Top 10 Android Party Games

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Android has a wide variety of great games, including a variety of party games to spice up your social event. Party games for Android can get everyone playing in minutes and keep the atmosphere going without interruption. Also, you don’t have to worry about who or who can’t play these games because you only need your phone to play them and some games only require one device.

From family friendly games like Heads Up! From adult-only drinking games, there’s something for any party on this list. Grab your best Bluetooth speaker and start playing.

Wolvesville Classic

Wolvesville Classic is an adaptation of the werewolf card game. When you start the game, everyone is secretly assigned different roles. With everyone taking on their roles, most players are tasked with finding and eliminating werewolves. Meanwhile, the werewolf tries to kill everyone else without revealing his identity.

Wolvesville Classic is as close to the original card game as you can get on mobile. For a smoother online experience, Wolvesville – Werewolf Online instead.



heads up!

heads up! The perfect icebreaker for parties. You only need one device to play, so you never have to worry about running out of battery or forgetting your phone. In Heads Up!, one player selects a category and holds a mobile phone overhead. They must guess the words that appear on the screen while other players shout clues.

Quick, easy and fun to play. With different categories, you can find a theme for every group and age.



exploding kitten

Exploding Kittens is a family friendly version of Russian Roulette. Players take turns drawing cards until someone pulls an exploding kitten. The game is full of tricks, traps, and tools to save yourself from death, give your exploding kittens to other players, and see the future.

Exploding Kittens is perfect for teens and older groups. Beyond the standard game, it offers a variety of optional add-ons to play in more ways.



triple agent

Triple Agent is another great game that only requires one device. Players are secretly assigned a unique role as a service agent or his VIRUS double agent. The Service agent tries to eliminate her VIRUS double agent, but the VIRUS agent aims to eradicate the Service agent. As the game progresses, players receive more information to help them with their tasks.

Triple Agent is harder to master than some of the other games on this list, but after a few rounds you can successfully trick each other like real secret agents.

triple agent-2

triple agent-3

bomb squad

BombSquad includes a series of mini-games, from flag capture to hockey. The focus is on chaotic fun rather than purely competitive games, so you can still have fun losing multiple times. The controls can be tricky at times, but if your precision is already out the window, this shouldn’t be a problem.

BombSquad is a great game to play with friends who like a little competition.

Bomb Squad-3

bomb squad 2

If you keep talking, no one will explode

If you keep talking and no one explodes, one player will be placed in the room with the bomb. Other players cannot see the bomb, but they have the manual for defusing it. You must communicate effectively to disarm the bomb before the timer runs out. Sounds easy in theory, but you might end up blowing it up multiple times.

Other players can refer to the manual online, so you only need one copy of the game to play. Online play is not supported as it is intended for players in the same physical space.

keep talking-2

keep talking-3

evil apple

Evil Apples are similar to Cards Against Humanity. When you draw a prompt card, everyone tries to make the funniest reaction with the cards in their hand. Thousands of cards are available and multiple game modes to choose from. You can also create your own cards for prompts or answers.

This game is very adult oriented, so make sure your participants are familiar with it before starting.

evil apple-1

evil apple-2

in us

In Among Us, players must complete tasks to prepare their spaceship for departure. The task is simple, but one player is an imposter trying to kill everyone on board. A non-impersonator wins by completing all tasks or successfully identifying an impersonator.

You need a minimum of 5 players to play, so give a pass if you play with a few friends.

between us-2

between us-1


Psycho! Perfect for those who are tired of heads-up. A mix of bluffing and trivia where you guess the correct answer to a series of trivia questions. However, each round someone throws in the wrong answer. If they get their answer wrong, they get points. It’s a great way to level the playing field for trivia gurus, because it’s easier than you think to be convinced by a wrong answer.




This one is for adults. iPuke works under a simple premise. Each player in turn draws a challenge card. If you don’t want to complete (or fail) the challenge, you must take a shot of the number of cards. Either action will score points, and whoever gets the points to his target wins the game.

There is freshness in its simplicity, and your face will become sticky in no time.



Enjoy your weekend with new party games

Most of these games can be played anywhere. So whether you’re hosting a party, picnic, or wedding reception, these games will be an instant hit. It’s also great for relaxing with friends as you only need 2 him or 3 of her to play these games. However, if you’re looking for something to play when your friends aren’t around, try one of the best online him multiplayer his games instead.

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