10 best sports games in Android in 2022

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Sports games have a bad reputation thanks to 2Ks and EAs for many years, and many are operated like casinos, rather than appropriate games built mainly in sports. 。 For this reason, AP summarizes the summary of Android games centered on sports. We skipped the typical butt -advertised traps and focused on the titles created to enjoy. This site is perfect for those who are looking for a high -quality sports game but have not been able to get it easily.


Excellent skateboard games are becoming more and more rare, and Tony Hawk’s revivalists and EA skate fans certainly have games that they are looking forward to, but mobile is a bit more barren. That was until the Ramp was released in October 2021. Completely free, advertising or in -app purchases are not displayed. Yes, touch control requires some practice, but the game supports physical controllers, so there is an option to play with a much better touch than a glass screen. Please do not sleep with this. It is the best skateboard game on Android.

Golf on Mars

For those who want to learn the basics, Golf on Mars (sequel to Desert Golfing) is a wonderful title to play. Despite its simple appearance and gameplay, it is quite rewarding. Just like the previous game, take time to shoot golf balls and reach the goal of each course.

The problem is that it becomes more and more difficult as the hole reaches strangers or strangers. In this game, a puzzle -like thinking is needed to find a way to shoot a ball with as few shots as possible. is. Certainly, games are quite minimal for graphics. Nevertheless, this means that almost everything can be executed, and the game is very wide, regardless of the owned Android device.

Football Manager 2022 starts things with excellent soccer management gameplay. Unlike other soccer games, this is close to a business sim, and check if you can build a team from zero. This game offers a game play like a simulation that requires a strategy and plan. Note that this is his version of the game’s mobile, so it is slightly simplified compared to the release of the console and PC.

This premium game is usually sold for $ 10, but contains some in -apps. Fortunately, these IAPs are very high, and there are mainly convenient items. Football Manager 2022 Mobile is a game for one person, so the selected amount does not affect other users. More or less, this is a game with deep mechanisms, fair monetization, and fun gameplay. Above all, you can control well on mobile.

If you like a little older school, or if you want to simply relive the days you play Tecmo Bowl, be sure to check Retro Bowl. The game offers a similar 8 -bit graphics, but the standpoint is strategic gameplay and team management, and it provides deeper inspiration.

The game is free and the credit system is valid. It upgrades specific functions such as stadiums and training facilities, includes in -app purchases, allowing unlimited game play for $ 0.99. There is also an optional credit pack for those who want to improve immediately. Nevertheless, this is a game for one person, so the amount paid by the player does not affect other players. Therefore, as long as the mobile football game at a considerable price, Retro Bowl is an easy top candidate thanks to its remarkable game play and a fair price setting model.

It may be incredible, but the Virtua Tennis Challenge dates back to 2012 as a mobile release and revived in 2017 as a Sega Forever Game. Virtua Tennis Challenge is the culmination of its efforts and is the last game of the series. Therefore, sophisticated game play can be expected, the game is old, but the graphics are good enough.

Currently, Virtua Tennis Challenge offers touch control and works without any problems in a pinch. However, if you play with a controller, the game will definitely shine, so if you are at hand, it is best. Like all SEGA Forever titles, you can play the whole game for free with advertising. If you want to delete an ad, you can delete it for $ 2. In full -fledged tennis games that can be played in multiple modes, from singles to doubles, this does not fail.

Summary of Virtua Tennis Challenge Sports Games

Virtua Tennis Challenge Sports Game Summary (1)

Grand Mountain Adventure

I’ve been crazy about Grand Mountain Adventure for many years. Considering that the game has recently been released on the console and PC, mobile is still a platform that is still fully executed to play the game. Thanks to a short challenge, it is ideal for bite -sized bursts. In addition, the support of the controller allows you to sit and have a long session, just like the appropriate console game. The graphics are appropriate, there are many content that spans several mountains, and you can play with friends locally on multiple devices.

The first mountain is free. If you like what you see, you can unlock a complete title for $ 10.99, including all the additional mountains added as DLC. This game is sold on a PC and console for $ 20, so if the controller support is included, it is quite advantageous on mobile.

