How to start your journey to save Elden

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Evertale is a popular fantasy collection-based RPG developed by ZigZaGame. On the surface, the primary mechanics of collecting monsters resemble catching Pokemon in the wild, but digging deeper reveals that there’s more to Evertale than meets the eye. ever since 2.0 launch, Evertale has significantly changed functionality. It introduces additional anime-inspired units, story expansion (including several character redesigns) and related events, a reinvigorated UI design for him, and lore-centric content surrounding Erden. Best of all, you don’t need a high-end Android phone to play Evertale’s latest update. This free quality of life update does not change the base game’s exceptional performance.

The daunting task of saving Erden from the 100-year-old plague curse, Pandemonium, requires critical choices. Resources are limited and you can’t recruit every ally you meet. But all heroes need guidance and pointers on where to start. This guide covers the basics of the game, including the combat system and a starting point when building your ultimate team.

Battle system: pros and cons

You can have up to 8 units in your Battle Lineup. There is a front line and a back line. The front line is the first four members listed in your party, and the back line is your reserve.When a front unit is defeated and has zero health, the reserve unit automatically jumps to the front line. to replace it. Note: It is not necessary to have 8 units, but it is highly recommended.

In battle, you can execute three commands: “Catch”, “Pass”, and “Skill”. To catch a monster, you have to use the catch command, and you can increase your odds by knocking down the monster and lowering its health. Think about how you catch wild Pokémon.



You can skip your turn by using the pass command. Sometimes you want to rely on your units to unleash a devastating attack sooner or later.

Unleash devastating skills in Evertale

Using a skill has an associated cost that affects a unit’s turn order and spirit points. Units have their own skills associated with their elements. We encourage you to experiment with units until you build a synergistic squad.

How turns work

Combat relies heavily on turn-based mechanics. The turn order of your battle units depends on the action you take. All skills have a turn order cost. The higher his turn cost to use that skill, the longer it takes his turn to come again. Enemies follow the same mechanics. If you’re not careful, enemies may make several moves before you get your next turn.Each skill has a turn order cost displayed.

Evertale turn order number

team spirit

Team spirit exists as a shared point system for all units in combat. All skills have a cost or gain of spirit points. Negative points mean that team spirit is consumed to use those skills, positive numbers are added to the team’s spirit gauge.

Show Team Spirit Gauge in Evertale

Due to Team Spirit’s mechanics, units can’t barrage their best attacks every turn. When unleashing the best move, you must decide which unit to prioritize. This means that general strategy plays an important role.

Manage story teams

Unit skills are categorized by preferred weapon type and element affinity. Evertale, like Pokémon, uses a rock-paper-scissors system to determine unit performance in combat. The advantages and disadvantages of each element are summarized below.

  • fire: Strong against wind, weak against water.
  • water: Good against fire, weak against storms.
  • storm: Strong against water, weak against wind.
  • Wind: Effective against storms, weak against fire.
  • light: Effective against dark and neutral against all other elements.
  • dark: Effective against light and neutral against all other elements.

Overall, teams should be organized to provide optimal coverage for multiple factors. You can check the attributes of each unit on the status screen.

Displaying unit element types in Evertale

Unfortunately, you can’t stack your team with the game’s best monsters and characters. , has a set cost for placing them on your team, and equipping certain weapons and armor can increase this cost.

Cost to add a teammate to your team in Evertale

A newly formed battalion needs a leader. Any unit can be appointed as leader, but not all units are created equal, as few units include the leader skill his passive. Always try which units synergize to maximize your leader’s skill passive bonus.



status effect

Learning to use status effects to your advantage can turn the tide in combat to your advantage. This also applies if a status effect works against you. To understand how to cleanse status effects while maximizing their use, it is essential to analyze the meaning of status effects.

  • burned: A stat equal to TU equal to 0.1% of the burnt unit’s max health, ignoring damage reduction. The timer is equal to her 300TU or when the unit no longer participates in combat. It is not possible to renew the duration of an applied status.
  • poison: A status equal to 0.25% of the caster’s attack power, ignoring damage reduction. Poison damage ticks occur per TU (the turn order associated with the unit). Instead, Super Poison rises to her 1% of the caster’s attack power. Note: Poison can only be overridden and damage per TU is not cumulative.
  • speed up: When applying Quicken, TU cost is reduced (up to 20%). Essentially, it allows units to act faster in combat. Quicken is classified as a buff, so it cannot stack and cannot be overridden by other status effects.
  • sleepy: A status effect that immobilizes a unit while it is asleep. Sleeping units will wake up after being attacked, inflicted with a status ailment, or after 200 TUs have passed. A sleeping unit skips her turn and gains her 100TU for each failed turn. Sleep cannot be applied again to a unit that has the “Already Sleeping” status applied.
  • stealth: Stats applied to units that enable the skill in Stealth Strike. Stealth strikes can ignore damage reduction and triggered passives (revenge and skins) to deal 400% damage to units. Other stats may override the stealth stat.

