Higan: Eruthyll Beginner's Guide

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Higan: Elchir is a real-time strategy card gacha game developed and sold by Bilibili. The global version is currently in closed beta testing. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide to reveal its inner workings. For a mobile gacha game, Higan: Eruthyll offers very polished visuals with his smooth 3D animations during cutscenes and battles. At the same time, the story is delivered with full Japanese voice work (with English subtitles) and is unafraid to blur the line between reality and fantasy. In addition to a compelling storyline, there’s a class system that lets you develop new strategies as you fight, and gameplay that’s intuitive enough to keep you from getting bogged down. Higan: Eruthyll is a breath of fresh air compared to your usual mobile gacha games, and you don’t have to have the best Android phone to enjoy a great visual experience.

Today’s beginner’s guide will detail how combat works, upgrade your systems, and prepare you before you dive in. This way, you’ll know how to best use your time and resources after fully immersing yourself in Higan: Eruthyll.

How the battle system works

Combat in the Beyond: Eruthyll focuses on choosing cards to manipulate the flow of battle, with characters auto-attacking enemies calculated by their combat formation. Before each battle, character targets preview her patterns and behavior to determine unit formations and ultimately strategize how to tackle the next battle sequence.

HE formation example

Every character offers unique skills and select the appropriate card to activate these skills. Your energy (the actions you take) is limited, so measuring your skill is essential. So you can’t spam every card in your hand. Otherwise, you won’t have enough energy left to use your skills when it counts. All of your characters have their own Ultimate Skill, which can be activated when the Ultimate Energy Gauge is full.

HE card skills

Each unit is divided by class and skills that complement their role in combat. For example, a tank character can cast armor for damage absorption. This will prevent your team from taking too much damage. That way, key supports won’t be overwhelmed catching up with the recovery.

You can choose any character/role you like, but I found out that I was going to bring in a tank, and a healer was absolutely necessary.


As the story progresses, you will face enemies with unique mechanics. When you learn about new enemy mechanics, these often serve as hints for target prioritization and which actions will ensure success.

HE - unique enemy mechanics

You’ll also come across hexagons (standing tiles) that provide helpful buffs. Placing any unit in these hexagons will grant that character a corresponding buff. So keep this in mind when editing formations.

HE buff formation

role and class

All units have preset classes, currently 6. Classes must be mixed and matched to balance combat power.

  • Adiutrix (Healer and Buffer)
  • Assassin (damage dealer and debuffer)
  • Caster (magical damage dealer and utility)
  • Guardian (Tank and Buffer)
  • Hoplite (melee damage dealer)
  • Ranger (Ranged Damage Dealer)

Outside of character classes, every unit has a separate element. Anemo, Lumino, Pyro, Ice, and Umbra. Not only are you expected to adjust between class mixes, but it’s also advisable to incorporate some elements to maximize coverage during combat. It’s weak against types and respects which enemies are highly resistant to your element.

Create a roster

How to get more characters

To get more units, you have to spend resources in the gacha system.to tap wishClick to be redirected to the banner page. Choose a banner, choose 1 wish or 10 wishes, and collect characters. However, Starlight Revelation is required to grant hope to your banner of choice. Starlight Revelations are earned by completing stories, earning achievements, and completing daily/weekly missions.



Some banners focus on summoning playable units, while others include supporting casts (playing inspiration) used to equip your roster. A playable character I recommend looking for a new unit before jumping into her banner.

HE banner support 1

HE banner support 2

equipment of the unit

You can equip your unit with a cast of support characters.To get started, go to roster Then tap any unit.under play inspiration, with three free slots for equipping units: Prologue, Interlude and Finale. Essentially equipping artifacts or gear for additional stat bonuses and passives. All play inspirations have 2 sets of bonuses and some have 3 sets of bonuses. Equip 2 or 3 Inspiration slots to unlock additional bonuses. Don’t forget that you can tap to power up your inspiration. training.



The other two options in this menu are used for upgrades. Extraction allows you to refine your play inspiration copy to gain levels, and uplift allows you to increase the star rating of that copy. Increasing your star rating increases your base attributes and max level cap.

upgrade star

All characters start with an initial star rating. The higher the base star rating, the more powerful the unit. Each unit can reach her six stars, and you can upgrade the unit’s star power by choosing. wake upDuplicate copies of the same unit are required to increase the star rating. First, you need to consume shards to unlock attributes. After mastering the entire attribute line, wake up Complete the star rating upgrade.

HE-Plum Upgrade-1

HE-Plum Upgrade-2

Upgrading your favorite unit’s stars may take a while, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run as these earned attributes provide additional power.

roster power up

Failure to upgrade your roster will cause your units to drop during more difficult battles, depriving you of 3-star missions for maximum rewards. We’ve put together an overview of important upgrades and required resources.

  • character upgrades: Even just leveling up your character is effective, just use inspiration materials.
  • Weapon improvements: unlock new active battle skills and passive talents. Your character’s level must reach the specified level to create modified parts for weapons.
  • Upgrade Active Skills and Ultimates: As you level up, the damage dealt, HP recovery amount, and buff effect will increase. You need two materials and some credits. One is individual character based material and the other is basic combat techniques.
  • Level up your equipped play inspiration: Increases the base stat of Play Inspiration. All you have to do is choose a training option, choose a play inspiration (using low level/rarity only) and sacrifice experience during extraction. This process also costs credits. Unlock Play Resonance by extracting all assembled plays to levels 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30. Boost the same inspiration to increase your star rating (increase base attributes and level cap).

Don’t sleep in the Higan: Elchir

Higan: Eruthyll has a lot of potential in terms of visual experience and simplified gameplay. The UI and English translation could be further refined, but the overall direction of the game is positive. It remains to be seen if Higan: Eruthyll will be one of the best Android gacha games, but you shouldn’t skip it, especially if you’re into beautifully animated gacha RPGs. No news about pre-registration outside of the current beta yet, but for now, stay tuned. Official site to see what comes next in the game.

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