Best Rhythm Games on Android in 2022

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Sometimes we need a break from lengthy RPG series or time-consuming MMOs that drain our phone’s battery. Also, adding a few rhythm games to the mix is ​​never a bad thing. After all, mobile is the perfect platform for quick play sessions when it comes to rhythm games. You don’t need to set up music gaming accessories in your family room to fix your rhythm when you can do everything with your phone and hands for a similar experience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of games that offer sophisticated gameplay for all the finger tapping exercises you’re going to do.


Deemo doesn’t just offer epic rhythm games. Bringing you a touching modern fairy tale that offers a heartwarming story centered around Deemo and Alice. It follows Deemo, a mysterious shadowy figure who mysteriously appears in the sky and tries to help Alice, a girl who can’t find her way home. Deemo is a story-driven rhythm game that can be played offline. Play story mode to unlock additional songs thematically organized with beautiful piano playing. With an emphasis on piano-themed music, pianist viewers won’t want to miss out on this compelling favourite.


Arcaea is a visually stunning experience with engaging gameplay not found in other rhythm games, such as the ability to hit sky notes and arcs in your play session. There is also an option to play offline or you can set it to play in his online multiplayer. The story is great for a rhythm game (given that most games don’t focus on narration and world building), but if you want an updated story, a few bucks more to buy the pack. have to pay But thankfully, most of the content is within the free packs offered.


Note that Lanota free downloads are just trial versions, so if you plan to play this game completely free, it might not be for you. Good as is not worth the price. Lanota is best described as a picture book that uses rhythm games to tell stories. In Lanota, the world is turning monochromatic (due to depletion of colors and songs), and many song levels must be played to restore these colors. Lanota adds spin to rhythm gameplay. No need to play waiting games or react to the notes that appear on the screen. Instead, you are limited to using a circular compass where each note can land and rotate in any direction within the circle. Lanota’s storytelling is truly art, but you’ll have to pay a premium if you want to experience it all.

dance of fire and ice

So many rhythm games gravitate to the animation style, but in the end, you might want a simpler rhythm game where all the visual gravy doesn’t get in your way. The Dance of Fire and Ice is just that. The game guides her two orbiting planets along their orbits in perfect equilibrium, but this time relying more on auditory cues than visuals to get the rhythm right. Game controls may be simple, but they are certainly challenging for rhythm fans.

beat star

Well, if you’re in the mood to jam with modern music or classics of all time, Beatstar is for you. Beatstar’s layout is very similar to Guitar Hero/Rockband, but instead of holding an instrument, you tap your device’s screen. You must be online to play, but you can use the app to challenge your friends’ scores and brag about your position on the leaderboards. Because it’s always online. Beatstar is the perfect social icebreaker rhythm game that brings back the good old days of party games in your living room. Let’s see who can get the highest score first!

Situs II

The same team that released Deemo, Voez, and the first Cytus have all worked on Cytus II, the spiritual successor to Cytus, the famous rhythm game found on Android. Cytus II is another of his visually-driven story-rhythm games that pushes the intensity of narration and gameplay. Play over 100 songs and over 300 charts, offering varying levels of difficulty. So if you’re a big fan of aesthetics and don’t mind abstract talk, give Cytus II a chance. Also available for free with Google Play Pass.

muse dash

Rhythm games may have music, but tapping a screen of visual artwork or playing an abstract story doesn’t really resonate. How about side-scrolling side-scrolling action/parkour to the tune of energetic Japanese tunes? If yes, Muse Dash is for you. It’s charming, full of vibrant colors, and the pacing keeps you glued to the screen.

Crypt of the Necrodancer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to mix roguelike elements into a rhythm game? You can stop.In Crypt of the NecroDancer, the power is in the music, and it will push you to your limits if you hope to see the light of day on the final level. The recommended music is from Danny Baranowsky’s amazing soundtrack, but if that’s not enough, you can choose songs from your personal collection. Do you have the power to move to the beat and outmaneuver your foes?

tap to the rhythm

There are some rhythm games that have different hits than other genres. It focuses on catchy songs, progression levels to improve your level or song score, and even the satisfying social aspect of completing a level/song before your friends. adds a whole new layer of fun. Hopefully, this list will help kickstart your rhythm adventure on Android. You’d be surprised how many of them now compete with the top Android games you own today.

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