Best casual games on Android in 2022

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Casual games are perfect for mobile. For example, several floors of Monument Valley are a great way to relax on the bus ride home when he’s had a long, stressful day at work. Other games prioritize creativity and exploration, encouraging players to think outside the box. Even if you’re not very good with mobile games, some of these are worth trying. Here are some gorgeous pieces.

In this list, we’ve collected casual games from different genres. From the beautiful town-building game Townscaper to the adorable puzzle game Railbound, there’s one for everyone. But if you’re itching for a game that will get your pulse up instead of down, check out our roundup of the best online multiplayer games for Android. control.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley-2

Monument Valley-2-2

With such a large lineup, it’s hard to pick just one best casual game for Android, but the original Monument Valley is a longtime resident of our best gaming roundup. Its sequel, named Monument Valley 2, takes the formula pioneered in the original and improves upon it. Gorgeous graphics, calming puzzles, and an engaging storyline make this sequel a must-see. Perfect for casual gamers who want to see the best of the genre. If you haven’t played the original, don’t worry (but we recommend it!), Monument Valley 2 is a completely standalone game.


Godus incorporates elements from multiple genres to create original God games that will keep you hooked for hours. There’s a lot to handle here, but the subdued graphics and simple building mechanics make Godus an ideal casual game. Perfect for those who want a daily game with a little more content than others. If you get bored, you can always kill the population and start over.

world box

world box-1

world box-2

WorldBox knows that sometimes you don’t want to build anything or explore new worlds. Sometimes you just want to play God. WorldBox offers a head-turning world where you can choose to nurture life, either growing in a fiery apocalypse or destroying it all. Unlike Godus, this world requires minimal manipulation to progress. Destroying a nascent civilization is inevitable, but watching it grow is fascinating.

WorldBox is free, but clearly this is a trial version of the premium version. At $7.99, it may look expensive, but it’s an easy purchase with a vastly expanded range of tools such as creatures, divine powers, and time control.


Townscaper has no missions, achievements, objectives, or unlockable content. What it does have is the smartest building mechanics in any mobile game. As you navigate the game by placing colored blocks in an irregular grid, Townscaper’s algorithm combines the blocks to create a house, bridge, tower, garden, or staircase. It sounds simple, but it makes for a stunning city every time.

Townscaper doesn’t do much more than place blocks, but its impeccable execution makes it well worth the price. Play this if you want to relax with beautiful building games.

pocket city

Pocket City is a scaled down city builder perfect for casual gamers. Ideal if you like the idea of ​​building a city but often find it too challenging. It has zero microtransactions, a long build feature cooldown, and can be played offline. You won’t find advanced traffic controls or spectacular civic events here, but you’ll quickly discover that Pocket City has a wealth of content to offer. Cause disasters, expand your city with recreational zones, and manage civic services to build beautiful cities.

desert golf

desert golf 1

desert golf 2

Android has many golf games. fantastic puzzle golf peaks, but sometimes you need to go back to the roots. Desert Golfing allows players to hit holes in hundreds of levels. No upgrades, power-ups or tricky puzzles. It’s just you, balls, holes, and a basic physics engine. Desert Golfing may not be the best golf game, but there is beauty in its simplicity.

rail bound

rail bound-1

rail bound-2

Created by the aforementioned Golf Peaks developers, Railbound is a puzzle game that’s challenging enough for its charm. On the railroad he is tasked with transporting two dogs and utilizes different elements of the railroad infrastructure to reach his goal. Tricky levels in many puzzle games can be frustrating, but when the trucks are in the wrong place and the carriages bounce violently over each other, you can’t help but smile. If you enjoy good puzzle games that are challenging, but don’t want a game that takes itself too seriously, this is the one for you.

Neko Atsume Kitty Collector

Neko Atsume-1

Neko Atsume-2

A strangely addicting game, Neko Atsume allows us all to fulfill our wildest dreams and collect countless kittens. Your property starts out sparse, but if you buy extra toys and provide a steady food supply, all the cats will flock to your yard. I look forward to developing cats quickly and buying new cat trees, and before I know it I check my phone to see who has appeared. Totally addictive.

Choose the best casual games to relax

Finding the best casual games to unwind can be a daunting task, but whether you enjoy city builders like Pocket City or prefer god games like WorldBox, this list will get you on the right track. If the puzzle items on this list appeal to you, try the best puzzle games for Android.

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