GameSir's Biggest Controller Problem Finally Fixed

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GameSir has gone to tears in coming up with some of the best mobile controllers on the market, and while I last tried the excellent GameSir X3, the company is launching an all-new device today, so the last I spent three weeks running at that pace to report my findings. The GameSir X2 Pro hits stores today for $80 and offers a similar design to the original his X2 but with the upgrades found in the X3 (without the fan) and some unique features of its own. . So if the original X2 is starting to feel dated with its tiny face buttons and lack of analog triggers, GameSir is back with improvements that round out its best mobile controller design. Let’s dig in.


GameSir X2 Pro Hands-on Front Raise

At first glance, it’s hard to tell the difference between the old X2 and the new X2 Pro, but there are certainly differences. First and foremost, the X2 Pro’s width allows it to fit larger phones, like giant gaming phones (I’ve tested a few and they all fit with the case on). Beyond the wider footprint, you get full-size face buttons, a continuation from the X3 but an improvement over the X2. The face buttons can also be removed and replaced if you don’t like the Xbox layout, and the X2 Pro offers Xbox branding. Not only does the $80 device come with one month of free access to Game Pass, but it also includes a tiny Xbox button. No, the Game Pass app will not launch. This is the typical home shortcut, like any other mobile controller.

GameSir X2 Pro Hands On Top White

Of course, the biggest addition to the X2 Pro is the fact that it uses Hall effect analog triggers. Many new mobile controllers are moving to this feature to provide console-quality analog triggers like the Razer Kishi V2, but GameSir’s X2 and X3 weren’t able to take advantage of these analog triggers, so the X2 Nice to see them included in Pro. That was the main problem with previous iterations.

What’s unique about the X2 Pro is that it offers several convenient rear buttons as programmable shortcuts so you don’t have to move your fingers while playing.

GameSir X2 Pro Hands Rear White

You can also expect a number of other upgrades that were included with the X3, such as Kailh microswitches for the buttons and an Alps 3D joystick that’s closer to the size of the Nintendo Switch’s joystick than a full-sized one. A typical Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Overall the design feels familiar to the previous model but it’s clearly improved in key areas so even with a case a larger phone can fit and finally the pressure and Tactile button-powered triggers are all around.GameSir calls it the Pro model, and we agree that the X2 Pro is the best controller yet.


GameSir X2 Pro hands-on hands

It feels just enough, like the Steam Deck, for example, so that the controller isn’t too big. The smaller size isn’t quite as ergonomic as a full-size controller, but there’s a sort of grip on the back that helps keep things comfortable. , which helps with the overall feeling of the controller not slipping out of your hand.

GameSir X2 Pro Hands On Top Red

Still, it’s hard not to notice that the entire controller is made out of pretty light-feeling plastic. .


GameSir X2 Pro's hand is on the left side

GameSir X2 Pro's right hand

After a heavy gaming session playing demanding titles like Dead Cells and Rocket League Sideswipe, controller performance is excellent. All the buttons are his Kailh microswitches, so there’s plenty of tactile feel, and this extends to the directional pad, which works wonderfully in fighting games like Garou: Mark of the Wolf.

There’s a pass-through USB-C port, so you can charge your phone while you play, and it’s located on the bottom right, so if you tend to hold the controller in your palm, it can get in the way.

GameSir X2 Pro Hands-on Box

Of course, since the X2 Pro is Xbox branded, we also tested some games on Game Pass, Stadia, and Luna. Everything worked as expected, thanks to the USB-C connection, avoiding the low latency by avoiding Bluetooth altogether.​​​


GameSir app home screen

A GameSir app is available so you can easily update the firmware of your GameSir device, but since I’m testing a pre-release product, the X2 Pro isn’t listed beyond the store section of the app yet. So I’m not sure if there is any firmware for the X2 pro that should be upgraded at any time. Also, there is no way to check if a controller layout setting exists. But judging by my recent X3 hands-on, there should be a way to manually select the button layout for the X2 Pro upon release.


GameSir X2 Pro Hands On Front Red

At $80, the X2 Pro is on par with similar hardware and undercuts the new $100 Razer Kishi V2. Still, $80 is a lot of money just to play a few mobile games with the controller. And thanks to the new Xbox brand, GameSir clearly wants us to consider mobile controllers for streaming games on services like Game Pass, Stadia, Luna, and GeForce Now. So if you’re looking for the best way to stream your games on your phone portable but need a pro-level controller to get the job done, if the $80 outlay is worth the controller, The X2 Pro is a good choice.

Buy GameSir X2 Pro


final thoughts

GameSir X2 Pro hands-on case open

GameSir X2 Pro Hands-on Case Contents

Of all the GameSir controllers we tested last year, the GameSir X2 Pro is the most sophisticated one. Because GameSir finally listened to the fans and added hall-effect analog triggers for proper pressure-sensitive control, perfect for racing games, as well as getting an excellent Alps 3D joystick and Kailh microswitches. , all buttons, triggers and sticks perform well. I feel. Combine this with a slightly larger footprint and it will fit just about any phone, even if it’s a sports case, making it a top contender when it comes to mobile controllers.

So for me, GameSir X2 Pro is a totally worthwhile purchase. Because I spend a lot of time playing games on my phone and the improved quality of game streaming made me stream them more often. Considering you get one month of Game Pass free with your controller, this helps explain the pricing. Plus, with even more expensive competing devices out there, GameSir has reached a perfectly fine middle ground with top-of-the-line features at an acceptable price. That said, if you spend a lot of time playing Android games or often stream games on your phone, the GameSir X2 Pro will give you a good time. Of course, if you want to dig out a few games first and play them with a physical controller, we have a handy roundup covering the best Android games that support controllers.

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