Railbound is an adorable puzzle game from the same developer as Golf Peaks, now out on Android

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A combination of puzzles and charm make this a must-play

railbound hero

Afterburn, the studio behind Golf Peaks, has released a new game titled Railbound. Golf Peaks is one of our favorite Android puzzle games he has, and the developer has channeled that energy into the equally addictive Railbound. A cute puzzle game about traveling around the world with two dogs on a train.

What makes Golf Peaks a must-download is the combination of extremely well-designed levels and fluid, intuitive gameplay. These design goals are also evident in Railbound. Quickly rotate and click the rails to help your dog reach its destination.

Each Railbound level consists of a locomotive, two coaches and a selection of tracks. Your goal is to connect the coaches to the locomotive in the correct order. It sounds simple, but it doesn’t last long. Tunnels can cover long distances in no time, but speed is not always your friend. Delay trains on railway barriers and curvy routes to avoid collisions.

Railbound is a clever game, so don’t get bogged down with complex controls or unintuitive gameplay. Place, remove, and rotate items with a quick tap, and bold, rustic graphics keep you focused on solving the game’s puzzles. Like the tunnels and barriers I mentioned earlier, you’ll encounter more complex tools as you progress, but these mechanics only take a few seconds to master. , like the Steam version, also includes controller support.

train anime

The gameplay is great, but Railbound’s selling point is its theme. The storybook look is pleasing to the eye, and the upbeat yet relaxed soundtrack is comfortable without being obnoxious. Even when the trains collide, the next animation is adorable enough to allow the game to repeat the level for the fourth time.

Railbound is one of the most engaging puzzle games I’ve seen in a while. It even cracks the list of the best games for Android. Try it; you won’t regret it.

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