Ubisoft Releases 40-Player Battle Royale On Mobile

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To zero fanfare, Ubisoft has launched Wild Arena Survivors, a new battle royale from the company designed for mobile. It looks like the game saw some press in June with beta ending in July as the title ramped up for global release. As you can imagine, collectible characters are very important and you can spend your days as you upgrade them one by one. It also focuses on survival gameplay, with a number of modes available, including a solo mode for hardcore survival fans. Still, this game’s lack of marketing and its quiet release speaks volumes, so tread with caution.

The trailer above gives a quick glimpse of Wild Arena Survivor in action. As you can see, it offers typical battle royale mechanics, from dropping onto islands to collecting different characters. The game appears to offer an isometric view with pre-rendered backgrounds to keep performance on par with some Android devices, but my skeptics suspect Ubi is simply I suspect they reused a random survival game engine. The platforms are incredibly similar. The game offers flashy graphics, but I think it offers a Fornite-inspired flare.

In terms of gameplay, survival gameplay is certainly in the menu as there is a choice of modes including solo mode, but if you’re into the core BR mode you’ll want to play against up to 40 players for 10 minutes at a time. Provides.. not only will you spend time collecting and upgrading your characters, but you’ll also have to dig for loot to upgrade your weapons and gear. After all, the ultimate goal of a game like this is to run endlessly on the treadmill until you spend your money to make it less of a burden.

Not surprisingly, since Wild Arena Survivors is free to play, it contains in-app purchases up to $104.99 per item. There are multiple currencies, and of course the in-game store isn’t open to anyone until you clear the compulsory tutorial. The best part is that the tutorial doesn’t explain anything, so you’re literally standing on an island with no direction. Did. The game’s paid loot is actually hidden behind the gambling mechanics, as it’s a lot of loot boxes and currency.

Wild Arena Survivor Release (1)

Wild Arena Survivors Release (2)

All in all, it seems pretty clear why Ubisoft put no effort into today’s launch. That’s because Wild Arena Survivors is unpolished, uninteresting, and comes with terrible monetization. Still, if you want to check out one of the worst battle royale games to hit the Play Store, grab an install from the Play Store right away to learn how not to develop a game. Please Widget below.

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