Best Xbox cloud gaming titles with touch controls

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When Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service added xCloud in 2020, it finally evolved into one of the best ways to stream console-quality games on your Android device. The service has grown with a large library, consistent connection speeds, and numerous controller options, all the way up to significant third-party support from established publishers such as EA. About 10 million subscribers.

Thankfully, many titles played on Xbox Cloud Gaming don’t require a controller. Games that offer native touchscreen controls work well on mobile phones and tablet touchscreens. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite titles representing different genres on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Dusk Falls

Screenshot_As Dusk Falls 2_Game Pass

Dusk Falls is a narrative-focused interactive adventure created by Interior Night that focuses on the lives of two families who become intertwined following a botched heist.Given that the developers behind the game are the original heavy rain When Detroit: Beyond Human Studio member Quantic Dreams expects the same multi-layered selection system along with multiple endings.because Dusk Falls With more selection-based content included and the timing of Quick Time events feeling a bit more forgiving, you can easily enjoy this game on mobile devices even on slower connections.

Yakuza: Like a dragon


Unlike Sega’s previous games yakuza series, Yakuza: Like a dragon Ditch the side-scrolling action combat for more turn-based RPG-style gameplay. Of course, classic Sega games like Outrun and Virtua Fighter are all there, along with minigames like Kart Racing and Golf, but the minigames can be frustrating if your connection isn’t good enough. Best of all, the core game is fun to play on mobile devices thanks to the included touch controls. Most importantly, the series’ Japanese culture, crime drama, and unique quirkiness are expertly combined to create an unforgettable experience.

shadowrun returns


Released in 2013 after a successful crowdfunding campaign, shadowrun returns It was a welcome comeback for a franchise that had been dormant since 2007. Already available from Google Play. shadowrun returns Through xCloud, you can find satisfying RPGs that make good use of that fantasy/sci-fi pen-in-paper inspiration. The game also offers one of the best transitions between console, PC, and mobile, considering the tactical, turn-based nature of combat accessible across all formats.Expansions other than the main campaign dragon fall When Hong Kong is also available.

to lie


Developed by Sam Barlow and Furious Bee, to lie is an interactive storytelling game that uses full-motion video to tell stories. Released by Annapurna Interactive, this desktop thriller unravels the mysteries of four characters by exploring video clips and documents on a playable computer. In addition to an interface that works well with touchscreen controls, there’s some serious Hollywood production value brought by the main cast featuring Logan Marshall-Green, Alexandra Shipp, Kerry Bishé, and Angela Sarafyan.

fire watch

Screenshot_Firewatch 2_Game Pass

Award-winning adventure game fire watch Its incredible story and unique art style make it a success. Players embody the character of Henry, a fire lookout trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Shoshone National Forest after the 1988 Yellowstone Fire. Most of the game is played independently and communication is only through the walkie-talkie. Despite being first-person, there is no actual combat as the game is more puzzle-based. This means players can get to the end without having to fiddle with touchscreen controls.

stardew valley

Screenshot_StardewValley 2_Game Pass

Also available from Google Play. stardew valley A farming simulator/RPG inspired by Mid-Autumn MoonIn this game, players create custom characters and set out to cultivate their grandfather’s lands in famous locations.throughout stardew valley, gamers can literally create farms, but nothing more than interacting with local non-playable characters is required. You have to be careful. at the start, stardew valley It’s easy to get into, but the way it opens requires gamers to play for dozens of hours.

Wasteland 3

Screenshot_Wasteland 3 2 _Game Pass

All three Wasteland games in the series can now be streamed via xCloud. but, Wasteland 3 is the newest entry and allows co-op play. That means a mobile or tablet user can game with a friend on another similar device in addition to the console or her PC. Expect a well-thought-out isometric squad-based RPG featuring turn-based combat to offer a story with multiple choices and endings alongside a highly immersive apocalyptic world .

gears tactics

Screenshot_GearsTactics 2_Game Pass

main line gears of war Games can be played on xCloud using touchscreen controls.Keep in mind that the controls in third-person cover-based shooters aren’t exactly optimized without a controller, and connection speeds can hurt gameplay a bit. gear On-the-go fixes can look slow-paced gears tacticsA prequel to the first game in the series, the look and feel of the franchise that introduced chainsaw guns is all here, but the turn-based tactical combat is comfortably controlled via a touchscreen.

Receive the best experience when streaming with Xbox Cloud Gaming

The most important thing to understand when playing games via Xbox Game Pass and xCloud is that a fast and stable connection is extremely important for the best possible experience. This means you need at least 20Mbps mobile data access and a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. Gamers who want to take advantage of their cellular data should note that xCloud games are known to use around 3 GB per hour on him. This means that anyone who has to face overage charges can increase their network needs by upgrading to a high-quality mesh Wi-Fi system to focus on playing on their excellent Wi-Fi. It means that there is a need.

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