Netflix Wants Another Game Studio, Will Build Its Own

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Helsinki is the place


Google couldn’t make a good studio to bid for cloud gaming on Stadia. Now that all eyes are on Netflix, are you wondering if it will work? We are doubling our efforts.

The studio is based in Helsinki, Finland. the company says The region is home to “the best gaming talent in the world.”

This will be Netflix’s second game studio in Helsinki after acquiring Next Games in March. The unnamed studio will be his fourth in the portfolio, joining two of his similarly acquired properties, Boss Fight Entertainment and Night School Studio.

Night School announced on Netflix’s upfront Tudum over the weekend that it will bring its supernatural adventure title Oxenfree to Netflix Games. Mixed with releases from other studios this fall, the platform still has a lot to prove after last year’s quiet launch and heavy investment.

Netflix Games reported approximately 1.7 million daily active users in August. It’s not zero, but that number is smaller, not only because of Netflix’s total subscription base, which gives you free access to these ad-free games, but also by the likes of Epic Games. and steam. It seems that someone needs to define what relative success is.

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