How to create a Reddit profile

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If you’ve been on the internet for more than a few minutes, you’ve probably heard of Reddit. Although the discussion website is not considered one of the major social media platforms, some 500 million users use his Reddit for everything from aggregating news to conversing about interesting and bizarre topics on the internet. using. Sometimes Reddit is better than Google for finding the answers you’re looking for. Sure, you may have come across Reddit threats on other platforms, but they originate from this website built to go down the rabbit hole and discuss.

So why not dive into the fun? We don’t blame you, but you have to set it up first.As with other platforms like Reddit, setting up an account gives you more features and allows you to follow more threads. and become more involved.

This guide explains what Reddit is, provides tips for navigating the site, and explains how to set up a Reddit profile on either your PC or the best Android phones.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a US-based website and mobile app that allows users to discuss, debate, debate, and communicate on various topics. The threading system is a bit like Twitter, but there’s no character limit, which allows subjects to be investigated too exhaustively.

You can add almost anything to a thread. Text, links, videos, GIFs, and images can be found throughout the platform organized into communities or subreddits. There are rules about how you should behave yourself when communicating with other users.

Reddit is reportedly the 9th most visited website in the world and the 6th most visited website in the United States.

How to create a Reddit profile on PC

Creating an account for most platforms is easy if you are willing to connect your social or email channels to the platform.If you create a Reddit profile on your PC, you will need to set up your account with your email .

To create a redaction profile on your PC:

  • go to in your browser.
  • click blue sign up Click the button. reddit - sign up
  • choose either Continue with Google, continue with appleor fill in the email box.
  • Enter your email address and it will take you to your inbox Find a message from Reddit. reddit-login
  • Click the blue button that says Go to Reddit on mail. reddit-mail
  • follow us prompt Set up your account.
  • choose you Identity from the menu. reddit - identification
  • choose you interest from the menu. reddit-interest
  • choose you community from the menu. reddit-community
  • Choose an avatar. reddit-avatar
  • Check out the Reddit homepage.
  • choose Username change Click the button. reddit-home
  • Change your username to whatever you want. reddit - username
  • How to create a Reddit profile on Android

    If you want to streamline the process a bit and set up a Reddit account on your Android phone via the Reddit mobile app, we can help with that too. The process is slightly different. Due to Reddit app security, some screenshots are not shown in these steps. Nevertheless, you can create an account without any problems by following these simple steps.

  • download Reddit app on the Google Play store.
  • choose either Continue with Google, continue with appleor fill in the email box.
  • If you chose Mailbox, select your email, username, and password. want to use reddit - app store reddit-app-login
  • Please fill in about you section of what you specify.
  • which one to choose interest you want to follow reddit-app-about-you reddit-app interest
  • Choose an avatar.
  • Check out your home dashboard and have fun. reddit-app-avatar reddit-app-home
  • You are now ready to go. Whether you start on a PC or an Android phone, you can get your account up and running on any device you log in with, so you can debate whether the earth is flat on the go or in the comfort of your own home. Also, there are plenty of alternative his Reddit apps to help you enjoy your mobile experience even more.

    Jump in and have fun!

    Now that your Reddit account is all set up, it’s time to explore. First, take your setup process seriously. Interests and community choices affect your experience on the home page. Then do a little digging in the search bar to find a top or subreddit to follow.

    Check out our guide on how to create a subreddit to learn how to make more meaningful use of the platform. That way you can start a discussion instead of reading them. You can also comment and thread other topics as long as you follow the rules of that community.

    And remember, have fun! Social media platforms can be toxic, but Reddit is full of interesting topics and people of interest.

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