Disney's Mirrorverse Guide: Tips for Beginners

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It’s time to defend the all-star cast of Disney Mirrorverse Guardians and Stellar Mirror in Kabam’s newest action RPG. disney mirrorverseYou are tasked with defeating the Virgo, the source of all star magic and an imminent threat to the Astral Mirror, the manifestation of all goodness and justice. Now it’s up to you to fulfill Mickey Mouse’s urgent demands by recruiting only the best Guardians the Disney Mirrorverse has to offer.

To put an end to the illusion, you need to build a strong team and manage your resources well. That’s why Techvair created a starter guide to guide everyone towards the best approach to building a new team. A complete overview of the battle basics that will definitely help you beat the game’s story mode (consider running it on the best Android tablet for the full experience).

Gameplay basics

battle system

You can have up to 3 Guardians in battle. To swap units, tap the icon on the top left of the screen. Every unit is a unique class, each offering special skills and finishing off with a light/heavy attack. to perform a light attack or activate a special ability (located on the cooldown timer). Holding down the basic attack will change the light attack to a heavy attack. In combat he uses three Guardians, it doesn’t matter which character you’re controlling. Has access to all special attacks for all units.

The next battle mechanic you need to master is the dash. Dash is a way to avoid devastating attacks on your character. Swipe in the direction you want to dash to make the move successful. Jumping out of a visible attack ring is the best way to use this ability.

Your units provide pools of health and armor to determine their survivability in combat. Always keep an eye out for low health and take control of these low health characters before they get knocked out. Units in close range are vulnerable to attack, so keep an eye on them so you can swap them out.

DM_Health and Armor Bar

story mode

Tap the play button to move to the game mode selection screen. Story Mode is unlocked by default, with subsequent chapters unlocked as you complete a series of stages within each chapter. Before proceeding with the story, you can set the difficulty (unlocked after the tutorial) and chapters.



Expect the stages to have dialogue events followed by battle sequences. Energy points are required to complete a stage (1 point recharges every 5 minutes). If you don’t have enough points, you can’t start the stage.

Before entering a stage, check the recommended power level and make sure your team’s power level is at or above the recommended power level to clear that stage. Combat is completed in multiple waves, with buffs selected to benefit your team between waves.

DM_team power

stage clear

After clearing a stage, you will get a rating according to the number of goals you have achieved. He can get up to 3 stars, but always wants to get the maximum number of stars. Basically, the more stats you earn, the more rewards you get, such as the orbs you need to get more characters. If you don’t get the maximum number of stars, you can always come back when your team gets stronger!

DisneyMirrorverse-three stars

There is an option to replay stages on a higher difficulty for even more rewards and stars. The default is Normal, but you can choose between Hard and Expert. Clearing more chapter stages on lower difficulties unlocks higher difficulties earlier.

DisneyMirrorverse - Difficulty


It is a common element of gacha that includes ways to win special prizes in limited-time events. Events progress like story chapters and require energy points to participate. Playing the event stages can cause a spike in difficulty, so before tackling the event, it’s a good idea to spend most of your energy points playing the first few story chapters to power up your Guardian. Highly recommended to prioritize!


Create a team

Putting together your dream team takes a lot of time, effort, and luck. Thankfully, you can earn some units by slipping through the story, but you’ll need to invest wisely in the gacha system to claim your character in the featured rate-up banner. Some banners are only available for a limited time.

character acquisition

Earn the Starter Guardian by playing early chapters of the story. However, the primary way to get more characters is through the “Crystals” gacha system. As you play, complete objectives, and earn rewards, you’ll encounter crystals. Note: Converting collected orbs into crystals is a universal way to summon with any banner.




Units are categorized as Tanks, Melee, Ranged, and Support. Each offers a unique specialization through skills and passives. In general, your tank is responsible for the front line, drawing the attention of the enemy and absorbing the attacks of other units. Melee and Ranged class units deal devastating damage through a barrage of skills and attacks in melee or backline. Finally, support-class units tend to hang backwards, prioritizing the introduction of healing, buffing, and team-based utilities.


Disney Mirrorverse doesn’t have a rule of thumb for who makes up the team, but we highly recommend incorporating a variety of roles. For example, using a tank that can absorb the majority of hits while in story mode can reduce team tension and prevent your character from being knocked out. By making sure no one is knocked out, the story completion reward will allow him to easily earn all three stars. In other cases, you can opt-in for more damage by doubling your damage-dealing role by substituting melee and ranged character support, but this allows you to play manually and increase the unit’s You have to manage your health. The safest bet is to aim for a well-balanced team consisting of sturdy tanks, invested damage dealers, and synergistic supports.

Statistics and Attributes

Why should you care about your stats? Basically, baseline stats contribute to a unit’s power level and how proficient the unit is in its role.

  • attack: Directly affects the damage amount of basic and special attacks.
  • defense: The damage resistance and armor your character has; the higher the value, the less damage you take.
  • concentration: how much bonus damage your unit does; divided between critical chance and bonus damage.
  • health: Max HP amount of health bar.

DisneyMirrorverse - Statistics

Guardian start

As mentioned earlier, teams have limited spots, so they cannot commit to all units, and resources are shared among units of the same type. Additionally, you have access to more melee units at the start of the game than other roles.

The first confirmed characters are Rapunzel and Merida. Rapunzel doesn’t scale well in the early game, so you’ll want to drop it for another melee unit soon. Merida has one of the easiest playstyles of hers when it comes to ranged combat, so she’s a good choice to keep, but she doesn’t hurt to replace her mid-game. There is none.

Choose between Hercules, Mulan, and Ariel, and these melee units can replace Rapunzel. It is at the top thanks to the fact that


After a while, you’ll unlock Sally, a tank unit that helps your team through the early to mid-game. Tank units are essential for team building as they can withstand more damage than other unit types.

Power on the unit

Choosing a team is just one step, powering up your units is the next important step. Star ratings classify Guardians. The lower the star, the weaker the initial unit. Don’t worry. You can increase your stars by acquiring character shards. Shards are collected by unlocking extra copies of the same character.

DM_star rating

Raising a Guardian’s level will increase their stats and combat power. Levels require (to manually increase) her XP mote for the class and can be obtained from quest rewards, supplies her runs, and dungeons. Otherwise, placing units on combat teams will add her XP points after defeating all the bad guys. Note: The character’s level has reached the upper limit, and rank-up materials are required to exceed the level upper limit.

DM_XP up

Maintaining your character’s rank and level is essential for your team’s growth. Levels not only contribute to a team’s combat prowess, but also provide Guardians with personal growth. Levels basically unlock the talents of each unit, bringing some buffs and passives to your abilities. You will also reach milestones that grant bonuses and rewards to your account.

Disney’s Mirrorverse is cinematic fun

Disney Mirrorverse will make you want to relax while watching a fan favorite game. The cinematic experience alone makes Disney Mirrorverse worth it, and even the best gacha games match that money. It doesn’t take a lot of time to gather a balanced team and play casually, making it a great side game for your gacha collection.

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