Cast off with Spiritfarer on Android and two more Netflix games in October

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This award-winning title comes with a cake baking game and a new release from Ustwo


In recent months, Netflix has added many titles to its mobile gaming catalog for Android and iOS subscribers. Not all of them may be fan favorites, but some of them are quality games and tied to a Netflix subscription, free from intrusive ads and in-app purchases. October is here. Netflix is ​​adding three more games to its catalog.

Netflix Games launched last November. It has since brought several indie titles to mobile, including his strategy game Into the Breach. Now you can play Spiritfarer, Nailed It. Thanks to Netflix games, you can enjoy Baking Bash and Desta: The Memories Between on your Android or iOS device.

spirit farrer

As the name would make you believe, Spiritfarer is a relaxing and heartwarming game where you become Stella. In this game, you are a spirit furler who takes care of spirits and rides a ship that transports them to the afterlife. But the journey has not been smooth sailing. Netflix explains You have to run, jump and glide through the levels of this popular simulation game. Use in-game items and collected resources to upgrade your ship and earn gifts for your passengers. The game also offers options to customize your boat, Stella’s character and companion his cat. Interestingly, the title also supports game controllers.

nailed it!baking bash

Another game Netflix brought to mobile this month is a timed virtual baking contest. You can have your friends bake and see who makes the worst cakes or the prettiest looking cakes. The game also features a single player mode with no time limit so you can put all your love into your cake and use all the tools at your disposal to be creative. nailed it! Baking Bash lets you bake up to 10 different cakes.

Desta: Memory Between

of Third new Netflix game title Playable this October is the ustwo game, the developer of Monument Valley. Desta: The Memories Between launched last week as a single-player dreamscape strategy game.The visuals look like they promise a compelling story with great artwork and reviews confirm this is true.

Which game would you like to play first?

All of these titles are playable now. All you need is a Netflix subscription and an Android or iPhone to install and play the game above. But if you’re not too into those new games, check out these eight great Netflix game alternatives.

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