8 great Android games you can play on your PC in 2022

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Not long ago, mobile games were the perfect simple distraction, whether you needed to kill time while waiting in line or on your commute. Most of these games require minimal input and offer exciting main gameplay loops. Today, as a result of constant refinement, it offers innovative twists on existing genres. Companies are even finding ways to optimize performance to make phones perfect for mobile gaming.

The graphical fidelity of mobile games has risen to PC quality, and the complexity of gameplay has provided some great games to play right now. In fact, it was only a matter of time before mobile games moved to PC. So if you’re a fan of great Android games, you’ll love mobile games on your PC as well. The sky is the limit!

1. Punch Club

Punch Drunk gameplay screenshots

This 2D brawler follows an aspiring martial artist in 80’s Rocky movie style, except there’s no training montage. It has to be bulked up the old-fashioned way. Punch Club gameplay offers RPG Life His Sims mechanics such as healthy eating and regular exercise to train your character as a fighter. Brawls take place in various pixel art streets and arenas and look great on both Android and PC.

Combat presents a practical, punishing 2D brawler who utilizes his equipped special moves to gain an edge in combat. The RPG gameplay gives the idea of ​​street fighting a unique banality. The game transforms the not-so-exciting aspects of this kind of story, such as money, food, and employment, into engaging gameplay. If you like intense RPG gameplay, Punch Club (Steam version) If you never tire of ’80s pop culture references, it’s a solid candidate to keep you happy.

2. Downwell

Downwell gameplay screenshots

Downwell is an energetic roguelite with an Undertale-esque black-and-white palette that throws you right down the well. The player descends at all costs and is tasked with blowing rocks and enemies to pieces with his shoe, an unconventional but highly effective gun. The gameplay is simple in the best possible way. Your gun explodes downward with satisfying percussion and brutal efficiency. Plus, everything underneath you probably deserves it. After that, it will return to the fray again.

Downwell (on Steam) It focuses on gameplay engagement rather than narrative, making it inherently satisfying to move down, adding to the subversive appeal of the game. The random upgrade system offers replay value, and the PC version allows tighter control over execution. All of this combined gives you an experience that definitely works.

3. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

Hitman GO Definitive Edition gameplay screenshots

Given the Hitman franchise’s reputation for punishing stealth gameplay and gun-toting action, Hitman GO Definitive Edition (Steam) it might surprise you. Players control an Agent 47 miniature on the game board and are tasked with eliminating everyone else on the board. If you know the series, the Monopoly aesthetic is very appealing, but funny enough, the core elements of the classic Hitman gameplay haven’t changed.

You’re supposed to kill without being spotted, so you’ll need to be strategic about who you kill first. one by one and plan the best route around the board. This makes it oddly engaging and highlights just how fun Hitman gameplay can be when you get back to basics.

4. Torrent: GP Renegade

Riptide GP Renegade Gameplay Screenshots

this is a game requirement Must be on a PC. Riptide GP Renegade (Steam) is a third-person jet ski racer that takes place in an intriguing futuristic setting. Unsurprisingly, the plot isn’t nearly as engaging as the gameplay. Most of his time is spent speeding through urban environments, racing and remembering the first time he played on his arcade machine. In races, you run on water and perform tricks to get higher scores. Parts customization options are available to maximize the vehicle’s speed, maneuverability, and style.

Given the game’s frequent jerky turns, a PC upgrade is a big improvement for the big screen. The game already looks great on Android, but PC only enhances it. If you’re into racing games, Riptide GP Renegade doesn’t cut corners.

5. Level head

LEVELHEAD gameplay screenshot

If you like fun, fast-paced puzzle platformers, Levelhead (on Steam) Fits the BillPlayers must deliver packages as a test exercise for robotic prototypes designed for galaxy-wide postal services. Bouncy over the heads of your enemies, like Mario, and the combat mechanics are engaging, fluid and elegant as you explore a colorful alien world. The puzzle mechanics center around packages, pushing switches, using them as platforms, and attacking enemies. I hope there is nothing fragile in there.

The game also features an in-depth level creator and editor that allows players to publish their levels and play others, in addition to a tower mode that offers a higher challenge. If you’re looking for something to fill the void of Super Meat Boy, Levelhead has you covered. literally.

6. Scourge Bringer

ScourgeBringer gameplay screenshots

A fun and challenging Metroidvania with the genre’s traditional exploration gameplay and a roguelike twist. the player ScourgeBringer (on Steam)), the main character who investigates the inside of the relic that fell to the earth. Explore different biomes and cut through enemies. Combat utilizes aggressive and stylish sword combos while utilizing firefights. Best of both worlds.

The roguelike elements are slightly at odds with Metroidvania’s level design, encouraging players to blast through to the end. discourage But if Blasphemous charmed you with its punishing gameplay, ScourgeBringer scratches the same itch.

7. Out There: Omega

Out There: Omega gameplay screenshots

If you’ve played FTL: Faster than Light, Out There: Omega (Steam) It will feel very familiar. Gameplay, end goal and tone are almost identical. You are lost in space and must travel the galaxy and mine fuel and other resources to survive. The biggest difference between the two is the graphics quality. Out There: Omega offers stunning background art that showcases the beauty of deep space and the various planets you explore.

Out There: Omega’s defining mechanic is its role-playing aspect. All runs are random and events can play out differently each time. The game is perfect for mobile, but given its simplicity, the PC port allows for a more laid-back experience. When it comes to lo-fi resource management experiences and atmospheric judgment tests, Out There: Omega is a no-brainer.

8. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact gameplay screenshots

Genshin Impact (Steam Version) is an open world fantasy JRPG with gameplay from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The story of Genshin Impact is once again very important. The protagonist wakes up in the world and is tasked with saving the twins. But like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, his main quest is helpless in the face of chaos in his world.

The game world Teyvat is huge, inviting, and chock full of puzzles and collectibles that reward curiosity and exploration. Combat is a real-time system that focuses on switching between her four different characters with their own attack elements against a gorgeous buffet of enemies. These elements work together when used in combination to encourage experimentation. If you want to explore a beautiful and engaging world, try Genshin Impact.You know what they say.You can’t explore too many open worlds.

A new era of mobile gaming evolution

These are just a few of the incredible mobile games that are coming to PC today. All you have to do is pick your genre and bring your Steam library to life with some innovative mobile gaming flair. Seeking innovation.

For example, if you love anime, there are many great anime Android games that you can play on your PC. All you have to do is pick your genre and bring your Steam library to life with some innovative mobile gaming flair.

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