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One Punch Man was once a viral webcomic. It has since become an award-winning manga and anime series. Our beloved Cape Baldy Saitama is the strongest in the world, blowing away the villains who conspired with him in a single blow. Now that we have the officially approved and directed One Punch Man: The Strongest mobile game, we can fully claim that he is one of the best anime Android games coming in 2022. In One Punch Man: The Strongest you create a team of heroes. Play the game with your favorite wireless earbuds, as the original VA cast of the animated series is here to protect citizens from monsters where , outlaws, and villains wreak havoc.

Saitama can’t save you from every situation, so it’s up to you to learn the details of keeping your citizens safe while cleaning the city from the dangerous bad guys that await. That’s why we’ve created a beginner’s guide to becoming the world’s greatest superhero (or villain). Below you’ll find information on how the combat system works, important upgrade systems, recruiting, and important tips and tricks that every newbie should know when playing.

turn-based battle system

You can have up to 6 characters in your lineup at once. Slots are unlocked as your account (team) level increases. Select 3 characters in the front row and his 3 characters in the back row. Where you place your character only matters if you want to prevent back row damage. Frontliners receive all hits until the entire frontline is wiped out.

OPM lineup

All characters come with a set of passives, basic attacks, and ultimate skills. Energy is required to use the ultimate. Energy is a common points system. So if you’re spamming your ultimate, some characters will miss using their ultimate. Energy is gained each turn through passives, so base your strategy around the number of energy points you delegate per turn.


How autoplay works

Combat autoplay cannot be unlocked until you complete the tutorial. Auto Combat gives you some control whenever you need it. You can intervene in targeting and select units to prioritize basic attack or ultimate use. To turn on Auto Battler, manual at the apex.



put together a team

Forming the ultimate team requires patience and luck. Acquiring most of the characters requires immersing yourself in the game’s gacha system. We’ve outlined how to get freebies, how recruitment works, and what team synergies you need to consider once you’ve collected enough pieces.

how to increase character

You can recruit some characters for free just by logging in for 7 days, playing events, and completing story chapters. So be prepared to ditch the N and R rarities.

OPM Event Recruitment

To recruit a character in Gacha, you need a hero exchange ticket and a superb exchange ticket. Heroic Vouchers can be earned by spending Gems or by playing. Pull in a single or 10 pull to initiate a summon in the banner. Both banners offer different rates and slightly different character pools, but don’t be afraid to use your voucher as soon as you get it!



team resonance

while forming your lineup ( character > line up), which can unlock core skills. A core skill is his overall team buff that he brings into every battle. The default is Justice Power I. Core skills are unlocked when you meet the requirements. Requirement is met by having a specific character type in the lineup.



Every character has a type, which you can see by looking at the icon next to the character’s portrait. Mixing types ensures that basic and advanced core skills are active.

Important upgrade system for account progression

Character upgrades cannot be ignored. Otherwise, the boss will beat you and you will have no chance to win in the arena (your character will be locked into autobattle while fighting in the arena). Here’s a quick overview of the upgrade system available in the early stages of the game.

your level cap

All characters have a level cap. To increase it, you need to evolve that character. Evolutions increase base stats, require materials/reach caps. To level up your character, you can gain experience points in battle or use EXP items.


limit breaking

Limit breaking units raise the level of stars. Participate in boss challenges and earn Limit Break badges that reveal character shards. Limit Breaks increase your base stats and unlock passive skills when you reach 2 stars.

OPM limit breakthrough

skills training

It’s only natural to hone your skills. Training increases skill stats by randomly distributing skill points. You can buy skill points and earn some by leveling. Once you reach the skill cap, you can increase the skill cap up to the level cap.

OPM train

Tips and tricks to become the ultimate hero/villain

  • Speed ​​stats are important. It determines how fast you act in combat.
  • Buffs up before firing the ultimate. Always maximize your hits.
  • Use a combination of column and row attacks to optimize attack range (aiming for complete coverage).
  • Gives a passive damage status element. Genos can burn opponents!
  • Get all chests on the map. All materials are required for upgrades.
  • Call Saitama’s One Punch. This is basically a jailbreak card for tough, repetitive battles.
  • Complete quests to level up your account (team).

One Punch Man: The Strongest Is A Faithful Adaptation

It’s rare to see a mobile game reviving the original VA from a popular anime while a manga publisher oversees development. So, if you’re already a One-Punch Man fan, you’ll want to dive into One-Punch Man: The Strong and enjoy all the fan service you’ll find in this mobile iteration of him. Download the widget link below.

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