Forming a team with a mix of leader passives around status effects and buffs can be a great strategy for beating bosses and PvP content, so keep an eye on your units’ skills to see which ones are on your team. Please make sure it fits.

weapon equipment

Recruiting powerful allies is only part of the equation when building a team. Weapons require similar attention, but in some ways even more. You can upgrade your weapons the same way you upgrade your units. This also means that the skill set is included while contributing to the team’s cost system. Unfortunately, this means that equipping high-rarity weapons can cost a unit slot 1 or 2, limiting your options for how to build your team early in the game. can be It’s up to you whether you prefer to manage a small team with strong equipment (but weak units) or a large ill-equipped team (potentially strong units). is. As you progress through the game, the problem will be fixed as capacity levels increase.



Collecting monster characters

Catch monster friends and evolve them

Unlike Pokémon, you can catch an unlimited number of monsters before escaping. However, you should aim to increase your chances of success by knocking down three-quarters of the monster’s health before tapping his command to capture. Tips: Always approach the swaying grass to encounter unique monsters.

Your monsters can evolve into stronger monsters, but they require farming experience points earned by fighting.



Hold onto Soul Stones (premium currency) if you want to acquire new characters. Soulstones can be summoned with banners of your choice (featured character rating increases). Banners are divided into temporary characters and permanent character pools. Some flags require a paid soul stone to summon.

Evertale gacha banner example

Be sure to summon with 1000 soul stones and confirm the SR unit. SR units are powerful, but less powerful than SSR units. Adding any SR unit to your team will strengthen your account, so we recommend summoning them all at once.

Getting more Soul Stones requires investment and a lot of patience. Accumulate up to 30,000 Soul Stones and use them in the Lucky Fountain to earn more. Completing daily missions and story quests will give you more rewards.

Evertale Fountain of Fortune Access

Your daily routine in Evertale (example)

Duplicate management

You need to learn how to manage duplication. Too many sources quickly create copies of monsters, characters, and weapons. Basically, you hit the cap and can’t get any more. This leaves us with two options for him: forge and power up. Forging transforms characters and monsters into craftable materials, while power-ups enhance selected units. Duplicates are consumed when awakening the same unit under a powerup. Your units gain passive skills, increasing their base stats for Power, Health, and Attack. Thankfully, forging automatically converts excess copies into shards, so it doesn’t matter which option you choose.



Optimization practice

This is the theme of gacha-type titles, and you have to master the throwing system well, and if you don’t know what you’re doing from the start, it’s very likely that you’ll be punished when you get close to the limit. end game. We’ve put together a quick list of some tips and tricks to help you grow your overall account.

  • Read through the offline story, then focus on the event. The event is not for beginners and costs mana.
  • Save Soul Stones (30,000) before throwing them into the gacha banner to access the Lucky Fountain to increase your value. Fountains of good luck can be found at events held several times a month!
  • Upgrade your SSR units to avoid overusing resources on your SR units.
  • If you’re pulling meta, choose your first SSR carefully. One that can carry various contents, such as Endless Lisette (Darkness) and Jeanne d’Arc (Light and Darkness).
  • Don’t rely on AI for autoplay. Stick to manual play if possible.
  • Start with an SSR carry and focus on leveling up one character and weapon at a time.
  • Clear substories to acquire EXP-up materials.
  • Join an alliance, add friends and use friend points.
  • Complete high activity milestones.
  • Complete daily missions and work on achievements.

To be a hero ‘you have to catch everything’

Evertale brings a lot more than its collectibles and team-building gameplay. You are essentially put on a heroic pilgrimage to become stronger, taught how to make informed choices about which allies to recruit while learning the dark truth behind Erden and Pandemonium. will give you Evertale is a story-driven gacha game that motivates you to build the most powerful team to overcome all challenging content. And if you need a break from the gacha system, you can always enjoy a more casual experience by playing a monster-catching simulator (such as Pokemon). If you’re ready for a grind of collection and team building, some awe-inspiring heroics, and RPG gameplay, check out Evertale below.

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