Best Apple Fitness+ Alternatives for Android in 2022

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Staying healthy isn’t easy, but thankfully we live in an age where nutrition and training plans are easily available via apps. Only determination. It’s a arguably affordable fitness tracker and a reliable way to track your progress.

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, you’ll never run out of fitness apps to choose from. Apple offers premium Apple Fitness+ services with a variety of training routines for both body and mind. But does that mean he should switch from his favorite Android device?

In this roundup, we have put together a list of your favorite apps on the Google Play Store. These apps are good candidates for the Apple Fitness+ service.

Adidas Training: HIIT Workouts

best apple fitness alternative adidas training hiit workout 180 plus exercise

best apple fitness alternative adidas training hiit workout 7 min to 45 min workout

As one of the world’s largest sports apparel makers, it’s no surprise that Adidas has its own fitness app. Adidas Training has over 180 exercises, most of which require no equipment. Also, these workout programs range from 7 to 45 minutes. This means you can easily find something that fits your daily routine and skill level. In addition to training, Adidas Training gives you access to articles on nutrition, weight loss and more.

Premium subscriptions start at $9.99 and annual subscriptions are $49.99, just over $4 per month. Required if you want to create custom training plans to achieve weight loss or target specific muscle groups. Other than that, Adidas Training is free to use.

St., Chris Hemsworth

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Center Bike Lys Hemsworth Home and Gym Workout

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Center Bike Lys Hemsworth Meal Plan

Next up is Chris Hemsworth’s Centr. Yes, that Chris Hemsworth. Centr is an all-in-one app that combines home and gym workouts with or without equipment, and a workout and nutrition planner. The app also offers yoga and guided meditations.

Centr caters to users of all skill levels and ages, with subject matter experts to guide you through each area. They range from yoga instructors, MMA coaches, psychotherapists, nutritionists, and even Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer.

Subscriptions start at $29.99 per month, with significant discounts for 3-month and 12-month subscriptions. This may be expensive, but Center offers a 7-day free trial. And if you ask us, it’s hard to beat a fitness app that has Thor as its marketing face.

FitOn Workout & Fitness Plan

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Fitn Training and Fitness Plan Get Fit with the Best

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Fit Workouts and Fitness Plans - All Bodies and All Levels

FitOn has similar services to Centr, with one big difference. It’s free. FitOn has a variety of no-equipment workouts, including cardio, barre, and Pilates. FitoOn adapts to numerous goals and intensity levels and curates exercises that target specific muscle groups.

Although we offer a paid Pro plan, the FitOn App is proud to offer all workouts for free. Free always comes with a downside, right? truth. In this case there is no toll. That said, FitOn has exclusive workout videos led by celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Halle Berry. A Pro subscription costs $29.99 per year, but is only required if you plan to take advantage of the app’s personalized meal plans and heart rate monitoring.

Nike Training Club: Fitness

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Nike Training Club Fitness Training Programs For All Levels

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Nike Training Club Fitness Workouts Videos On Demand

Nike raises expectations by offering over 200 workouts in a variety of categories, from cardio and HIIT to strength and mobility training. Similar to Adidas Training, exercises range from 5 to 50 minutes. In addition to workouts, this app gives you access to nutrition and workout tips, plus videos for creating and maintaining discipline and expert tips. US and UK residents can also take advantage of exclusive livestreams featuring experts improving their fitness regimen.

Did I mention it’s free? Unlike many other fitness apps, Nike’s Training Club does not have a premium subscription. All workouts and meal plans, all on-demand videos, and all expert tips are free for everyone.

Peloton – Fitness & Workout

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Peloton Fitness and Workout View Your Progress and Most Active Muscle Groups

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Peloton Fitness and Workout Tap Into Training Program Level Up

Peloton lets you stream classes in a variety of training disciplines, including yoga, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), stretching, and cardio. By selecting specific filters, such as exercise type or muscle group, you can easily narrow down the workouts that bring you closer to your desired results.

This app tracks your workouts and offers challenging challenges to help you stay motivated. Membership is $12.99, cheaper than Centr’s monthly subscription. Peloton offers his 30-day free trial if you want to experience the premium features before making a decision.

Pumatrac run, training and fitness

Best apple fitness alternative-pumatrac-run-train-fitness-3000-plus-minutes-of-unique-workouts

Best apple fitness alternative-pumatrac-run-train-fitness-running-plus-training-in-one-app

Puma is another sports apparel company with a fitness app powered by Pumatrac. Like Adidas and Nike, Pumatrac offers equipment-free exercises for people of all skill levels. Choose from Pilates, Ballet, HIIT, or even Boxing. Pumatrac features guided workouts by celebrities such as fitness and social media personality Pamela His Leaf and his seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

But in addition to that, Pumatrac also boasts functional exercises designed with runners in mind. If you have an Android smartwatch, Pumatrac tracks your heart rate and running pace, and analyzes route distance and elevation changes. All of this and more is available for free, with no subscriptions attached.

Strava – Run, Ride, Hike



You may have to step out of your comfort zone to get the best results. That is, at home or outside the gym. Unlike many other apps on this list, Strava focuses on outdoor activities. If you prefer nature over the gym, Strava has you covered for everything from light hikes to running and biking. There’s even yoga on the menu for relaxing after these strenuous exercises.

To keep you motivated, Strava offers a constant stream of monthly challenges and achievement badges to keep you on track. Strava costs $7.99/month, or just $5/year. It doesn’t offer as many premium features as other apps on this list, but the price reflects that.

Sweat: fitness app for women

Best Apple Fitness Alternative Sweat Fitness Apps For Beginners To Advanced Women's Programs

Best Apple Fitness Alternatives Sweat Fitness App Prenatal and Postnatal Programs for Women

As the name suggests, Sweat features exercises curated specifically for women, from beginner to advanced. You can expect exercises designed with a specific goal in mind, such as weight loss or pre- and postnatal training. It may not be necessary.

The app gives you access to workout videos led by professional trainers, with content updated monthly. Sweat initially offers a 7-day free trial, but continues to charge a premium: $19.99. That said, the app’s more focused design and richer features make it worth the price.

How do you stay in shape?

The Google Play store has plenty of fitness apps to choose from. Have you used any of the fitness apps above? Are there better options you can swear by? Let us know so your suggestions may be reflected in the next update. Until then, enjoy the Apple Fitness alternatives above on Android.

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