How to unlock new characters in Genshin Impact

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HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact is considered one of the best Android games and the best Android gacha masterpiece. It’s almost world breaking how much money Genshin Impact makes.With how high the game’s budget has gotten, Genshin Impact is the best stress tester on new hardware like his Android phone is. What keeps the game afloat is the ongoing regional expansion, the evolving storyline, and the colorful cast of characters you can meet for your adventure. , how do you recruit units without breaking the bank? Today we put together a character recruitment guide to help you build your team. That way, you’ll feel less alone on your Taybat adventures!

How to recruit starters

Characters are automatically recruited as you progress through the first Archon quest (main story). See the checklist below.

  • Amber (Bow, Pyro): This is the second character to appear after Paimon. He gets Amber within 10 minutes of playing.
  • Kaeya (sword, cryo): Kaeya recruits third. After completing the “Crash Course” quest, which is part of a series of prologue quests, you can’t miss Kaeya anyway.
  • Lisa (catalyst, electro): To get Lisa, you’ll need to complete the “Spark in the Page” quest, another quest in the Prologue quest series.
  • Noel (Claymore, Geo): Unlike the first three characters, Noel can be missed/skipped. Once you’ve unlocked the Wish Ability (gacha system), learn how wishes work. If you wish with the Beginners Banner (up to 20 wishes, 14 with a discount), the first 10 wishes guarantee Noel To do.

GI_Start 4

These characters are considered part of the starting cast, but are acquired later than the four characters above.

  • Barbara (catalyst, hydro): Barbara will join your team when you reach Adventure Rank 18 and complete the “Longshot” quest.
  • Xiangling (polearm, pyro): Spiral Abyss is unlocked when Adventure Rank reaches 20. After clearing Room 3 (3-3) on the 3rd floor, you can recruit Karin in the Spiral Abyss Event “People’s Choice”.
  • Korai (bow, dendro): Similar to Xiangling, Collei (Dendro, bow) can be recruited in version 3.1 after reaching adventure rank 20 and clearing 4-3 in Spiral Abyss.

GI-new starter


Remember that your hero can wear many hats. Traveling to a new region allows the Traveler to interact with the Seven Statues and exchange elements. So if you find your team lacking the Resonance or Usability factor, use Traveler to fill the remaining gaps!

Purchase a character with Masterless Star Glitter

You can purchase characters in Paimon’s shop that require Masterless Star Glitter. Masterless Star Glitter is only accumulated when you get a character duplicate and one of the weapons (4 stars and he only has a 5 star rarity). See conversion rates below for ideas.

  • Masterless star glitter x 2 for 4 star characters other than C6
  • 10 for 5 star characters other than C6
  • 5 for C6 or higher star 4 characters
  • 25 for 4-star characters above C6
  • 2 for 4 star weapons
  • 10 for 5 star weapons

Tap the Paimon icon > to access the shop. shop > Paimon’s bargain > star glitter replacement.

Note: Purchasable characters are reset every month and can be purchased only once.

GI_Star Glitter Shop

Participating in events

Events are limited-time quests. Prerequisites often need to be met before they can be taken on, such as attaining a certain Adventure Rank, completing some World Quests, or completing certain Acts in Archon Quests. As you play events, you have the chance to earn weapons (and improvements) or character copies.

use the gacha system

Bread and butter system to get more characters. Wishing is another word for pulling or summoning, using Fate. Fate can be obtained through in-game methods such as rewarding adventure ranks, leveling up the sacred cherry blossom tree at Onarukami Shrine, or purchasing with other currencies (such as Primo Gems).

Standard wish banner

Also called a permanent banner. Unlike time-limited banners, regular banners can be wished at any time. 90 wishes guarantee 5 stars, but it’s 50/50 whether you get a character or a weapon. If you haven’t received a 5-star character or 5-star weapon in your previous wish, the 270 pull will definitely get you a 5-star character or 5-star weapon. Also, 10 wishes will guarantee you receive a weapon.

GI_Standard banner

Limited time banner

New units and reruns of previous character event banners will only appear for a limited time. Intertwined Fate is required to be summoned in the Character Event Banner. Multiple banners may be displayed at once, but the sympathy system (method of reaching guarantees) is shared between these banner types. What this means is that if you do 20 pulls (place 20 wishes) on character banner 1, if you change your mind on the featured 5 stars you’re targeting, sympathy (20/90) goes to character banner 2 It means that it will be taken over.

90 pulls guarantee a character, but once you reach your first sympathy, it’s still a 50/50 toss-up whether you receive a character from the standard banner or it’s the featured character. Acquiring a character resets sympathy. 4-star characters are also rated up with these banners. Every 10th wish you get a 4 star weapon/character. If the first he doesn’t get any of the rate ups in 10, the second he definitely gets in 10 pulls.

Note: Even if the limited-time character banner expires, the accumulated pity will be carried over to the limited-time character banner.

GI_Limited banner 1

GI_Limited banner 2

the more the better

HoYoverse does an excellent job creating vibrant and engaging characters in the world of Teyvat. You don’t have to break the bank to get some of these units when building your team. New Premium Suppose that her character caught your eye. In that case, you should launch the latest update as soon as possible so you can keep up with the latest events and start exploring new regions such as the exotic lands of Sumeru. If you’re into team building and open world exploration, consider getting the Genshin Impact app below.

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