Ys Online: Napishtim's Ark Guide: How to Get Started

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Ys Online: Napishtim’s Ark is finally on Android. Classic Ys series Action RPG MMO Gacha, developed by Falcom and published by Zilong Game Limited, who also published Counter: Side, his one of the best Gacha games on Android. Nor is it the first entry in the MMORPG Ys. Ys Online — The Call of Solum was released in 2007 by CJ Internet (now known as Netmarble). Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim will follow the events of the Ys VI storyline as it is adapted from the world of Ys VI where she comes across her two sisters living on the island of Canaan. original remake.

Thankfully, you don’t need a top-of-the-line Android phone to play Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim, but be prepared to face a complicated crushing system. Techvair has put together a beginner’s guide that details how to play the game, as well as important features and systems you shouldn’t forget.

getting started

Choose a login method and create an account before entering the server. You can access Google, Facebook, Twitter, and email. So far it doesn’t seem possible to sign in with a guest account. So you have to choose a login method in one way or another.

The next step is to choose a server. Remember that your progress is tied to the server you choose. Choose a server within your region and aim to choose a server that is not busy if you want a reliable connection. tap to start.



Alma Surveys: Selecting Preset Classes

Goddess Alma welcomes you when you enter the game. She will give you a survey of questions.

Ys Online-Alma-1

Answer to question 1 (determines the main class):

  • A blade that kills bad guys!
  • A spell that drives away monsters!
  • An arrow that pierces through the darkness!

Answer to question 2 (determines class promotion):

  • Stand up and protect your friends!
  • Bring battle to your enemies. eye for eye
  • Heals wounds and purifies all impurities.

Answers to question 3 (determines your talent):

  • A heart as hot as fire.
  • A heart as calm as ice.
  • Move as fast as a storm.

Answer to Question 4 (unknown):

  • A perfect world!
  • Ruins Treasure!
  • Protect your loved ones!

After completing Alma’s survey, you’ll be shown a recommended starting class. However, if you are not interested in recommendations, select class.

choose your class

You can choose one of four main classes. This is split into specializations between two advanced classes (similar to Fire Emblem).

You can choose from four main classes:

  • warrior: A typical sword and shield class that can be a focused tank (knight) or damage dealer (berserker). ys warrior
  • Mage: Your primary spellcaster class advancement leads to Ice Mage and Pyro Mage. There, Cloud he focuses on casting ice for control or firing magic to deal extra damage. Ys Online Mage
  • troop: Your archer deals damage from range, supports allies, and uses healing magic. You can be promoted to Windwalker to enhance your flexibility, or to Priest to focus on healing. ys online ranger
  • assassin: Relying on stealth and luck for massive damage, the Rogue class prefers to attack from the shadows and is elevated to a ninja that relies on invisibility and evasion to deal damage. Navigators, on the other hand, combine pistols and swords to attack in new ways. Damage, shaped for an all-rounder advanced DPS class. YsOnline-Assassin

You can name your character on the character class selection screen or tap the dice icon to randomize your character’s name.Tap when ready start.


battle basics

Ys Online uses an action RPG combat system with dodges, jumps, normal attacks, and skill activations. Some of the skills you have equipped require you to choose which direction to cast/activate, and the same logic can be applied when facing enemies that use red gaze to send skills. So if an area is lit red, be sure to dodge and move out of that area. This allows you to avoid taking garbage damage during combat.

Auto pass function

When you tap a mission, an automatic path will appear that automatically moves your character to the desired marker. If you don’t want to turn on automatic pass, you can control your character directly. The first section of the game doesn’t give you a map, so if you get lost tracking your objective, turn on auto-his path and move towards the task at hand.

Interacting with NPCs

You have the opportunity to interact with NPCs to advance quests and earn rewards. If you select Chat, you will be required to fill in the blanks using multiple choice answers. Choosing the correct answer increases your chances of success. If successful, a “Persuasion” pop-up will appear on the screen.



You can interact more with NPCs by sending gifts, receiving gifts, and increasing affection. Bonding with NPCs can sometimes yield useful rewards and perks.

Ys Online-NPC-options

soul card

Soul cards can be equipped in four equipment slots: weapons, chest, legs, and helmet. Equipping a soul card adds primary and special attributes that are activated by leveling up the soul card.

Ys Online - Soul Card - 1

Ys Online-Soul Card-2

Some soul cards have skills that activate in battle. The first to unlock is the Pickard Soul Card. Transform into Pickard and cast Meat Shield, dealing 2000% damage while staying impervious to damage with a sturdy shield.

You can get some Soul Cards by completing the first few missions. However, the rest depends on the use of the Soul Card wish system. This is eerily similar to typical gacha systems where more banners are unlocked by meeting additional conditions (such as completing story missions).

Ys Online-Soul-wish

Measuring Battle Points

Battle points (BP) increase by adding soul cards, leveling up, and equipping equipment. Tap BP to see your total and all sources from which you can earn more BP. BP reflects your power level, so when your level starts to rise, increase your BP. A BP Rating that is too low can lock you out of future content or prevent you from completing it.

Ys Online-BP-1

Ys Online-BP-2

Adventure Rank

The main progression system is Adventure Rank. Each node has a trial, which is a list of requirements that must be met before completing that node level. Tap a completed trial to receive your reward. You can earn points and increase your adventure rank. Your adventure rank will be displayed next to your character name while on the field.

Ys Online-AR-1

Ys Online-AR-2

skill upgrade

Around 20 minutes into play, the skill upgrade tree unlocks.open the skill Select a skill in the menu and tap . Upgrade. Learn new skills, access advanced class trees and view battle skill configurations (choose which one to equip). skill menu. All skills are level-locked, but once you master a skill, you can invest points to start upgrading it. This will raise your BP.

Ys Online-Skill-1

Ys online skill 2

Sharing MMO Experiences

Ys Online: Napishtim’s Ark is your average run-of-the-mill MMO with gacha game mechanics, which isn’t necessarily bad. And this was Falcom’s first rodeo, bringing the MMO genre to one of its Ys titles. It’s a title worth checking out, especially if you’re a Ys VI fan (sorry, Adol). You might be surprised that this game doesn’t have to shake the formula, but judge for yourself if the game is right for you. , we have many great MMORPGs for Android.

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