8 of the best roguelike games on Android in 2022

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Roguelike games are notorious for brutal difficulty, randomly generated levels, dungeon crawling, and the threat of permanently killing your character during a failed playthrough. High stakes games make this challenge even more rewarding once you learn how to overcome it. So it’s no surprise that the roguelike subgenre is making a name for itself on various platforms, including Android. But not all roguelikes are created equal, so we decided to analyze the best roguelikes worth your money, time, and storage on your favorite Android gaming phone.

shattered pixel dungeon

Shattered Pixel Dungeon, which was a mod for Pixel Dungeon, another roguelike game, turned into a standalone title. You can play as 4 different heroes. All offer their own class/subclass where you collect items, defeat monsters/bosses, and complete quests. A perfect game to introduce the player to his roguelike genre. This is to emulate classic RPG mechanics combined with classic roguelike elements (randomized levels, dungeon crawling, permadeath). So if you want to dive into something more traditional, Shattered Pixel Dungeon is for you. And it’s free!

Pathos: Nethack Codex

Another excellent entry into the roguelike subgenre is Pathos. This is because it honors what a classic tile-based roguelike experience truly is. Pathos: Nethack Codex is based on the 1987 game Nethack. The game lets you create custom classes and descend into dungeons to see how long you can survive. The only difference is that there are 13 classes to choose from instead. Pathos: Nethack Codex sees them scavenge for loot, check for traps, and carefully plan battles to ensure their survival. The best part is that the game is free with no ads.

soul night

It’s now moving towards a modern take on roguelike games, introducing real-time mechanics like dodging and shooting into the mix. Magic stones hold the key to balance in the world. Tech He may have aliens unable to keep their dirty and greedy hands off this key and task you to retrieve the lost magic stone. Soul Knight lets you fight in randomized dungeons, recruit NPCs to fight alongside you, and access over 270 weapons. As you play through the dungeons, the difficulty spikes, so you can take on challenges as you play (although this game is a little more forgiving than other entries). Soul Knight supports controllers and you can also play his online multiplayer (up to 4 players).

cardinal quest 2

Sometimes you need progression and achievable (well-defined) goals to motivate you to complete a playthrough. Cardinal Quest 2 is perfect for roguelike games on mobile, as the randomization it can handle while on the move is very limited. To you he has three deeds, and you’ll need to be patient and hone to build your character to be strong enough to defeat the final boss. Although the game is short in length, it offers a lot of replayability thanks to his seven different classes in the game. Each class is unique, allowing you to customize your choices with weapons and loot found in your playthrough. So if you’re trying to complete the game in short bursts, Cardinal Quest 2 is for you.

There: Omega Edition

If you’re a sci-fi enthusiast and want to step into a roguelike game, the award-winning Out there: Omega Edition fits the bill perfectly. You are tasked with surviving space atrocities in your trusty ship. You must manage your hull, fuel and oxygen levels, and gather resources on habitable planets. This game breaks with tradition by focusing on survival and item management, so don’t expect to face off against aliens and monsters in this sci-fi adventure. Note that Out there: Omega Edition may not be the best starting point for casual/new players in this subgenre due to its high entry skill cap. Also, this game requires a paid purchase, but is free with a Google Play Pass.

kill the spire

Slay the Spire is a roguelike deck builder. This is a single-player game where you create a custom his deck to climb to the top of the unforgiving spire. Rely on the power of each card to survive the dangers that await as you wander through randomly generated areas within the Spire. Graphically, Slay the Spire is a departure from the old head-turning style roguelike his dungeon his crawler, instead with a new and modernized UI and all the cards you use (hundreds of collectible cards). It relies on the sophisticated design of The game is easy to learn but hard to master and is available on multiple platforms.

dead cells

Dead Cells mashes up elements found in roguelikes and Metroidvania games to create a top-notch gameplay loop. You play as a prisoner in a failed alchemical experiment who can haunt human corpses. It’s up to you to explore the ever-changing castle and uncover the mystery behind the island’s (menacing) inhabitants. Dead Cells teaches us to think carefully about our choices, and each death shows us a path to follow to improve our choices. Overall, this game is a masterpiece and we are constantly updating and improving it for mobile. Added support for controllers and the ability to save in the middle of a session (we recommend adopting this feature for more single player games). Start playing now to be in time for the free update on November 29th.

selfish soul

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to play The Legend of Zelda on hard mode or a crazy version of Dark Souls, Wayward Souls is probably the closest you’ll come. , a traditional story-driven roguelike (including perma-death, but progress carried forward in subsequent playthroughs) and a high-stakes experience. How you play can be a matter of life or death, measuring your proficiency in defending, dodging, and positioning in combat. Combat is exceptional, and extremely tight controls on mobile take action 2D gameplay to the next level. Not only does the control feel good, but each class has a different way of playing, so there’s plenty of replay value. You must purchase or play the app through a Google Play Pass subscription.

Immerse yourself in a roguelike

It’s hard to step into an unfamiliar subgenre of games, especially one with brutal difficulty. If you don’t know ahead of time what’s in, you could be completely off on an entire subgenre hopefully today’s roundup will help newcomers while allowing the veteran to expand his Android games library We hope that it will serve as an introductory guide for users. And if you prefer regular RPGs to roguelikes, don’t forget that perhaps our roundup of the best RPGs is exactly what you’re looking for.

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