Time Event: Dark Refining and Hungry Moon
  • New Ornament Set: Crowned Ones (purchased for 1000 Eternal Orbs)
  • 3 new Legendary Gems
  • New: Exchange 1600 Platinum for 1 Legendary Crest (once a week)
  • New: Exchange 200 Platinum for 1 Rare Crest (3 times a week)
  • Legendary items received in Warband Chests can transfer Essence
  • Defend the Vault adds party finder for matchmaking
  • Corvus expedition variants
  • Other chapters of Hero’s Journey
  • Other Bestiary Entries
  • Winton’s Grand Market Adjustments: Reduced time to buy and resell
  • Eternal Orbs Added to Eternal Orb Bundle Purchases

It’s great to see Blizzard’s efforts to release quite a bit of content for the game and bring in new rewards, new dungeons and updated features. You won’t be able to enjoy the best part of the game: the spontaneous multiplayer and lore-filled content.With more updates like Forgotten Nightmare, Diablo Immortal would be a great place to go before other Android games hit the spotlight. See if the Forgotten Nightmare update is good enough to pique your interest for now. That’s why we’ve included the download below.

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