How to navigate Sumeru updates

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The wait to reach Sumeru is finally over. After playing Inazuma on version 2.0 for a year, you can expect to finally explore numerous updates to the game, including new content, optimizations, and features. Downloading the update is only the first step. The next step is to have a well-equipped Android smartphone to handle the incoming content (after all, you should enjoy the content). But every new journey needs a roadmap, so Techvair is here to show you what to expect in Genshin Impact 3.0 by teaching you how to navigate your way to Teyvat’s next chapter. We support.

Dendro of the seventh element

In addition to adding an all-new region, Dendro is probably Genshin Impact’s most anticipated update. Yes. Anyone can access Dendro Traveler. If you continue to participate in the Graven Innocence event, the new he will earn a free copy of the 4-star dendro user Koray. Otherwise, you can pick up a copy of the featured 5-star Dendro unit by requesting Tighnari’s rate-up banner in the first half of 3.0.

What we know about dendros

Dendro is derived from three keywords: catalysis, wisdom and life. The main theme is nature and lots of greenery, exactly what you would expect from the typical grass and tree elements found in other games. hydro, electro). Below I’ve attached the first teaser that gives you a visual idea of ​​what you’ll encounter while playing.

The new Dendro Resonance (when pairing two Dendro users on the same team) provides Elemental Mastery (50) to all party members. Elemental Mastery increases by 30 for 6 seconds when triggering a Dendratory Reaction on Electro, Hydro or Pyro, and an additional Dendratory Reaction on Electro, Hydro or Pyro increases his Elemental Mastery by 20 for 6 seconds.

Summary of known dendro-reactions:

  • Dendro + Electro produces Quicken/Catalize
  • Dendro + Pyro generates Burning
  • Dendro + Hydro Creates Bloom
  • Quicken/Catalize + Dendro generate Spread
  • Quicken/Catalyze + Electro produces agrabate
  • Bloom + Electro Creates Hyper Bloom
  • Bloom + Pyro spawns a version

Note: With regards to Quicken/Catalyze, Catalyze refers to the reaction between Dendro and Electro, causing affected enemies to Quickened. You may see Catalyst and Quicken used interchangeably.

Dendro has a multi-stage reaction depending on the aura (first element) and triggers (elements applied to the aura). All reaction bonuses and stats are decoupled from triggers. In short, to get the most out of Dendro-related reactions, you need to build your team around reliable triggers.

Tips for building an early Dendro team

After two years of playing under different rules, it’s hard to get used to new elements that bring new reactions and gameplay. Some characters such as Keqing, Thoma, and Fischl have also undergone power shifts. However, the previous usage of these characters is different. For example, Keqing is recognized for its high uptime in electrical applications. The 4 piece he recommends getting the Thundering Fury artifact set. This also includes some Elemental Mastery (EM) sub-stats (going for 100-200). Her strongest team includes Fischl, Dendro Traveler, and Kazuha/Skrose. I recommend building him in Triple EM on your version team. Finally, Fischl is arguably one of the best upgrades for his Dendro team, including the Electro application, and is very important to the Aggravate and Spread teams. She does a lot of damage off the field and gains a lot of her percentage of damage by reacting to Dendro.

new banner

Phase I

Tighnari (Dendro, bow) and Zhongli (Geo, polearm) are rated up, making Zhongli’s fourth banner appearance and Tighnari’s debut. It’s important to note that Tighnari is not a limited rate-up his character. He will be added to the Wanderlust Invocation (permanent standard) banner in his 3.1. You can also receive an increase in the probability of Korey, a 4-star dendroboke user.

Event wish-1

Additionally, the Exclusive Weapon Banner Pool includes two 5 Weapons, the Hunter’s Path (bow) and the Vortex Vanquisher (polearm).

Weapon Banner-1

Phase II

Ganyu (Cryo, Bow) and Kokomi (Hydro, Catalyst) rates will increase. Both Ganyu and Kokomi have rated up before, making it his third appearance in Banner. You can also receive an increase in the probability of Dori, a 4-star Electro Claymore user.

event wish 2

Additionally, two 5-star weapons will appear in the exclusive weapon banner pool. Amos’ Bow and Everlasting Moonglow.