OK golf

Android has a lot of golf games, from hot shots imitation, which is full of terrible monetization, to minimal games like nails. OK GOLF is located in the middle and provides an arcade -like game play that spans various low -poly courses. This is not a pad pad. It is a full -fledged course with simple control that anyone can learn in a few minutes. In essence, it is a stylish game built for fun, not the biggest profit, which is easy to stand out in the crowd.

OK GOLF is a premium release sold for $ 2.99, and there are no in -apps or advertisements. Thanks to the simple graphic, it can be run on almost all devices and anyone can play with simple operations. It is an accessible title suitable for mobile. If you’re crazy about golf games, you need to play.


When thinking about board games, one of the last genres you come up with is sports. However, Bottom of the 9th is not only a well -reviewed physical board game that goes back to 2015, but also a digital mobile game with the same name. This interpretation is one of the best baseball games in the Play Store, thanks to the fair price setting and a proven game play. And don’t be surprised at the fact that this was a board game. The mechanism is taught through batting and pitching spring training tutorials, so it covers all basses.

The great thing is that you don’t have to jump into a multi -player right away. The game has a solo play mode that you can get used to before fighting a live opponent. If you want to play with your friends, the gameplay is limited to his two players, so this is not a party, but you can enjoy it together. Above all, this is his release of his premium for $ 1, and it is so cheap enough that anyone can get it. Combine the price and the easy -to -access game play to win the winner.

Lapara fishing

Even fishing games cannot escape from endless greedy hands. There are infinite fishing games that can be selected, but if you are looking for something that is not an unusual arcade game, you will have less options. Thankfully, RAPALA FISHING is a high -quality competitive partner who can catch various fishing spots and all kinds of fish. The 3D graphics are comfortable, the controls are intuitive, and there is no limit to gameplay even for free players.

Of course, RAPALA FISHING is a game that can be played for free, so it includes in -app purchases, but it is only for the purchase of in -game currency. You can use this currency to accelerate progress, but it is an option. The game can be easily enjoyed for free, but there are more grinds. Fishing is all of the peaceful grind, so you can easily enjoy it in a relaxed downtime.

Punch Club -Fighting Taichoon

The management sim is a popular genre on Android because it can be easily operated by tapping the screen. PUNCH CLUB is one of the games of such a game, but it is a story -based game, unlike a menu with a lot of Football Manager. Not only will you learn the skills to become the best fighter in history, but also clarify who killed your father (he said the story was important). As a whole, this is a comfortable game that offers a lot of statistics to jump into all of the fun stories, high -quality gameplay, and spreadsheet enthusiasts.

Trail boss BMX

NOODLECAKE has transplanted a similar game called Descenders to Android, but the performance is halfway. TRAIL BOSS looks and plays, but the performance is much better. It is your job to go down the hill in a stylish way as possible and run the trick for every occasion. This provides creativity when finding the best run on each hill. Therefore, if you like playing the same game like the Pumped BMX series, you will be able to enjoy what Trail Boss BMX provides.

Summary of TRAIL BOSS BMX sports game (1)

Summary of TRAIL BOSS BMX sports game (2)

Hoop league tactics

Thanks to the great success of SEGA’s Football Manager series, sports management games are very popular. If soccer is not your bag, basketball is probably your bag. Hoop League Tactics provides a variety of genres with SRPG tactical gameplay and management simulation mechanisms. Needless to say, a typical basketball game game play. It has all the simple graphics that can be run on almost all mobile phones, making it a very easy -to -access basketball game that appeals to a wide range of viewers.

There are season mode and career mode. In the season mode, the whole team is managed, but the career mode is close to his personal journey. You can play for free, but if you need a complete customization of the team and an import and export of the custom league, you can use the premium mode for $ 4. Premium deletes the game advertisement. Think of this release as a mix of chess and basketball. If you like what you see, there is an option to make it a premium and it is approaching.

Time to start the game

Our summary is growing continuously along with updates. In order to keep the list up to the latest state, add the best sports game that you can find, but if you want to add something to the list, let us know in the comments below. Of course, if you are interested in playing some of these titles with tactile control, there are many excellent Android controllers. However, if you want to leave the game in handheld, there are some sophisticated and convenient game mobile phones for that.

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