Best Arcade Games on Android in 2022

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Arcade games are certainly at the forefront when it comes to classic games. Thanks not only to the wicked arcades of the ’80s, but also to the years of entries in the genre, there are plenty of great titles to choose from. Even better, many of these titles are the best games on Android. Still, picking a heavy hitter can be tough, so we went ahead and did the hard work for you by putting together a roundup of the best arcade games on the platform.

horizon chase

Those who grew up on racers like Sega’s OutRun series will surely appreciate Horizon Chase. This racer wears its inspiration on its sleeve and is one of the best racers on Android, so even better, especially if you’re digging into the classic arcade his racing his game. Sure, the graphics are a thing of the past, but they look good enough to make the game accessible on all devices. This accessibility ties in nicely with monetization as it’s free for everyone to play, although there are additional courses and cars that can be purchased entirely through the in-game store. If you dig into the game, you will definitely fall in love with Horizon Chase.

sonic cd classic

Technically, Sonic CD has never been released in arcades, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fit into the genre. Many people love Sonic 2 and 3, but CDs are also a prime contender for quality Sonic games, and despite their age, they work great. This particular version is free and completely playable, but contains ads. Or you can pay $2 to remove these ads and get a premium experience.Some Bluetooth controllers are supported, but mileage may vary. This is a problem with all Sega Forever titles. Still, whether you prefer touch screen controls or a more tactile experience, you have options.


Atari may be the name of a game that’s lost its way over the past few decades, but it seems the company is finally getting back on its feet by creating new games, and Kombinera is certainly heading to Atari’s form. A puzzle game in which you combine balls in a predetermined order to pass each stage, and when you reach the goal, you advance to the next stage. It has a sleek and fairly intuitive design, relying heavily on classic arcade game design to make the action look great.


The game made its name by pretty much defining the vertical platformer genre. The goal, of course, is to go further and further down the well. Of course, you die a lot, which makes it a game you can quickly run a few times to see if you break previous records. It’s a simple setup that’s perfect for short, bite-sized gaming sessions during downtime, and thanks to its smooth black, white, and red graphics, there’s plenty of style to enjoy when digging the depths of the well.

bullet hell monday finale

There are plenty of Shmups on the Play Store, but Bullet Hell Monday Finale is one of the flashiest, and the gameplay is about as hectic as you’d expect from a game called Bullet Hell Monday. Dodging is your goal, and it’s a challenging one thanks to all the bullets flying across the screen. is a game that offers quite a few objectives, and by completing these objectives you reach boss battles and eventually progress. keep it interesting and exciting.

geometry dash

This mobile game dates back to 2013. The premise is simple, just jump over obstacles and reach the goal. It’s easy? Incorrect. It’s an incredibly challenging game that can be infuriating at times, but that’s honestly part of the game’s charm. It’s not something that anyone can easily do, so it feels good to play repeatedly and remember and clear. This is exactly how old-school arcade games used to be played to get quarters out of the player, and Geometry Dash seamlessly nails this type of gameplay.

crazy taxi classic

As an arcade game roundup, I had to include Sega’s Crazy Taxi. Not only was this a great game on the arcade, it was also a great title on the Sega Dreamcast. More or less, you play the role of a taxi driver driving through the city within the time limit. That means you literally have to drive like a wild man. Thankfully, the silly setting provides some humor along with solid racing mechanics. As such, Crazy Taxi is still a popular game despite turning 23 years old.

crazy taxi classic best arcade games (2)

crazy taxi classic best arcade games (1)

blues journey

SNK was a famous arcade game when I was a kid, thanks to games like Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown. But my favorite arcade is a unit that offers multiple games in one, where you can choose which one you want to play, and chose lesser-known (well, unknown to me) titles . One such title was Blue’s Journey, a side-scrolling action game that offers branching paths. The graphics are engaging and the gameplay offers a mix of Mega Man and Sonic, offering smooth side-scrolling gameplay. Best of all, there’s mixed controller support, though you’ll have to turn it on from the controller icon on the home screen.

Blue's Journey best arcade games (1)

Blue's Journey best arcade games (2)

Yes, Metal Slug X and 3 are much more popular than 4, but those titles were released on the Play Store years ago and aren’t the best ports. Luckily, SNK has been busy releasing new ports over the last year, and Metal Slug 4 is one of them. The game offers a much better experience than its previous releases, at least on mobile.So if you’re a fan of run and gun arcade games like Contra, you’ll love Metal Slug 4. The pixel art is great and the gameplay is spot on. Classic SNK is still something to watch.

METAL SLUG 4 ACA NEOGEO Best Arcade Game Summary (2)

METAL SLUG 4 ACA NEOGEO Best Arcade Game Summary (1)


R-Type is one of those games that is likely to appear in the arcade game roundup. Not only is this one of the most famous side-scrolling shooter games ever made, but its port to Android has made it an easy and fun experience, with controller support available, simple navigation and a nice touch. It has high-quality touch controls that work together. The game has many ports, the Gameboy version being one of my favorites of his, but thanks to Dot Emu’s efforts, you can also play the classic arcade version in color. Do not miss it. This is one of the best shmups ever made.

What is your favorite arcade game?

We’ve had the chance to pick a roundup of today’s arcade games, which one is your favourite? Classic titles like R-Type or something a little more modern like Horizon Chase? Do you like it? The beauty is that there is no shortage of titles to choose from. This is exactly why this roundup is frequently updated with new lists. If you want to experience these titles on the big screen, remember that they play great on the best Android tablets.

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