Best Android Zombie Games of 2022

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October means kids will soon be pestering the front door for free candy, and the undead will rise from the basement. Hey, you never know when the apocalypse will strike. It’s also the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit by upgrading to a new reliable Android tablet and playing some of the best horror games from the comfort of your couch.

But not all zombie games are created equal. However, we’ve done the hard work for you by rounding up the best zombie games available on Android in 2022.

dead ahead

best zombie games

best zombie game dead ahead escape the hordes

What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse? Apparently, the dead-ahead man decided to flee on his scooter. He is also determined to wheelie as many undead as possible. Take control of your hero and scooter to dash through obstacles, jump ramps, and kill zombies while earning the highest score. Dead Ahead poses bigger challenges the further you go.

But don’t worry. The points you collect will buy you better wheels, from dirt bikes to choppers to weapons and even places that boast bigger rewards.Dead Ahead features an engaging visual style and fast-paced gameplay. , will make you want to come back for another race.

dead trigger 2

best zombie game dead trigger 2 build your crew

best zombie game dead trigger 2 free the world from the dead

Forget about fast zombies, bulky zombies and exploding zombies for a while. What about zombies the size of skyscrapers? Welcome to Dead Trigger 2. In this apocalypse-driven first-person shooter he game, you must not only defend yourself, but also help other survivors by blasting zombies’ faces with your gun of choice.

Thankfully, most of them are giving back by joining your base of operations and crafting valuable supplies. Use on-screen digital controls to navigate your character through dilapidated ruins. Use a variety of weapons to fend off zombies and help survivors in need gain new allies.

Unlike Dead Ahead and its sequel, Dead Trigger 2 has a more serious vibe.

Doomsday: Last Survivor

Best Zombie Game Doomsday Last Survivor Explore The World

Best Zombie Game Doomsday Last Survivors Protect Your Home

Doomsday is an isometric adventure game that throws you into a world ravaged by the undead. It takes obvious cues from popular games in the genre such as The Last of Us and Lollipop Chainsaw. For example, the group you control consists of a grumpy middle-aged man with a fluffy beard and a cocky teenager in a baseball cap. It’s like Joel and Ellie, isn’t it? Early on, you’ll also meet a feisty girl in a uniform slaying zombies with a pink chainsaw.

Traditional weapons and abilities unique to each character can be used during frequent encounters with zombies.

Into the Dead 2

Into the dead 2 action

Into the dead 2 Militia

Into the Dead 2 tells the story of a father desperate to return to his family. Endless waves of the undead stand before him. It’s up to you to guide him across desolate fields and dark forests, avoiding danger.

As you complete levels and different challenges, you unlock new weapons to defend yourself. Into the Dead 2 strikes a good balance between risk and reward by placing loot among hordes of zombies. Do you run for safety? Or do you risk dying trying to grab your valuables? The choice is yours. Make the wrong choice and you will die.

State of Survival: Zombie War

Best Zombie Game - Survival - Zombies - Warfare - Collecting - Consumables

Best Zombie Games - Survival - Zombies - Warfare - Team Fight

Presented as an isometric adventure game, State of Survival plays like Doomsday. In fact, it’s surprising that both games aren’t made by the same company. In State of Survival, you take charge of a small group of survivors who band together to form a settlement. To ensure their well-being, you’ll need to expand your settlement, gather food, and clear out nearby zombies. Just like in Doomsday, you can access not only regular weapons, but also abilities unique to each character, such as turrets and grenades.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Best Zombie Game The Walking Dead Norman's Land Combat

Best Zombie Game The Walking Dead Norman's Land Shelter

As an officially licensed video game adaptation of the show, No Man’s Land features important characters from the Walking Dead series. Please expect to

Combat takes place in a grid-based field and progresses by completing requirements such as killing all zombies or gathering all supplies. It’s a strategy game with a lot to grind on the fly.

walking dead survivors

Best Zombie Game - Walking Dead - Survivor - Strategic - Tower - Defense

Best Zombie Game - The Walking Dead - Survivor - Prosperity - Effort - Domination

The Walking Dead definitely deserves multiple mentions. This time with Survivor. Based on the series, Survivors is an isometric tower defense game in which you must recruit characters and defend your settlement against the attacks of ever-growing zombie hordes. Survivor also features characters from the series, such as Glenn, Rick, and Shane. If you’re lucky, you can recruit them to fortify your base of operations, build watchtowers, repair perimeter walls, and survive the next onslaught of zombies in this strategic tower defense game. increase.

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Best Zombie Game - Dead Ahead - Zombie War - Defeat the Zombie Hordes

Best Zombie Game Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare Join The Apocalypse

Zombie Warfare takes a more tactical approach than Dead Ahead. In this sequel, you’ll be in charge of an armored bus and a group of survivors. Your goal is to drive your bus through a zombie-infested wasteland, clearing out the undead and replenishing your valuable supplies. Zombie warfare progresses at a slow pace. Most levels send troops to barricades in order to break them down and allow the bus to move forward. Of course, zombies simply don’t let you do that. At every level, it’s a race to clear your way while defending your bass from attack.

What’s your favorite zombie game?

Dead Ahead, Dead Trigger 2 and The Walking Dead Survivors are among the best zombie games for Android. Few more than this, but some interesting titles may have been overlooked. Luckily, our roundup is continuously growing with updates. So what’s your favorite zombie game? Let us know in the comments below. The following updates may occur: Also, remember that if you want tactical control, perhaps one of the best controllers for Android will come in handy.

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