Nostalgia alone cannot save poor execution

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Road Redemption, the spiritual successor to Road Rash, has been released for Android. Although the graphics have been heavily downgraded, it’s a direct port of the PC game released in 2019. If you’re unfamiliar with the title, Road Redemption is a racing he’s combat game in which you can smash, shoot, and beat rival bikers. Aim for victory while kicking. A fun idea, but an attempt to capitalize on nostalgia leaves much to be desired.

Many of the best racing games offer stunning graphics, extensive customization, and multiple game modes. Road Redemption, on the other hand, is unsightly, has limited customization, and has only one game mode (technically there are more, but more on that later). Thankfully, there are no microtransactions and a paid upgrade to the full game is $8.

After a few hours of gameplay, I recorded the video above. A short tutorial will walk you through the controls and you’ll be on your way in no time! Unfortunately, I felt like I saw it all in about two hours. It was a disappointing experience and my time was not improved by a game-breaking bug that forced me to reinstall the title. was also lost. I believe this is an intentional roguelike mechanic, but it could have been another bug.

Lord Redemption offers players two different ways to play. Campaign (where you try to reach the finish line faster while knocking out other bikers) and Quickplay (where you try to reach the finish line faster while knocking around other bikers). Other than a few interactions in campaign mode and a unique upgrade option, there’s nothing significant that separates the two options. Providing player upgrades to complete races and knock out other bikers lets you try new tactics, but they only incrementally increase various stats. This makes it difficult to tell when something has changed.

road redemption-progress-bug

Reinstalling the game was the only way to add a “yes” option to this screen.

Of course, before we get to the intriguing world of Road Redemption’s upgrade menus, we need to skim through the outdated 2010 graphics. The “Ultra” quality option is hilarious with jaggies all over and caps at 30 FPS. There’s no reason the graphics should be this low. The PC version offers crisp visuals and spectacular special effectsIn an age where graphics-intensive games like Genshin Impact run like butter on the best Android phones, Road Redemption’s poor visuals and lack of graphics settings can’t be forgiven.

The shoddy graphics might be forgiven by the exciting gameplay, but they’re also greatly lacking in this area.Road Redemption’s fast-paced violence is cathartic, but it’s like eating too many chips. . A small amount is fine, but too much at once will make you wonder why you thought buying a tube of Pringles was a good idea. It also removes some of the effects of violence. It also matters whether you crash when you hit an obstacle or simply slide off your bike.


Lord Redemption Ultra

left: set the graphics quality to “low” right: The graphics quality is set to ‘Ultra’.

A multitude of weapons are at your disposal to defeat your opponents to the end. You can whack your rivals with a wrench, shoot them with a gun, or even stick a C4 on a vehicle. The most satisfying way to dispose of an enemy is to grab the enemy’s collar. Once you’ve caught someone, you can turn them towards oncoming traffic with predictable results. But experience gets old quickly. If he cuts off one Mad-Max extra’s head, he’s cut them all off.

Road Redemption Bike and Rider

Still, if you enjoyed the PC version and think you’ll enjoy this mobile version just as much, get one of the best Android controllers before you start. The touchscreen controls aren’t good enough for comfortable play, but the Xbox controller made it work. However, if you’re stuck with touch controls, Road Redemption offers multiple options to suit your playstyle.

Overall, Road Redemption is a disappointing experience, and reliance on nostalgia alone isn’t enough to save it from outdated graphics and repetitive gameplay. Instead, browse through our list of the best Android games for a never-ending experience.

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