How to install mods for Terraria

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Terraria is one of the best sandbox games available for Android. It encourages exploration and building, so there’s always something new to discover. Even if you try to explore the whole world in one game, you’ll need multiple playthroughs to try it all. However, if you’re not satisfied with Terraria’s content, or want even more, you can fine-tune your experience with one of the many mods available.

This guide will show you how to install the mod for the Android version of Terraria. If you’re ready to extend your sandbox experience, read on. You can also enhance your experience with one of the best controllers for Android.

What mods are available for Terraria on Android?

Terraria mods help you experience the game from a new perspective. These Android mods can change the appearance of bosses and enemies, add new music, change the behavior of items and weapons.

Terraria mods for Android aren’t as expansive as their PC counterparts, but they’re worth a try if you’ve ever wanted to change how the game works. There are no popular PC mods like Calamity here. Rather, you’ll see small tweaks and changes in the game. If you enjoy modding Terraria, but want a more varied modding experience, try installing mods for these great Android games.

How to install mods in Terraria

Before you begin, you’ll need to purchase and install Terraria. Open and close the game before starting to install mods. You don’t have to run the game once, but it’s a good way to make sure the core game is running before you start installing mods.

You should also know that modding the Android Terraria game is not officially supported. The following rules apply to modded games:

  • Accessing and modifying game files voids your entitlement to technical support.
  • Distribution of hacked save files is strictly prohibited on the Terraria forums.

Once you accept these results, dive in and start modding.

How to use TL Pro

Unfortunately, the only Terraria mods that work reliably on Android are those available through the TL Pro app. This app acts as a mod loader for Terraria, allowing you to install and use texture his packs, mods, cheat codes and more. However, this means you won’t be able to use some of the most popular Terraria mods like Calamity.

Once you download TL Pro, installing mods is easy.

  • Open TL Pro.
  • Tap any category.
  • Tap. plus button on the top right of the screen. tl-pro-homescreen tl-pro-categories
  • Tap any mod.
  • Tap. download button at the bottom of the screen. tl-pro-mod-list tl-pro-mod-description
  • The mod will be automatically downloaded and installed. Launch the Terraria app and start using mods. You can also tap other Click on the TL Pro tab to access advanced settings such as the cheat menu, character and world exporters.

    We recommend installing one mod at a time. This helps narrow down the culprit if a mod is causing the problem.

    There is an APK available that provides more substantial changes. However, use these at your own risk as they can serve as a vector for malware to infect your phone. Until Terraria for Android’s mod support improves, we recommend using the mods available from TL Pro.

    How to uninstall mods in TL Pro

    If you don’t enjoy the mod or want to change to something else, you can uninstall it from TL Pro. Mods available from TL Pro can be uninstalled without affecting saved files. However, please be aware that uninstalling mods during gameplay still risks breaking the game. If you plan on going back and forth between the original Terraria and the modded version, it’s best to create two separate save files.

  • close it terraria app if open.
  • Open TL Pro.
  • Tap. Category of mods.
  • Tap mods.
    • Installed mods are displayed separately from uninstalled mods. You don’t have to tap plus button.
  • Tap remove pack.
  • Explore the world of Terraria mods

    While many hope that Terraria on Android will soon have the same modding capabilities as PC, there are still plenty of ways to modify the game. TL Pro is a great tool for veterans and newcomers alike. If you’re looking to expand beyond modded Terraria, you’ll have hours of fun with the best Android games available.

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