Yu-Gi-Oh!Cross Duel Beginner's Guide

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Konami’s new mobile game “Yu-Gi-Oh” is here! A cross duel table with his 4 players in PvP and PvE style modes. He could have comfortably been playing Master Duel since early 2022, when his traditional TCG format finally reached mobile. But Cross Duel has entered the arena and is ready to shake up the formula. Expect new rules, new game modes, and lots of Yu-Gi-Oh! You can feast while you learn how to play a fresh take on tower defense. Or grab your favorite wireless earbuds, enjoy the game’s soundscapes, and learn new tower defense rules (remove the old, bring in the new) with our handy beginner’s guide. This way you will quickly become a master class duelist.

Introduction of new rules

Don’t expect Cross Duel to play like a traditional Yu-Gi-Oh. Be prepared for some changes from the official TCG rules to reflect the game and new mechanics in this title. Similar to a MOBA where you protect your LP (towers) by sending out monsters to attack or defend lanes. The usage of magic cards and trap cards is restricted, but you can freely set skills to monsters. It’s like an active trait that helps you boost your stats and gain an extra edge during matches. Below is an overview of the new rule set.

Cross Dueling General Mechanism

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! If it were a MOBA, it would be the closest game to this genre. Monsters are confined to a lane and automatically move along that lane (like auto chess).
  • LP cannot be directly damaged in the same turn. If there are no monsters left in the opponent’s field, it takes 2 turns to reach the opponent’s LP.
  • The duel ends when one or more players’ LP reaches 0.
  • Spell cards cannot be set or used during the Main Phase. They all launch the same (no spell speed to worry about, for example). You can use more than one magic card in your hand (in order) at once.
  • Trap cards are set during the Main Phase and automatically activated during the Battle Phase. Up to 3 trap cards can be set in your trap zone. The activation timing of Trap Cards cannot be changed. they occur automatically.
  • You always start with 1 ace monster in your hand. Ace monsters are powerful monsters with the necessary conditions for summoning. An example is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card that summons two monsters as sacrifices.
  • The duel ends when the turn limit is reached.
  • Bonus cards are powerful magic/trap cards that give you an advantage. To get bonus cards (on the field), you must use your own monsters.
  • LP placement is determined at the end of the match. The higher your rank, the more rewards you can earn.

Card and skill limits

  • You can set skills on monsters to strengthen them.
  • Duplicate cards are not allowed. All 20 cards must be different.
  • A slot limited to the number of skills that can be equipped on a monster. These will vary depending on which mode you are playing. For ranks, you can only have 3 per ace monster and 1 per regular monster.

Selection of initial UR (your own ace monster)

Choosing the best starter UR for building your deck is important. Below is a list of UR cards in the selection pool.

  • Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir
  • blue eyes white dragon
  • evil sorceress
  • elemental hero news
  • firewall dragon
  • Multi-Strike Dragon Dragias
  • No.17: Leviathan Dragon
  • No.39 Utopia
  • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
  • Ojama King
  • Demon King of the Red Dragon
  • Sevens Road Magician
  • stardust dragon
  • trickster holly angel

blue eyes white dragon

Gacha costs are required to obtain new cards, so be careful when choosing a starting UR. This will determine your starting deck. The first UR is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which is the easiest to summon, and has a wide variety of stats, making it easy to build, so I recommend it.

game mode

As you build and upgrade your deck, ranked and casual matches become your mainstays. Still, the campaign and his PvE mode are essential to getting comfortable with the new rules and collecting all the free gems that eventually pour into this game’s gacha system.

event match: A place to play limited-time content.

Cross Duel Raid

Raid Duel: A PvE mode where you team up with 3 other players (shared LP) to defeat the raid boss.

Cross Duel Rank

ranked match: Play Ranked Battles to earn Rank Points (boost points using Ranked Match Tickets) to determine your rank. You can go up and down, and earn season rewards by ranking up during the season.

cross duel room match

room match: Host and search for private and public rooms. The main hub for dueling friends.

cross duel tag duel

tag duel: A single-player (2v2) campaign where you encounter characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Team up with AI to defeat your enemies.

Tips and tricks for beginners

  • Be sure to use the UR Ticket Gacha before the expiration date (if applicable). You can get up to 3.
  • Collect cards using crystals (paid currency) and gems in card gacha. Gems can be obtained from missions and game modes. You can also get new cards by exchanging duplicates. Cross Duel UR Cross Duel Weekly Daily Mission
  • Reroll your account (delete game data) if you are not satisfied with the result of the card gacha. It’s a tedious process, but you can skip the tutorial.
  • Upgrade your ace monsters first using the skill system. Aim to unlock master skills for ace monsters. Your skills will set you apart from your opponents during matches. Cross Duel Customization Cross Duel Customization-2
  • Play PvE mode first to earn gems, build decks and upgrade/create skills. I don’t want to step into the ranks until I’m happy with the cards in my deck and equip my ace monster with the best skills. However, this step takes time.
  • Attack the raid boss’ weak points to deal more damage. You have a limited number of turns to act, so use your most powerful attacks when available.
  • Destroy the object to stun the raid boss. You can summon a monster with a low attack value (even zero) to take out the object.

Added raid boss and tower defense game to Yu-Gi-Oh!

Raid bosses may not be for everyone, as Cross Duel may not flourish as one of Android’s best card games (after all, it has to compete with Master Duel). Yu-Gi-Oh! fan. Tag Duel Mode pays homage to the nostalgic Yu-Gi-Oh! Watch your favorite monsters in full 3D animation on the TV series. To get started, click the widget below for an overview of Cross Duel.

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