Endless Beginner's Guide — Starting the Ember Technology Era

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The past few years have been a rollercoaster ride for Torchlight fans, from project cancellations to other projects with nowhere to go. Torchlight: Infinite is a full blown Torchlight game, open beta for mobile and PC. Torchlight: Infinite serves as a sequel to Torchlight 2, but was handled by another developer, Xingdong Network, and is now directed by Xingdong Network. David Brevik (former creator of the Diablo series) joins as Consulting ProducerSo far, Torchlight: Infinite’s upcoming release looks pretty promising, with a full-strong team here to ensure delivery of a quality looting action RPG on Android.

But like any looter ARPG, expect tons of customization, tons of systems to get your hands dirty, and plenty of content to test your builds. This is why we created a guide to explain all the underlying mechanics once Torchlight: Infinite is fully released.

getting started

Choosing your first build is important in Torchlight: Infinite. Your initial class/character will determine your strengths and weaknesses, but unlocking customizations will tailor your class/character to a modifiable playstyle.

There are currently five character classes to choose from.

  • Berserker Rehan Torchlight: Berserker of Infinite
  • moto commander
  • Divine Shot Carino TI Commander TI-Divineshot
  • frost fire gemma
  • Oracle Thea
  • Like a space-time witness TI-Frost Fire TI-Time Witness

Each character class excels at a particular playstyle determined by the hero’s traits. However, outside of class and hero traits, you can play around with talents to fine-tune your class to your gameplay preferences. Berserkers, for example, are the primary melee combat specialists, while Commanders are your typical Summoner class, utilizing mecha minions to fight by your side. Forces you to dodge a barrage of projectiles. The Spacetime Witness is a technical class that specializes in space-time magic and seeks to exploit gaps to perform deadly attacks. Oracle Seer is a versatile magical caster who utilizes buffs to enhance any build. Then there’s Frostfire, a dual-wielding fire and ice mage who can launch powerful attacks against enemies.

Eventually, you’ll try every character through new playthroughs to complete the achievements associated with each class. Juggle multiple and expect more chances to earn more from the Battle Pass.

Hero characteristics

All starting classes come with a free hero trait. These hero traits determine the character’s appearance and quirks. A hero’s traits affect the character’s build her path.

How to get more hero traits

Unlock more hero traits through paid boon systems, in-game achievements, and the Hero Shop. Some Hero Traits can also be purchased using Hero Emblems next season.

How to unlock and use hero traits

Hero traits are treated like new character classes. Think of them as subclasses within your main character class. Unfortunately, hero traits cannot be changed during the game, so you’ll need to create a new character to use these traits.

If you want to play with new hero traits, it’s a good idea to mix and match characters each playthrough. The basic playstyle of the class will carry over.

Gameplay expectations

Torchlight: Infinite is optimized for touchscreen controls, allowing you to freely move your character model using an on-screen joystick while navigating the map. A desired marker appears in the map zone to aid navigation. Every zone spawns enemy hoards that drop randomized loot that is important to your preparation. Warp points allow you to move from one zone to another during quests and explorations. Eventually, we’ll unlock more areas on the world map to make it easier to fast travel between locations.

Tips: Always return to Ember’s Rest to visit the shop and store extra items.

Displaying a world map in Torchlight: Infinite

A good portion of the playthrough at the start follows the main storyline.


With 24 unique skill trees that provide over 180 skills for your character build, Torchlight: Infinite is sure to impress ARPG fans with a wealth of customization options. To further customize your skills, you can unlock different playstyles for each character class.

skill slot

As you gain energy, you gain skill slots. Energy can be obtained by leveling up characters and equipping/enhancing gear. Beat all the bad guys on the map to earn enough experience points and earn loot to unlock more slots!

Torchlight: Infinite Skill Slot Preview

Skill type

Skills can be further classified by type. Support Skills, Active Skills, Passive Skills, and Trigger Skills. Skills can also be linked together. Active and passive skills are linked to support skills, and trigger skills can be linked to active and support skills. To identify a support skill, tap the skill icon and see the tags. Support skills are tagged with “Support”.

