Here are 10 indie Android games you should pick up this weekend.

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Looking for a new game to pick up and play this weekend? Google wraps up the month Indie Game Festival, announces 10 winning titles from Europe, Japan and South Korea. See if any of these numbers interest you.

Winners were made up of 20 finalists from each region, with the top three selected by regular players, industry veterans and accredited judges, plus one game from every pool won the Users’ Choice Award. Winning studios will receive various prizes and promotions to help increase their visibility on the Google Play store.

Below are links to the winning games and Play Store pages, and a brief overview of each.



Combine a dungeon trolling adventure to save your brother from near-certain doom in 100 levels of mysterious rooms, dreadlocks dungeonIt’s quite an achievement by German developer Christoph Minnameyer, whose only project published on the Play Store is a sleep and food tracker for infants.

Belgian developer Thomas Waterzooi intertwines three stories touch the artwork, which revolves around what not to do at your local museum. With the power of remixes, you may be able to see famous works from a completely different perspective.

quad line Employing a spartan design that combines varied physics, it offers a puzzle game with 120 levels for players to solve. Strong play from Ukraine’s Ivan Kovalov.



A stronger cottage industry is forming around Asian mobile games and Giant Dice’s Dungeon Rogue: Legendary Adventurer, indicating the overall maturity of the field. The title spoils a lot of the gameplay, but if you like the wide-stroke cartoon aesthetic, you’ll enjoy this game if it’s available.

Created by Gpicrew Lost Pages – Beginning of the Reins As a deck building roguelike game with rail guides.

Greater Anim

One game that is not yet on the Play Store is IM GAME’s simple yet addicting game Greaterthe player balances perception and impulse, choosing the group containing the most colored dots from the hodgepodge.

User’s Choice Award

Bright and colorful number puzzles await Meow Tower: Nonogram Cute Cat From Studio Boxcat. There are many cats here.



Catastrophe RestaurantCreated by, takes you into a post-apocalyptic dystopia with characters unfamiliar to Touhou fans. Is your one job for him? Create recipes for temporary creatures, also known as customers.

A classic story-driven roguelike with 8-bit graphics with one simple goal: revenge on the gods. raspberry mash It seems like an apt name for those looking for sweet, sweet action, and IGNITION M seems to have got the good stuff on hand.

Here are the Asian titles that are actually available in English: Soulbirds From Girabo. It’s a deck-based RPG with up to 20 hours of standard gameplay and an additional 50 hours of his post-ending content. Here, data-turned-souls are prevented from being corrupted by some terrifying threats.

Learn more about the Indie Games Festival and the studios selected to participate in the Google Play Indie Games Accelerator. Android Developer Blog.

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