Logitech's G Cloud gaming handheld arrives today with an obscene price tag

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G Cloud Gaming Handheld (1)

Source: Logitech

At the end of August, leaks started appearing for Logitech’s gaming handhelds. At the time, not much was known beyond what was inferred from some screenshots shared by Evan Blass. Turns out my Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld runs Android. It was officially confirmed today. That’s right, it’s an official launch date and we have tons of information to share, including pricing. So let’s take a closer look at what Logitech’s G Cloud gaming handhelds have to offer now that they’re officially on sale in the US and Canada. However, the order he will not ship until October.

As you can see from the image above, the Logitech G Cloud gaming handheld certainly looks like your typical portable gaming device. And really, that’s the beauty of this machine. You can play Android games locally thanks to the Snapdragon 720G, a chip made for gaming (G). Play the best Android games on your G Cloud gaming handheld just like you would on your phone. But that’s not all. Logitech has an eye on people interested in game streaming and works with Microsoft and Nvidia to ensure the device’s streaming components work properly. Apps like Stadia should also work fine, but Logitech chose a limited group of streaming partners for its launch in the US and Canada, why Stadia isn’t actually mentioned in today’s PR. We may see more regions coming at some point, but I think this will depend on how well streaming handsets sell in the initial market.

G-Cloud Gaming Handheld Front

Source: Logitech

Well, it’s the price and specs that matter. Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld Retail price is a whopping $350 (now priced at $300), $50 less than the Steam deck and exactly the same price as the new Nintendo Switch with IPS screen. However, you get a 7 inch 1920×1080 FHD 16:9 60Hz IPS screen that is perfect for streaming 1080p content, and the screen reaches 450 nits so you can view it outdoors. A regular 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 5.1 support, and USB-C headphone support are also available. Top it off with a Snapdragon 720G and you’ve got a device that performs well enough to play local Android games or stream console/PC titles from many services.

G cloud gaming handheld grinning

G Cloud Gaming Handheld Couch

The button layout mimics the typical Xbox layout, with analog triggers on the back, perfect for console-quality games, especially racers like Forza Horizon 5. I’m fine as well.

G-Cloud Gaming Handheld Tilt

G cloud gaming handheld side

All in all, it’s very interesting to see Logitech enter handheld gaming with a device designed to stream games. Game streaming is often seen as the red-haired stepchild of the gaming industry, but thanks to its long history of murky performance, it’s improved by leaps and bounds these days, and Nvidia now supports high framerates. It offers 4K streams. Even Microsoft continues to improve, and Xbox Cloud Gaming streams are doing better and better these days, even though the streaming service is still in beta.

So while it seems realistic to actually buy a handheld dedicated to streaming games, you’d have to shell out a lot of money first. The current $300 sale is a little tastierSure, a dedicated device for streaming games that isn’t on your phone might come in handy for those who want a dedicated device, but at $350, this becomes far more unpalatable. Game streaming is, after all, marketed entirely to people who don’t want to spend money on a dedicated console, so it makes me wonder who Logitech thinks will buy the G Cloud gaming handhelds. I have to think Released in the US and Canada. Obviously we’re testing but who knows if Logitech will give roses see if the handheld he doesn’t ship until October 18th what Logitech will do with the handheld within the next month I hope you can show everyone what you can do.

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