The Next Chapter of Archon Quest

The main story continues in Chapter 3. Act 1: Through the fog and darkness of the forest, Act 2: Morning of a Thousand Roses He is released in two acts. It’s all happening in the exotic land of Sumeru, and you’ll have to see for yourself where your adventures will take you!

How Chapter III Begins: Act One

  • Must be adventure rank 35 or higher.
  • Complete Archon Quest Chapter II: Act IV “Requiem of the Echoing Deps”.

Artifact Sets, Craftable Weapons, and Event Weapons

Two newly released Artifact Sets have been available on the farm since version 3.0, along with new craftable weapons and an obtainable 4-star bow.

Gilded Dreams and Deepwood Memories Artifact Set

Artifacts set Gilded Dreams and Deepwood Memories can be found in the Spire of Solitary Enlightenment.


Gilded Dreams’ 2-piece bonus increases elemental mastery by 80, and its 4-piece bonus increases elemental mastery by 50 for all elements in a party different from the wearer’s. matching elements. Bonuses can be triggered every 8 seconds from elemental reactions and can also be triggered off the field.

Deepwood Memories’ 2-piece effect increases Dendro’s damage by 15%, and its 4-piece bonus reduces the target’s resistance to Dendro by 30% after using a burst or skill for 8 seconds. This effect can also be triggered outside the field.

Sumeru Craftable Weapons

Gain access to five new craftable weapons: Swords, Polearms, Claymores, Catalysts, and Bows. To unlock these, complete the relevant world quests around Sumeru. Midlander billets are used in the crafting process, a new type of billet included in this version. Luckily, you have the option to convert Northlander billets using Dream Solvents (dropped from weekly bosses).


end of line

A new bow, End of the Line, can be obtained as a reward from the Sumeru Fishing Association (see NPC Rumerat). To get a new bow, you need to catch the following fish.

  • 16 Halcyon Jade Ax Merlin
  • 16 Lazurite Ax Merlin
  • 4 deep wave peach

Fish you need to catch to buy Refining (max 4):

  • 8 Halcyon Jade Ax Merlin
  • 8 Lazurite Ax Merlin
  • 2 deep wave peach

list of events

  • Graven Innocence (free copy of Collei as event reward)
  • Phase’s Trial
  • tablet analysis
  • lost wealth
  • Line of force overflow

Notes on changing the period

Patches 3.0-3.2 will only last 5 weeks (instead of 6) and the Battle Pass will be adjusted accordingly, requiring only 900 instead of 1000 EXP per level.


Critical optimization update

  • Hydro resonance is changing: Increases your maximum HP by 25% and reduces the duration of Pyro effects by 40%.
  • High voltage to receive updates: Adds Quicken, Aggravate, and Hyperbloom as options to trigger the electro particle passive.
  • Dendro Goblet Drop Distribution: Dendro Damage % added to Artifact drop pool, Elemental Goblet drop rate remains unchanged. Instead, percentages are taken from the more common primary attributes HP%, DEF%, and ATK%.
  • Weapon and Artifact descriptions have been updated: Weapon and Artifact passives now include dendro-related reactions.
  • Friend list limit increased From 45 to 60.
  • more party space 5 to 10 slots.
  • Added 10 Artifact Sets to Strongbox.
  • mobility adjusted Exceptional cases when navigating complex terrain: Ayaka’s dash, Yeran’s skill, Mona’s dash, Sayu’s skill, Yaemiko’s skill, Fischl’s burst.

Genshin Impact 3.0 or later

Now that Genshin Impact 3.0 is out, we have some content to keep us busy for a while until more additions like new game modes and map expansions. . Expect to see more updates, fixes, new story events, and rewards as we delve deeper into Sumeru’s story. Also, every journey needs a starting point. So, in case you haven’t installed Genshin Impact yet, we’ve included the widget below. We recommend that you explore Tayvat.

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