Best Strategy Games for Android in 2022

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Thanks to the growing capabilities of Android phones, more and more great PC strategy games are ported to the platform each year. From classics like Total War Medieval II to newer titles like Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus, Android gamers have an abundance of great games at their disposal. Not just a PC port. There are equally great games developed exclusively for mobile.

These are some of the best Android games available today. From fast-paced RTS matches to challenging turn-based games, there’s a strategy game here for everyone. Don’t worry if you prefer a more relaxed approach. Most of the games on this list can be played however you like.

Civilization VI

Roundup of the best Civilization VI games

Roundup of the Best Civilization VI Games (1)

The name of the civilization needs no introduction. The venerable franchise has won the hearts and minds of strategy enthusiasts for decades and is now mobile-friendly. It’s the same experience you’d expect on desktop, but with enough UI tweaks to make it a comfortable experience to play (although we recommend playing on an Android tablet for the best experience).

In Civilization VI, take command of a civilization of your choice, from England to the Huns. You must guide them through history, defeat rivals, research technology, and spread your religion. It’s an amazing experience that will keep you hooked for hours at a time. Please note that older devices may experience performance issues later in the game.

Into the Bleach

Into the Breach Netflix game releases (1)

Into the Breach Netflix game releases (2)

Into the Breach is a roguelike puzzle game where you command three mechs to save mankind. You battle He Vek, a giant alien monster who seeks to destroy you and the human city you protect. Battles last just a few turns, and you can only go back once if you make a mistake. Clever positioning traps Vek to attack each other or burn alive, and mistakes can have devastating consequences for your game.

Into the Breach is one of the best turn-based strategy games available on mobile, but it’s exclusive to Netflix, so you’ll need a subscription to play. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, check out our Netflix Games Guide.

bad north


bad north 2

Bad North is a great indie roguelike where you face off against waves of ferocious Vikings who want to water your men on the ground in blood. You give your soldiers general orders and they respond intuitively. This clever AI lets you avoid micromanaging and focus on the bigger battle. Like Into the Breach, one wrong move can cost you the fight and set you back to the beginning, so plan carefully.

Bad North is another visual masterpiece. Fetching cliffs and flowers decorates each procedurally generated island. Enjoy the scenery before the ground turns red.

Battle of Polytopia



Love Civilization VI, but want to chill out a little more? Battle of Polytopia has you covered. This isometric strategy game may look quirky, but it has everything the more popular 4X games have to offer. Once you’ve chosen your tribe, wage war, diplomacy, and espionage to emerge victorious. He has three paths to success, each requiring a completely different strategy.

The Battle of Polytopia is the most accessible 4X strategy game available on mobile, but the game takes time to master. Complex, challenging and a must play.

Bloons TD 6



Once a giant of online flash games, the Bloons franchise seamlessly transitioned to mobile. The Bloons TD 6 is our newest entry and easily the best. It’s a fairly simple tower defense game at its core. Place monkeys to defend against enemies sent out in several waves. The monkey vs balloon concept may seem silly, but to win you need to practice with whatever tools you have at your disposal.

Bloons TD 6 comes with a huge number of game modes and maps. The standard game modes will keep you hooked for hours, but try one of the more challenging modes him and see how well you know ballooning.

Total War Medieval II

Total War MEDIEVAL II release screen (2)

Total War MEDIEVAL II release screen (1)

Total War Medieval II is one of the best games in the Total War genre and its Android port is the perfect version of the classic game. You can expect the same content as the desktop version, but the UI has been completely overhauled for mobile. It takes a while to get used to the touchscreen manipulating a large army, but it’s intuitive enough to win battles in no time.

north guard

North Guard-1

North Guard-2

Northgard will follow the 4X formula but trimmed down to a smaller RTS package. Grow your economy, research technology, and defeat your rivals, but unlike Civilization VI, a game of Northgard takes less than an hour or two. Perfect for those who like complex strategy games but don’t have time to sit around for hours.

Northgard’s RTS format keeps the action flowing, but doesn’t feel overwhelming. Simple gameplay means leading a group of Norse marauders to victory in no time.

rusty war

rusty war

rusty war-2

Rusted Warfare is a full-fledged RTS game that runs beautifully on mobile. Inspired by 90’s RTS games, Rusted Warfare lets you control an incredible array of units, from tiny tanks to giant battleships. The graphics look dated, but this is intentionally designed to help evoke the nostalgic feel of games like Total Annihilation.

Chaotic combat may seem overwhelming at first, but Rusted Warfare is surprisingly easy to pick up and play. Touchscreen controls make it easy to send groups of units into battle, and the limited number of buildings helps keep your production line organized.



XCOM 2 is the best incarnation of the popular turn-based strategy franchise. First released on his PC in 2016, the Android port brings the same experience to mobile. It’s also a significantly cheaper way to access the game, as $19.99 gets you XCOM 2 and all DLC packs.

Newcomers to the franchise will be hooked on tight and punishing turn-based combat. Kicking is a feeling that can’t be beaten.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanics



Another great turn-based game, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus mirrors XCOM’s gameplay with a unique twist. Set in his sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000, you control a group of cybernetically enhanced humans to explore an alien planet. An exotic array of guns, traps, and gadgets are at your disposal as you clean up one room after another of creeping horrors.

Despite being a little short, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus is a must-see for turn-based fans. Even if you’re new to the world of Warhammer 40,000, you’ll have no trouble enjoying the brutal combat and unforgiving gameplay.

Stimulate your brain with strategy games

These strategy games will definitely test your planning ability. Whether you’re playing against the tricky AI in Into the Breach or challenging your friends in games from Rusted Warfare, these games cover all aspects of the genre. However, there are times when you want to relax with a good storyline, so if you’re tired of winning matches, try him one of the best RPGs for Android.

Whether you enjoy building your empire incrementally in Civilization VI or tackling XCOM 2’s hardest difficulty, these games are sure to develop your strategic skills.

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