How to free up storage space for Genshin Impact on mobile

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Genshin Impact plays an important role in Android games and emphasizes “big”. Since arriving at Inazuma with version 2.0, I’ve noticed a significant net weight gain from one of my favorite Android games. New lore, seasonal events, and new stories are still on the way, adding even more weight to the game. You simply can’t get one of these models). In short, juggling data is key to sustaining the Genshin experience as your game grows. .

Not everyone has access to an SD card slot and wants to say goodbye to their game library just to find space for one game. Filling up my 20GB storage space is a bit of a problem. That’s why Techvair analyzes best practices for optimizing your mobile storage space for Genshin Impact, helping your phone or tablet cope with this giant behemoth.

Things to know before installation

You might already be trying to save storage space for Genshin Impact, but unfortunately the pre-install feature doesn’t do us any favors regarding that practice. before installation You can download in-game resources before the scheduled update. Unfortunately, it still holds the current patch resources while trying to download new patches. in short, Install these huge files It just bloats the size of the current version even more. HoYoverse may reduce the size of pre-install files by removing old unused assets from old event quests, but this is not always the case with all updates.

It’s not impossible to reduce the size of the update file, but you may choose to first remove unused files from previous patches and then download new updates as they are released. This way you can save space with minimal time investment (depending on your internet connection).

clear cache

Clearing the cache will remove temporary files associated with the Genshin Impact app. Clearing your cache regularly can free up storage space and, in some cases, improve app and device performance. Read the instructions on how to get started with this practice.

  • Tap to go to your device settings setting > application Also app to open the app manager. Depending on your device, you may need to tap additional options to access the apps list.
  • Once in the manager, scroll down to find Genshin Impact.Tap Genshin Impact to see the app info. GI_Settings GI_setting 2
  • On the Genshin Impact information page, Storage. From here you can clear the data or clear the cache, but here we will only clear the cache.
  • Tap Clear cache end. How much space you gain from clearing the cache depends on how often you do this step. So even if you clear the cache daily, you won’t notice much of a difference — it’s probably best to only care about clearing the cache once in a while. GI_setting 3 GI_setting 4
  • Uninstalling unused language packs

    This can be very space-saving as you can uninstall unused voice packs for various languages ​​to save storage, saving up to several gigabytes per language pack. Managing language packs is easy is. Method is as follows.

    Note: New installs of the app no ​​longer come with all language packs.

  • Launch the Genshin Impact application and load the game from your device.
  • Tap the Paimon icon to bring up the main menu, setting (gear icon).
  • In Settings, scroll down and tap language; You can manage the narration and game language here. GI_Language 1 GI_Language2
  • To start uninstalling unused voice packs, Manage narration files (Located in the lower left corner) > Uninstall.
  • If you want to reinstall other language packs later, dubbing language Tap the dropdown menu and then confirmation. GI_Language 3 GI_language 4
  • Reinstall Genshin Impact

    This should be the last resort to consider when organizing your storage space. Updating in bulk can leave unused files (old events, quests, etc.) and use up storage. An occasional fresh install may be the only way to completely remove these files.

  • On your device, go back to the app manager under settings.
  • Tap Genshin Impact and select Uninstall, and tap all right to confirm. GI_uninstall1 GI_uninstall2
  • To begin reinstalling, open the Google Play Store and search for Genshin Impact.
  • Tap install Launch the app and kill the process. Depending on your internet connection, reinstalling the game can take some time, so if you’re desperately trying to squeeze out some extra space, we recommend using this method with caution. GI_uninstall3 GI_uninstall4
  • Clear app data

    Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the game, wiping app data removes residual files from your device and essentially resets the application to its factory state. If you’re dealing with issues such as corrupted update files, or if you’re having trouble loading or running the game, we recommend clearing the data.

    Note: When you clear app data, you lose all stored information, including your login credentials.

    To start clearing app data on your device, go to: setting > application Also app > App information > depository > clear data.

    If all else fails, consider cloud gaming

    Thankfully Nvidia’s GeForce NOW, Genshin Impact Now PlayableThis means you can bypass game downloads and never have to worry about storage space headaches again. However, since this is a cloud gaming service, expect different mileage when it comes to performance. But this is his one of the best options. Especially if your device’s storage space is maxed out.

    grow up or go home

    Genshin Impact’s monthly updates don’t slow down anytime soon, especially after the peak of new region updates. I was forced to adopt an approach. But it’s not always the case, because not all of us are ready to deal with this problem. They may not even own a 128GB Android device in the first place, and few have the option to use an SD card. But right now we can only plan for the short term, so we have to work with the tools at our disposal.

    We’ll see if we see any improvements, but in the meantime enjoy your newly acquired characters and the ongoing events. We hope to soon add tools to optimize your storage space.

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