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Social messaging is an integral part of our online activities. Most of the time, you can answer and leave calls, text anyone in the world, and send private media on various channels. Many businesses have even embraced using platforms to connect socially, and your friends and family probably have dozens or more social apps on their phones. Finding a platform to send a message to is incredibly easy, but thanks to concerns about awkward participant limits, poor server connections, and lack of liquidity in and out of calls, this isn’t necessarily a video Chat isn’t.

Google Meet

Currently one of the best apps for video calling with a large group of people. Calls made with Google Meet experience little to no latency, and audio and video quality is top-notch. Anyone with a Google account can create a session that brings 100 people into her one-hour call. Simply share the link created by the host to get started. Google Meet includes a family mode integrated with the photo mode that allows you to doodle, add masks and fun effects during calls. Google for holding calls with 500 participants and his 100,000 viewers if you want a broader calling experience big enough to host a large business or school You can pay for the Workspace plan. Google Meet replaces the previous Google Duo app, but offers a better experience for your personal life, work and community.




Viber is an all-in-one social app that allows you to send text messages with your contacts, make video calls, use end-to-end encryption for messages and video voice calls, and connect landlines and mobiles via VoIP. Call numbers at low rates. You can choose your video call contacts or start a group video call with 39 other participants. Viber is a great alternative to Telegram and Whatsapp, ensuring complete accessibility and privacy for every call you make.




You may not have a lot of free time to manage and set up your meetings. Zoom can help here. Zoom is similar to Google Meet, but anyone with an invite link can access a Zoom meeting (no account required to join if joining from the web version). Video conferencing calls can be set to HD by default up to 720p and up to 1080p with paid accounts. Another great feature is the ability to record meetings to the Zoom cloud via the app. That way, you can view, share, and download your recordings at any time. Never miss a job meeting or interview again!




If you value privacy and speed in all your activities such as file sharing and social messaging, Telegram is one of the best social apps you can get. Telegram syncs across all your devices, so he can seamlessly carry your social activities from one device to another. You don’t have to deal with the annoyance of file limits and can freely store your entire chat history without clogging up space on your device (all stored in Telegram’s cloud storage). But the highlight of Telegram is how everything is encrypted, including video calls. Video chat allows you to set portrait and landscape orientation, start group calls and set overlays while browsing other apps on your phone. Also, Telegram is completely free and open source, so other developers can use the API and implement it in other apps. There are also dedicated desktop apps, which are becoming increasingly rare these days.




Maybe you’re trying to shake things up but don’t have many pre-established communities and friends you can socially connect with (or you have but are looking for more) I can’t. If you want to be actively involved in meeting new people, Tango allows you to do so. Tango aims to become a live streaming paradise. You can connect and interact with live streamers from all over the world, but if you still want to use the essential video calling tool for your contacts, Tango has you covered for that too.



whats up

Let’s say you’re looking for a secure messaging app that needs a simple video calling option for your personal contacts. Whatsapp can only host 8 of her participants at a time. This is great if you’re just looking for a quick facetime chat with your traveling family and friends, especially when his Whatsapp is so popular and many have already installed it. Overall, Whatsapp is a robust and secure messaging app to add to your library, and you’ll probably have no trouble finding other users.




Discord is another all-in-one social messaging app that allows you to join communities, integrate voice channels, join group chats, and participate in one-on-one calls. You can stream using 720p by default or pay for higher resolution at 1080p with more FPS as a Nitro user. You can host video calls via server channels or contact messages. Whether you’re looking for a personalized experience with a small group of friends, attending a study group or class, or just playing games within your community, Discord has a lot to offer.



messenger light

Messenger Lite is a slimmed down version that includes all the core features of Facebook’s Messenger app. Installation on Android is just a few MB. This is always a plus for storage space. A video call is made by selecting a conversation/contact and starting the call. If you want to switch to video in the middle of a voice call, it’s very smooth while using the app. However, while it doesn’t take over all the features of the full version, it’s enough for face-to-face calling with friends and family.

messenger light-1


respect social privacy

With so many choices, choosing your main video messaging app can be a daunting task, but understanding what you need from an app can help you know which one is best for your lifestyle. One thing to note is that major social messaging apps use end-to-end encryption to protect your conversations. This means no one can spy on your conversations, and privacy is just as (or more) important online and offline. That said, if you’re not sure which app to choose, check out their security and protection measures first.

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