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Google Arts & Culture’s first game is about an ancient civilization in Mesoamerica

serpent hero descent

Google Arts & Culture provides a variety of fun and educational information. The Descent of the Serpent is the platform’s first video game.Developed in collaboration with Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology, The Descent of the Serpent teaches players about the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica through a Zelda-esque adventure game.

Snake Descent-1

After briefly playing the game, I was amazed at how engaging the experience was. The basic premise of The Descent of the Serpent is that he must restore 20 objects to Chichen Itza before a flood engulfs the world. Learn all about Mesoamerica before challenging the final boss to the deadliest contest, revealed in four levels. pop quiz.

Each level consists of a quetzal that acts as a guide, signposts that tell you fun facts, and the aforementioned objects. Five items must be collected to progress, and once collected the game will tell you about the background of these items.The game also includes a useful link to the Google Arts & Culture page. so we can investigate further.

As for the general quiz, it’s easy if you pay a reasonable amount of attention throughout the level. After all, the game is designed for a younger audience, so older players won’t have as much trouble figuring it out as I do.

Snake Descent Hands-on (1)

Each level takes an average of 10 minutes to complete, but is packed with learning. I approached the game with trepidation built on years of dodgy educational “games,” but was pleasantly surprised by my experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this game to any teacher looking for a fun medium to teach a class about ancient Mesoamerica.

All in all, this is a decent educational tool worth spending half an hour of your time on. If this sounds interesting, play the game through the Google Arts & Culture app or its website.

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