TI Skill Tag

As a new player, always keep an eye out for linked support skills. You can add utility to potentially active skills and increase their damage potency. An example is the addition of “freeze chances” that provide utility and damage. Adding “Freeze Chance” to your Cold Damage skill gives you a small chance to add a slow effect and deal extra cold damage when you hit an enemy.

Skills can be acquired by completing quests that offer a choice of skills as a reward, or by visiting the skill shop in Hideout.

Tips: Don’t forget to visit the skills menu to upgrade as you kill more enemies.




You can select up to 3 talent panels for your character. Talent panels are unlocked by leveling up. There are 6 basic talent panels to choose from at the start.

  • god of power
  • goddess of hunting
  • goddess of knowledge
  • god of war
  • goddess of darkness
  • machine god

Torchlight: Infinite Talents Overview

Each of the 6 Basic Talent Panels contains 3 Advanced Talent Panels that can be selected after unlocking the second Talent Panel. Advanced talent panels contain more specialized stat buffs and substantial bonuses when you invest enough talent points into that panel.

TI-Advanced Talent-1

TI-Advanced Talent-2

The third talent panel doesn’t limit your talent panel selection, but we recommend sticking with the advanced talent panel to focus on your intended build. You should choose your basic talent panel carefully, noting the tags mentioned in Talent Panel Overview. For example, if you want your Frostfire character to be a pure spellcaster, check Goddess of Knowledge to increase INT stats and spell her potency/mana.

Torchlight: Infinite Talent Tags

talent node

Under the Talent Panel of your choice, you can delegate Talent Points (obtained by leveling up) to unlock Talent Nodes. A talent node holds her micro talents and enhances her stats. Multiple talent points committed to a talent node can unlock adjacent nodes. You can also unlock major talent nodes if you have invested enough talent points.

Torchlight: Infinite Talent Node

Activated talent nodes can be reset using Forget Points (obtained through Water of Oblivion). You can reset up to level 70 for free.

New players should stick to a few nodes at a time to enhance their intended character build. Feel free to experiment with the early builds to your heart’s content.

get ready

You can open your bag to equip your gear. Nine gear slots are available for tinkering. Enemies drop gear randomly on the map, so always grab all the loot. As you progress through the story and level up, your enemies will level up and so will the loot they drop.

Torchlight: Loot an enemy in Infinite

As a new player you don’t have to worry about finding the best gear right away. Be prepared to trade your old lower item level equipment (such as white or blue) for new higher level items (such as purple) with better stats.



Tips: Look for character builds and synergistic affixes (stats), prioritizing survivability stats and energy shield increases to increase survivability.

Pets and Pact Spirits

Note that Torchlight: Infinite’s pet system is a premium system. It’s there to encourage you to make the game (much) easier, but you don’t have to have a pet to win the game.

How to get pets in Torchlight: Infinite

You have to indulge in the Boon system (Gacha) and use the Primo Cryst currency. Primocrysts can be earned by completing weekly or through Battle Pass rewards. You can pay for Primocrysts with real money, but now Torchlight: Infinite has a way to earn currency just by playing.

Benefits of having a pet

Pets or Pact Spirits modify your Pact, unlock skill trees, and provide character stat boosts, bonus experience, and drops. You can have up to 3 pets in your Pact at one time.

How to playtest Torchlight: Infinite

Ever since Diablo Immortal arrived on Android, people have been hungry for sophisticated ARPG alternatives, which could rule out the notoriously greedy monetization practices that valuable Blizzard mobile titles have kept. Although it’s early days, Torchlight: Infinite’s gameplay offers a level of polish that rivals Diablo Immortal and is currently one of the most anticipated titles to release in 2022. Torchlight: Infinite is currently in open beta. To access the beta, please download the Playstore App Widget below.

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