Steam on ChromeOS Coming Soon in Beta

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Opening the Doors to More Players with ChromeOS Beta Channels

After years of rumors, Google has announced that it will bring its popular gaming platform Steam to Chromebook alpha in 2022. Also for actual work. This is subject to change as Google prepares to move Steam support into ChromeOS beta. This makes it more accessible to more gamers.

change of chromium gerrit discovered by 9to5Google reveals that Google is almost ready to expand its support for Steam. The ticket says “Allow Borealis to run on the beta branch” and further explains “Once Borealis enters the beta development stage, we will allow compatible Chromebooks.” [sic!] Please install it in the beta channel. Of course, Borealis is the codename for his ChromeOS Steam project, so when Google developers talk about it, they mean Steam support.

There’s not much more we can glean from Chromium Gerrit’s entry, but the fact that Google is merging changes means it likely won’t be too long before we see Steam support in the ChromeOS beta channel. increase. .

Making Steam available in the Beta Channel is an important step forward for the project as it will make the gaming platform more accessible. Steam is currently only available in the Dev or Canary channels and receives weekly or daily updates, but it frequently encounters issues that severely disrupt Chromebook operation. plug. The Beta channel is already fairly stable and can have issues, but these releases are as close to the final version as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about how Steam works on ChromeOS, check out the Steam Alpha hands-on. If you’re particularly brave and want to try out the Steam Alpha before entering the Beta Channel, here’s how to install Steam on your Chromebook.

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