Infinite is in public testing on the Play Store for the next two weeks

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Diablo Immortal Be careful.There’s a New ARPG Contending for the Top Spot

torchlight infinite open beta heroes

We’ve known for some time that Torchlight: Infinite is moving from TapTap to the Play Store, with pre-registration for the game’s global launch. There is a new Play Store listing For Torchlight: Infinite, pre-registration has been completed, so you’ll be notified of the release on launch day, but it’s also on the second listing on the Play Store. Access to open beta It is now unfolding. The beta is expected to last him two weeks ahead of the game’s October launch, so we’ll see how Torchlight: Infinite is shaping up and if it’s a worthy competitor to Diablo Immortal. If you want to know if it will be, today is the day. Install the beta directly from the Play Store today.

The tweet above explains it all. For some reason the developers are calling today’s beta rollout a closed beta, but it’s really open because no invitation or sign-in key is required. Not only does this mark the first time the game is playable on the Play Store (the previous beta was on his TapTap), but the game will be cross-platform with PC, so during the new game You can also try out his PC version on .Beta, and yes, games come on steam.

If you decide to jump into the beta today, remember All progress will be erased End of Beta. Once the beta ends, any purchases made will be refunded to your account. So if you’re planning on spending money during the beta period, choose your connected account wisely as you’ll have to use the same account to get that money back in the official release.

A hard release date doesn’t seem to have been set yet, but October appears to be the planned release month. This means we are very close to a global launch. This can be seen in the new beta as it offers new heroes, skills, stories, and bosses and launches upgrades to the Netherrealm. This means there is new content to explore if you have previously tested one of the two betas. As expected, the developers are soliciting feedback on this content and will likely refine the game further before it’s released in a month’s time.

So if you want to see what exactly Torchlight: Infinite has to offer before it officially launches, almost everyone has it on their platform of choice (iOS, PC, and Android), including the Google Play Store. is the day you can confirm it. So if you want to start installing the 1.35 GB, you can grab the new beta from the Play Store widget below. Oh, and if you want to pre-register, Main Play Store Listingthe beta version is something else.

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